Dam Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Dam

Did you dream about the dam? It points to an artificial structure that is built to hold back repressed emotions. It is not necessarily a bad symbol. As a result of holding back your feelings, you can redirect that energy. Use the power of your reserved resources and motivations at the right time. Think about how you are interacting with the dam, and the function of the dam to get the perfect dream meanings.

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Dream About Working with Dams

Designing a Dam
To see yourself designing a dam in the dream; indicate that you are capable of dealing with anything that life throws at you. You are planning your future to handle any types of future difficulties and obstacles. Creating a personal safe harbor where you could collect yourself and your emotions. Perhaps you know the area where you might be lacking.

And you are building a reserve to take control of future problems. Consider the purpose, type, and style of the dam that you are designing. Designs such as arch can provide some insights into your future. Is the dam used to generate electricity? Or used to conserve water for farmland and other uses.

Constructing a Dam
To dream that you are actively constructing a dam with steel and concrete; points to protection and bottling of emotions. You are being strong and steadfast to your beliefs. Not letting other people’s negativity affecting what you have to do. Carry through imminent dangers and nervousness.

Releasing Water Reserve from Dam
Dreaming that you are opening the valve to release dirt or water through the pipes; suggests that you need to release the buildup of pressure and negativity. Find the right channel at the right time to let go of bad feelings You need a periodic release of stress to have a healthy balance. Do not bottle up all the negativity without some type of release.

Other Dam Related Actions

Destroying a Dam
Intentionally destroying a dam with bombs or huge cannonball; denotes that you have lost control of your anger. You are overwhelmed with pent up emotions. Now you are taking a drastic approach to destroy everything.

The dream forewarns that you will bring danger to yourself and the people around you. You will violently break down the emotional wall that you have constructed. Watch out for a tsunami of events as a result of your mental breakdown. As a result, you may drown yourself.

Jumping Off the Dam
Consider how you are jumping off the dam in the dream. It indicates that you are overwhelmed by a problem or conflict. You will take a leap of faith to let go of your inhibitions.

Perhaps it relates to a request that you have been bottling up such as confessing your love, or asking for pay raises from your boss. You cannot hold back your honest feelings or beliefs. It is time to go for it. However, the dream has a negative connotation. Because you will soon encounter a point of no return.

Bungee Jump off a Dam
If your dream is about jumping off the dam like bungee off a cliff; it indicates that you want a certain type of thrill in waking life. Your life is routinely under control for the most part. You want to try something new to test your limits.

Dream About Dam Conditions

Leaking Dam
A leaking dam with water pouring out in the dream points to problems with both your physical, mental, and sexual status. You are losing ambitions and drive for certain things. Particularly, you will find yourself unable to hold off negative thoughts. Physically, it could also relate to trouble urinating or holding off your pee.

Overflowing Dam
To see a dam overflowing with an overwhelming amount of rain or storm water; foretells that you will enjoy increased social or professional fame. However, many problems might come along with fame. You will encounter increased criticism, scrutiny, and feedback. You will find it hard to handle all the different opinions that bottle up.

Your river of thoughts or control of emotions will be seriously hindered. The floodgates of your mind might be under stress.

Empty Dry Dam
To see an empty dam without water suggests that you will encounter bad luck for a short period of time. You will either run dry of creativity or inspiration. Watch out for problems in your financial affairs and reserve.

Dam Failing
To see a dam failing because of an earthquake or ill-maintenance; suggests that you are not well prepared to deal with emotional turmoil. You will soon lose control of your anger due to a significant event.

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