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Did you dream about space? Space represents the exploration and new horizon. You are being in some location that requires you to think on your own. Depending on the contexts and type of space that you are in the dream. The dream can be interpreted differently. Is the location outer space? Or a common space like living spaces?

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Dream About Outer Space Traveling

Flying Into Space
To dream that you are flying into outer space with wings or other technology; suggests that you are aiming to achieve a higher collective unconscious. You are thinking or planning something bigger beyond yourself. Soon you will work on something major.

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Floating In Space
To see yourself floating in space; suggests that you are “spacing out”. Consider returning to your concentration. You are not focusing on your future and goals and simply wandering around.

Falling From Space
Dreaming that you are falling from space; suggests that gravity will pull you back into your own reality. You will soon lose your spirit and optimism about something. Watch out if you have had unrealistic dreams and goals in the recent past. You might soon suffer a rude awakening and lose all hope.

Being Lost In Space
To dream about being adrift or lost in space; indicates that you feel alone and without any direction. You are experiencing the void and loneliness. You are missing the anchor that ties you down. The dream suggests that you are easily distracted without any goals or purposes in life.

Dream About Other Space Actions

Crawling Through Tight Space
To dream that you are crawling through tight spaces; indicates that you need more room in a relationship or situation. Perhaps you are working under a micromanaging boss, or that you are suffocating in a tight relationship.

Making Space
Dreaming that you are organizing to make space; suggests that you are sorting through puzzling and confusing environments. You will soon create new openings to accept new ideas, people, and things into your life. Perhaps you are removing the trash that is weighing you down.

Trapped in Narrow Space
To dream that you get trapped inside a narrow space; suggests that you will be squeezed somehow emotionally or physically. Watch out for financial or emotional troubles that will close you in. Find yourself with little space to maneuver out of the bind.

Staring Into Space
Dreaming about yourself staring into space; reflects the desire for spiritual improvement. You wish for some type of enlightenment. Look out for personal and emotional growth.

Dream About Space Traveling Gears

Space Helmet
Space helmet in the dream points to some type of protection. You will be vulnerable in a vast and unknown place. Use your principles and spiritual guidance to protect you against harmful radiations and particles. Get the air flowing so that you could survive in the harsh environment.

Space Jetpack
To see space jetpack in the dream; suggests that you will rise towards situation and difficulty. Do not try to run away or avoid the situation. You actually want to speed up to face down the challenges.

Space Suit
To dream about an astronaut space suit; foretells that you will soon travel to a foreign or completely new environment. You have concerns about how you will adapt to the new place. You will likely put up barriers around you or a bubble to protect yourself for the short term.

Dream About Space Structures or Vehicles

Space Station
Dreaming that you are in a space station; foretells that you will work in a remote location. Perhaps you will be sent on a business trip or work from home. You will feel isolated for a period of time. However, it is important to remove distractions that you may experience. Focus on your work and your mental well being.

Spaceship or Space Shuttle
To dream about spaceship or space shuttles symbolizes your creative moment. You will soon participate in a spiritual journey into the unknown. Take different perspectives and risks in order to attain unrealistic goals. If the vehicle is traveling in space; it indicates that you are moving towards a goal with full momentum.

Space Rocket
Seeing space rockets in the dream, suggests that you will soon experience a higher level of awareness.

Dream About Common Outer Space Terms

Being in a Space Battle
To dream about space battles happening with robots and many spaceships; points to the battle of thoughts and opinions. You will soon need to convince someone of your own belief.

Space Mission
To be on a space mission in the dream; indicates that you are expanding your knowledge and conscious. You are exploring and gaining new experiences. Take your actions with a goal in mind. Do not simply try new things without a clear focus.

Space War
Dreaming about a full out space war between great powers, nations, or galaxies. Point to the conflict of grand ideas. The dream suggests that you are experiencing some type of political or religious conflict with others. You are fighting about the ideas or organizations of other people in waking life.

Dream About Space Colors

Black Space
A black space in the dream points to curiosity and mystery. You do not know what is about to come next in your life.

Colorful Space
To dream about a beautiful colorful rainbow space; points to a bright and colorful future. You will have plenty of hope and recovery. The colors and brightness will always push back the darkness.

Green Space
Green space in the dream points to some type of restriction. You are in some type of controlled environment. You are acting out according to agendas and narratives without knowing it yourself.

Dream About Space Appearances

Unconstructed White Space
To see unconstructed white space in the dream; points to unlimited potential and lack of restriction. You will have plenty of opportunity to recreate the world in your own terms. Use that power well.

Big Empty Space
To see a big empty space in the dream and feeling sad or stressed out; portends a hopeless future. Your hopes are in vain and you feel depressed about the situation that you are in. Even though you have independence and freedom, deep down you feel lonely.

New Space
To have new space in the dream such as a new office or bedroom; points to new activities. You might soon enjoy an expansion of your life such as new responsibilities, promotion, graduation, and more.

Wide Open Space
To dream that you are in a random wide open space; indicates that your awareness of reality might be faulty. You are not having a full understanding of the situation. And you feel that there are many things that you can do, yet you do not really know what to do.

Small Confined Space
To dream about a small confined space is similar to a prison dream; it suggests that you are being censored in some areas of your life. You cannot communicate with others freely about your thoughts. People are cutting you off. Discouraging you with your actions and work.

Dream About Different Types of Spaces

Parking Space
Looking for a parking space in a big parking lot, suggest that you are looking for your place in life. Perhaps you are at a point where you have to make a decision such as a job change or a place to live.

Living Space
Seeing your living space in the dream is a reflection of your current mood. It symbolizes your state of mind and lifestyle.

High Space
To dream about high space; points to some type of boundary or glass ceiling that is hard to break. It could indicate that you are out of touch with reality. However, you are aiming for high places regardless of your chances of success.

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