Homeless Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Homeless

Did you dream about the homeless? Dreaming about homelessness typically relates to your own waking life feeling of powerlessness and insecurity. Maybe you are afraid of sudden and drastic changes in your life that could turn your life upside down. The dream is a reminder of how much you could have to lose; if you make certain wrong decisions in life. Perhaps your neighborhood has had few homeless vagrants setting up camp in your area. And your dream is now reflecting on some of those fears and annoyances.

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Dream About Helping the Homeless

Feeding Homeless
To dream that you are feeding the homeless from the soup kitchen, represents that you will help people with their struggle, instability, and even survival in the near future. Perhaps you will offer some type of contracts or job opportunities so that people can stay out of the streets.

Helping Homeless with Medicine
To see yourself giving homeless medicines because they are sick or have a cold; suggests that you will soon give unwanted advice to people who might be hit with addiction. However, the dream suggests that these interventions and advice will not be able to help.

Being Made Homeless
To see yourself being made or becoming homeless in the dream, is a sign that you will fail on certain responsibilities or promises. It foretells that you might soon enter into financial difficulties. Be aware of not being able to pay taxes, rent, or mortgage. Your subconscious mind is flashing warning signs about the upcoming consequences.

Dream About Being Homeless

Living as a Homeless
If the dream features you living a homeless life in a tent. It is a sign that you feel that you do not belong where you live. You always feel like you are an outsider. It is especially true if you are living in the backyard or garage of others. You feel like you do not blend in with your family or people in general.

Family Member Being Homeless
To see your family members being homeless in the dream, is a reminder for you to cherish and value what you already have. Perhaps you are taking your family for granted, and you are intentionally distancing yourself and them. The dream foretells that soon enough you will be indifferent worlds apart.

Dream About Interactions with the Homeless

Homeless Attacking You
To dream that you will be attacked by homeless, foretells that you will draw unwanted attention and gossip from bored or mentally ill people. Be careful about whom you get yourself involved in. As others might see you as a threat towards their territory and become aggressive against you.

Chased by Homeless
To see homeless people chasing you under the influence or mentally ill in the dream; like a zombie dream, it is a warning sign that you have a certain vice that could eventually cause you to become homeless. Be careful if you are abusing alcohol or have a gambling addiction. These habits could turn your life upside down.

Fighting and Arguing with Homeless
Fighting and arguing with the homeless in the dream, indicates that you wish to convince unmotivated individuals in waking life. However, you will find that your effort results in fruitless progress. This dream is especially true if your friend becomes homeless in the dream. Your subconscious is deeply worried about the well being of your friend.

Working at Homeless Shelter
To dream that you are volunteering or working at a homeless shelter, is a sign that you will find profitable business ventures by helping the weak.

Transporting and Removing Homeless
To dream that you are removing homeless and transporting them elsewhere, is a symbolism that you are moving unwanted memories of your ex spouse or trash from your life. Perhaps you plan on distancing or even disown certain friendship or family in your life. Consider the locations where you remove and move in the dream. The location matters such as the park, office building, or your own home.

Dream About Observing Homeless

Homeless Dying
To see a dying homeless or injured bleeding one, indicates that you feel unfulfilled in your life as it stands. You lack the confidence and you simply let life passing you by. You feel like you are living life without a purpose. And you are the same as a homeless being on the street.

Homeless Man or Woman Pooping in Public
To dream about homeless man or woman peeing or pooping in public, suggests that you will soon make money out of some unethical means. You will take advantage of others. You will earn short term profits, however, long term issues may arise far in the future.

Tearing Down Homeless Tent
Tearing down homeless tents in the dream predicts unexpected complications in your endeavors. You will feel the need to sacrifice something important that belongs to other people. The dream is similar to if you try to take away shopping carts from the homeless.

Dream About Who is Homeless

Homeless Dog
To dream about a homeless dog or stray, means that you need to be more resourceful and make the best out of an undesirable situation. You will soon meet a difficult period in your life and the emergence of many problems. Consider seeking out people with similar issues and try to help each other to get out of the problem.

Homeless Mother and Child
To see homeless pregnant mother and child together, reflect your frustration about your hometown or society. You feel homeless in your heart and the inability to help others in need.

Old Homeless
To see an old homeless in the dream, is a sign that you need to give up risky transactions involving money. Consider being smarter and conservative about how you spend and save, so that you could achieve a more comfortable retirement. It is a reflection of the fear about how you might turn into. Be careful about how you proceed through life decisions.

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