Toilet Dream Interpretation

Seeing toilet in dreams symbolizes a release of emotions, specifically related to negative emotions as in Pee or Poop dreams. You need to get rid of something in your life that has served its purpose and is now useless. Depending on the context, location, condition, and actions that you take with the toilet in the dream, the exact situation may be interpreted differently. Below we will go over the most common toilet dream interpretations.

Dream About Actions Towards Toilets
Cleaning Toilet Bowl (Washing)
To dream about cleaning or washing the toilet, symbolizes that you are working hard to remove any negative emotions or scars that have occurred in the past. You are ready to put things behind and clean up any residues or hard feelings of the past.

Searching For or Finding a Toilet
To dream about trying to find or search a toilet, is a sign that you may need to get up and to the bathroom.

Flushing a Toilet
Flushing a toilet in the dream, indicates that you are ready to let go a specific part of your past or spiritual journey. You are done with this part of business and you are ready to tackle the next adventure. However, the dream also hints that you will spend or waste some money in order to get the fresh start that you are looking for.

Can’t Find a Toilet
If you cannot find a toilet to go in the dream, it suggests that something in life is making you feel stressed out. You have an urgent need and desire to do something, but you do not have the proper resources nor the ability to do it.

Breaking Toilet
Dreaming about breaking or smashing a toilet, means that you are shedding your outer wall and losing your inhibitions. You are going to let all the shit loose and hold back none of your thoughts nor opinions. You no longer wish to be contained by the constraints of your life.

Sitting on a Toilet
Sitting on a toilet in the dream, suggests that you will be waiting for some sort of opportunity. In the mean time, you will choose to do nothing and sit and wait for the outcome. Perhaps your gut feeling is not there yet, you are waiting for better signs to take your actions.

Squatting on a Toilet
Squatting on a toilet in the dream, may be telling you that you are trying to avoid difficult conflicting situations. You may encounter circumstances that you think is immoral or unclean. So you try to conduct business without getting any part of you dirty.

Flushing Fish Down a Toilet
To flush a fish down a toilet in the dream, signals that it may be time to abandon your pet project. Certain ideas or projects may no longer be viable. It may be time to cut the loss and let it go.

Digging a Toilet
Digging a toilet or hole on the ground so that you could urinate or defecate in the dream, indicates that you are looking for privacy for how you spend your money. Perhaps you have come into a good amount of money, but you have little idea on how to spend them. At the same time, you want to hide your wealth from other people.

Eating from a Toilet
To dream about eating or cooking inside or next to a toilet in the dream, indicates that you are earning “dirty” money. The dream foretells that you will be able to generate a lot of life changing income within a short period of time. However, you may have to deal with unwanted tasks that goes against your believes.

Fixing Leaking Toilet
To fix leaking toilet in the dream, symbolizes that you will plug out holes in your budget. Consider spending time to find where you may lose money. Consider skimming through your monthly subscriptions and trim out the services that you longer use.

Falling into a Toilet
To dream that you fell into the toilet because the it has no cover or the opening is too big, suggests that you will make careless mistakes due to your complacency. The bad dream foretells that you will encounter a task at work or school where you believe you have it in the hole. You may fail horribly because circumstances will be different than what you expected.

Urinating or Defecating in Toilet
To dream that you are using toilet to urinate or defecate, indicates that you are in control over your emotions and finances. However, you depend on others to help you sort through your business.

Vomiting in Toilet
To vomit in the toilet in the dream, symbolizes that you will go through life altering changes. You will have hard time adjusting and digest the new changes.

Cannot Lift Toilet Seat or Cover
If the dream features you unable to lift toilet seat or cover, is a sign that you feel that others are not listening to you. You feel that you have no where to dump your negative thoughts or emotions.

Dream About Toilet Actions
Toilet Water Overflowing and Flooded
To vomit inside a toilet in the dream, indicates that you will have trouble to handle certain views or believes of the world. You will fight hard against anyone who tries to push their own views onto you.

Toilet Bowl Filled With Full of Poop
When the dream shows a clogged toilet bowl full of shit, it denotes that someone is trying to feed you wrong ideas or views of the world. You know that that they are full of shit and you are not accepting any of the ideas that he or she is trying to preach you.

Toilet Leaking
If a leaking toilet appears in the dream, it suggests that you are losing money carelessly. It may be hard to tell at first, but look closer at your life style to see where you might have lost money due to bad or mindless habits.

Toilet With Blood
To dream about a toilet with small amount of blood, indicates a loss of sexual drive in the waking world.

Dog in Toilet
To dream about a dog inside a toilet, or drinking from a toilet, suggests that you should be careful before dipping your nose in other people’s business. Other people may confide their dirty secrets to you, which may or may not make sense to you.

Fish in Toilet
Fish in toilet indicates that you will be exposed to bad environments and you will have to fight hard to maintain your faith and self-preservation.

Hair in Toilet
To see a bundle of hair in the toilet, signifies problems and obstacles that you may need to think about in the near future. If the hair can be flushed down easily, it foretells that you are really worrying about nothing serious.

Snake in Toilet
To dream about a snake in toilet, suggests that you need to be careful while being comfortable with your secrets. You may get bitten in the ass by being careless about the information that you divulge. Things that you say will be used against you without your knowledge.

Worms in Toilet
To see worms and maggots in toilet, indicates that there are certain parasites in your life. They are taking advantage of your weakness and profit off the things that you leave behind. However, they will typically do no real financial damage to you. You simply have to acknowledge their existence and not to be personally alarmed.

Toothbrush in Toilet
To dream about toothbrush in the toilet, indicates that your confidence is going to be flushed down the toilet. You will see that your attempt to develop and refresh your ideas fail horribly. You will feel disgusted to try to pick it up again.

