Alarm Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about alarm? Alarms in dreams reflect some type of intuition or preparation for a possible event in the future. Consider the type of alarm in the dream to get an idea of what the event might be. If the alarm is a bedroom alarm clock, it points to upcoming events that you are looking forward to. Below we will go over the most common dream interpretations related to alarms.

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Hearing an Alarm Far Away

To hear an alarm sound going off in a distant location in the dream, reflect feelings about a situation that is becoming more dangerous such as a protest. However, the event does not physically impact you yet. Someone or something is trying to get your attention. Perhaps someone in your life is sending out help signals that can be easily ignored. Perhaps you feel that you cannot help with another person’s issue because you are not close enough.

Alarm Going Off & Triggered

To dream that you are in the same spot where an alarm is triggered and going off, reflect an alarming situation that needs your immediate attention. Consider spring into action quickly to avoid impending failures. Your career, school work, projects, or family life is under attack.

Broken Alarm Not Working

To dream about the alarm being broken, out of battery and not working, foretells that some of your future work or project will be delayed. Someone is not going to fulfill their promises and they could fail you when you need them the most. Be aware of family or coworkers whom you usually count on. They may fail to give you certain warnings about your actions. Create backup plans in case you miss on certain important issues.

Pulling Emergency Fire Alarm

Dreaming that you are pulling a fire alarm, represents your feelings about warning others about a problem that is getting out of control. Perhaps you want to be a whistle blower to call attention to situations that you are witnessing. You wish to bring public attention to certain issues.

Shutting Off Beeping Alarm

To hear or pull an alarm in your dream suggests that you are experiencing a conflict in a relationship or situation which is giving you much anxiety. You may be questioning the decisions you have made.

Setting Up an Alarm Clock

Setting up an alarm in the dream, is a sign that you should be aware of an important event. You will soon encounter a limited-time opportunity that can be easily missed. Your subconscious is reminding you not to overlook and forget.

Sleeping Through Alarm

Sleeping through an alarm clock in the dream, foretells that you will soon blatantly ignore warning signs that an upcoming deadline is arriving. You may soon face impending failure because of your unwillingness to act.

House Security Alarm System

To install or check your house security alarm system, is a reflection that you fear for the safety of your family and house. Perhaps you are fearful of being robbed or theft. Consider looking at the overall security of your neighborhood. Perhaps you have been hearing more news about people getting broken into in the area.

Smoke Alarm

To dream about smoke alarms, point you to look at issues that are not glaringly apparent. Be aware of invisible problems or relationship issues that may be present yet unnoticeable. By the time you realize there are issues, they might have already caused irreparable damage.

Alarm Tone or Alarm Sound

Alarm tone or alarm sounds in dreams, suggests that you need to give people time and respect when they voice their concerns. You may get important warning signs that you might have otherwise skipped.

Business Burglar Alarm

If you dream about your business location or bank‘s security alarm system, it points to your insecurity about your asset protection. Consider double-checking your lawyers and accountant to make sure that everything is in order.

Alarm Colors

Red Alarm Clock
The red alarm clock in dreams, indicates that you need to look out for upcoming emergencies, be prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

White Alarm Clock
The white alarm clock in the dream, is representative that you do not have enough time to achieve all the goals you set out too. Perhaps you feel that you are running out of time or getting too old to accomplish certain goals or events. You might be missing important life events such as a birthday or other important times.

If the alarm clock went off late in your dream- it could be representative of an innate fear that you don’t have enough time to achieve all the goals you have set out to. Have you been thinking of doing something for a while but never got around to it? Or recently had a significant birthday and you feel it’s put pressure on you to reach your goal more quickly?

Blue Alarm Clock
Blue alarm clock refers to leadership and wisdom. Someone will come to you to ask for help to achieve their own successes.

Black Alarm Clock
A black alarm clock is a warning omen, it signals that certain deadly disease like cancer or diabetes. Your time is counting down.

Car Alarm

A car alarm in dreams, is a reminder that you need to pay special attention to matters that you have always neglected. By paying attention, you will be able to travel additional miles.

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