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Milk Dream Interpretation — 7 Comments

  1. I dreamt my sister in-law that passed away pouring me with her breast milk but it like a rotten milk.like she was telling me something but I couldn’t understand stand, after she asked asked her mother for clean water and wanted me to bath her in am angry way or like a forcing way

  2. I had a dream I was holding a blanket like it was a baby, then pressing my breast and the milk came pouring out. What does that mean.

  3. I had a dream that I took a half gallon of milk out from the oven that was sitting in a pan of oil and when I went to the fridge I had another half gallon of milk sitting in the fridge not sure why I had that dream but it was very uncommon was wondering what it could mean

  4. I dreamt me, my brother and his friend being in a floody pearly milky rain(like white paint) running away with doors on our heads to stop the rain from our faces

  5. I had a dream . My baby after long time asking he was willing to drink from me but soon he stopped as the taste of my milk was spoiled. In my dream I tasted as well and it tasted like acid and batteries.. I feel I couldn’t do anything anymore to look after my baby:-(

  6. dreamed that my friend’s baby was crying and I made him a bottle and the milk wasn’t any good but she was still giving it to him until I took it and got rid of it and made a fresh one

  7. I dreamt that my mother and younger brother gifted me a tin milk each it felt so real I found myself waking up to keep the milk in my bag only to realize it was all a dream

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