Rat in Toilet
To dream about rat or mouse in toilet, suggests that you will let go of your minor irritations over life in general.

Baby in Toilet
To see a baby in a toilet in a dream, foretells that your careless attitude towards confronting your problems and circumstances will backfire. You will be forced to take care of someone who’s not able to take care of him or herself, and you are prepared to let the helpless individual drown because you cannot mentally or physically handle the stress.

Phone in Toilet
Dreaming about a cell phone in a toilet, indicates that your communication will be under water. Your friends or network of people do not want to hear about your negativity. The dream foretells that all of your complaints will be ignored and you will have a hard time being heard.

Dream About Different Toilet Parts
Toilet Bowl
Toilet bowls in dreams refers to your attitude and outlook of life, specifically about how you handle stresses and complaints of waking life.

Toilet Water
Toilet water in the dream is a reflection of your current mental well being. If the toilet water is clear and clean in the dream, it indicates mental wellness and readiness to accept any challenges in the near future.

Toilet Seat
Toilet seat in the dream, signals your readiness and attitude to approach certain upcoming events. You will need to figure out the proper approach shortly, you may need to adjust as needed.

Toilet Tank
To see toilet tank in the dream, it is a sign of your readiness to handle emotion stress. You are gathering your strength to wash away negativeness in life. You may have issues handling wave after waves of issues, but given enough time and rest, you could tackle all the troubles one by one.

Dream About Other Toilet Related Symbols
Toilet Paper Rolls
To dream about toilet paper rolls, represents aftermath and cleanup of emotional release. You are ready to heal and recover from your emotional outburst. It should be noted that you will still leave a mark somewhere, but those marks will soon be forgotten.

Toilet Brush
Toilet brush in the dream, indicates that you will try hard to brush off negative emotions of the past. It may appear that certain issues have left permanent marks in your memory, but if you try hard, you will be able to start afresh and renew your thoughts.

Toilet Plunger
To dream about toilet plunger, foretells that something or someone will get in the way of your goals. You will have to rely on your inner power and outside resources to force your way through any obstacles.

Pit Toilet
To see a pit toilet in the dream, is a sign that you will have to rely on simple resources or seemingly obvious approach to your issues. Do not try to be fancy, focus on getting to the point and finish your business.

Wooden Toilet Seat
To use or have wooden toilet seat, indicates that you need someone solid and strong to be your emotional support.

No Toilet Paper
To dream about running out of toilet paper or missing toilet paper, indicates that you are not ready to handle the consequences of blowing up your negative emotions. Think twice before you let others know about your dirty secrets, the consequences may be very hard to clean up.

Toilet Seat Cover
To dream about toilet seat cover means that you are not ready to address your emotions directly. You are afraid to let other people’s previous comments or negativity affect what you are about to say. You will not let anything or anyone to prevent you from fully letting go of your feelings.

Dream About Toilet Conditions
Toilet With No Cover Door
To see a toilet in the dream without the cover, indicates that you feel that you are being observed by others. It is easy for you to both release your negative emotions and easy for others to smell your thoughts. Perhaps you are being too simple to read and other people may be able to profit out of your transparency.

Toilet in Public No Privacy
To dream about a toilet in the public without privacy or stalls, suggests that your personal space has been violated or non existent. You feel victimized emotionally and you are forced to share your secrets that you wish to stay private.

Toilet Won’t Flush
Dreaming about a toilet that won’t flush, indicates that you have lost control over certain part of your life. You are unable to let go of certain bad events in the past.

Toilet Broken Not Working
To see toilet broken and not working in the dream, indicates that certain part or function of your life is at jeopardy. Perhaps it could relate to your family or other support network. Soon you may find your negativity and bitterness piling up if you do not sort out the issues fast.

Messy or Smelly Dirty Toilet
To dream about a smelly dirty toilet, indicates that what may be seemingly harmless complaints or negativity can have serious repercussions. If you are not careful about how you manage and clean up after yourself, it could lead to future health implications or leave poor impressions on people.

Big Giant Toilet
Dreaming about a big giant toilet that is large, signifies that you will need to take care of someone in the near future. Someone is going to use your as a dumping can and share their troubles. It may or may not be a good experience, depending on if you want to closer to those people.

Clogged or Blocked Toilet
To see clogged or blocked toilet in the dream, indicates that you are holding and keeping your feelings to yourself. You have issues to think through certain issues that perplexes you or troubles you. Consider talking it over and discuss the situation with people that you may have issue with. Take actions or the issues and blockage may simply become worse due to negative feelings.

Cracked Toilet
To dream about cracked toilet, indicates that there may be cracks within your organization or infrastructure. There might be issues with your digestive system. Consider taking a close look at your life to find potential leaks and cracks.

Locked Toilet
To see a toilet that is locked and accessible, indicates that you will be locked out of certain emotional outlets. Your work or family may prohibit you from noting or complaining about anything that occurs in your life. You will have a hard time holding yourself back.

Missing Toilet
To see a toilet missing completely in the bathroom, foretells that you will soon lose someone that you depend on for emotional release. Chances are that you take this individual for granted, you will really only miss them when they are truly gone.

New Toilet
Dreaming about a new toilet, indicates that you will find new ways to release your stress. Consider meditation or yoga methods that will help you think and ponder through life’s hard problems.

Old Toilet
To see an old toilet in the dream, is a sign that your resources or methods may soon be outdated. However, you will try to count on them for as long as you could, since it will still do its job for the foreseeable future.

Small Toilet
To see a small toilet for toddlers, indicates that your feelings are repeated being belittled, undermined or unacknowledged. You feel disrespected and that others do not take your negative emotions seriously. People think that you are just acting out and try to laugh it off.

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