Peeing Dream Meaning – Top 40 Dreams About Urine or Pee

Did you dream about urine? Seeing pee or urine in dreams represents the feelings that people have rejected you after using you. If you are peeing normally in the dream, it signals that you are getting rid of your negative emotions to achieve an overall healthy balance. Depending on the context, appearance, and actions with urine in the dream, you could read them differently. Below we will decipher the most common pee-related dreams and their meanings.

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Dream About Your Own Pee

Dream About Having to Pee But Can’t Pee
To dream about not peeking when you want to urinate; indicates that you have trouble spending the necessary money. You might be too cheap with your spending; consider spending where necessary to have a balanced budget.

Dream About Holding Pee
Dreaming about holding pee indicates that you are repressing your negative emotions.

Dream About Peeing in Public
Peeing in public in the dream symbolizes a lack of privacy with your personal matters. You feel that people are constantly watching your every move. It includes the ones that you would like to keep to yourself.

Dream About Peeing in Work Office or School Classroom
To pee in a semi-public area where you frequent; indicates that you are trying to establish your boundary and mark your territory. You are taking certain parts of your life personally, and you do not want others to meddle with your business.

Dream About Peed for Pregnancy Test
To have a dream focusing on peeing for the pregnancy test indicates that you are looking for signs to do or not do certain things. You are testing the waters by letting a few of your emotions out and see how others respond to your ideas.

Dream About Someone Else’s Urine

Dream About Someone Else Peeing
Seeing and observe someone else peeing or urinating in the dream indicates that something has pissed them off. Therefore, they are not expressing and acting positively or constructively. Instead, they act it out so that everyone else sees that they are unhappy.

Dream About Someone or Dog Peed On Me
To dream that someone or an animal like a dog peeing on you indicates that you are feeling the emotional burden of others. This is because they are dumping their unwanted waste feelings on you.

Dream About Toddler Pee Potty Training
To dream about a toddler doing potty training signifies that you will understand new beginnings. You will have to forget about your old ways of doing things and develop new ideas and habits. New doors and opportunities will open for you shortly.

Dream About Other Interactions with Pee

Dream About Smelling Pee
Smelling pee in the dream is a sign that you absorb or take in other people’s pissy attitude. You know that other people’s attitudes and actions stink, yet there might be little that you can do about them.

Dream About Drinking Pee
Drinking your pee in the dream symbolizes your fear of letting others know about your negative emotions. You will go to the extreme of punishing yourself if you show a bit of negativity. As a result, you lack a sense of self-worth.

Dream About Urine on Face
To have your face with pee in the dream is a sign that someone will dump their negative emotions onto you. The problems have come to the point that they are impossible to ignore. The dream foretells that someone will go to the extreme of making you feel uncomfortable.

Dream About Handling Pee

Dream About Cleaning Urine
Cleaning urine in the dream indicates that you may do work that you expected to be paid. But in reality that you may be compensated very little.

Dream About Carrying Urine
Carrying a bag or bottle of urine with you for no reason; suggests that you are wasting time and energy on negative ideas that should be rid of. Your beliefs are holding you back from achieving psychological freedom.

Dream About Spilling Urine
Spilling urine in the dream is symbolic of lacking or losing basic control of your life. Perhaps you have been handling an unwanted situation, and you may drop the ball and make things worse.

Dream About Touch Urine
To touch urine in the dream indicates that you will have to face certain bad attitudes shortly. It may be an attitude of others or even your own. Learn to deal with your negative emotions accordingly is key.

Dream About Different Types of Pee


Dream About Baby Pee
Dreaming about a baby peeing in the dream is a sign that a baby in your family is on the way.


Dream About Animal Urine
Animal urine in the dream suggests that strangers will dump negative emotions onto you. Particularly, the strangers may belong to a group of people whom you may look down upon. Try not to make it personal, or people may drag you into unwanted circumstances.

Dream About Rabbit Pee
To dream about rabbit peeing indicates that you may act arrogantly after achieving certain lucky deeds. So be aware if you win any lottery or gambling and stay low-key.

Dream About Horse Pee
Dreaming about horse pee indicates that you will be spending a decent amount of money during your journeys.

Dream About Cow Urine
Cow urine in the dream is a sign that you need to look closer at your subordinates or employees who listen and follow everything you say. They are ready to release certain bottled-up negative attitudes towards you.

Dream About Cat Urine
Seeing cat urine in the dream symbolizes that it is time to let go of your negativity in life. Find ways to let it go and hide any traces of them.

Dream About Mouse or Rat Urine
To dream about a rat or mouse urine suggests that your fearful attitudes will cause you to lose a small amount of money or financial gain.

Dream About Peeing Locations

Unwanted Places

Dream About Urine on Clothes
To have urine on your clothes indicates that your pissy attitude is now showing publicly. People can smell that you are not happy about certain things in your life. Consider ways to change things around instead of moping and blaming your negative circumstances on others.

Dream About Pee on Floor
To dream about pee on the floor indicates that others will leave you with a bad situation waiting for you to clean up. If you are peeing on the floor yourself, you are setting up certain failures or bad situations that will need to be dealt with later.

Dream About Pee the Bed
To pee in the mattress bed in the dream is a sign that your lazy attitude or unawareness will cause you trouble down the line. So pay attention to your unaware actions and see if they could cause you troubles and mess to clean up later.

Dream About Pee in Pants
If you dream that you accidentally urinated on yourself or wet your pants, it implies that you are on the verge of an emotional outburst. You are desperate to release all the feelings that you have kept bottled up inside of you.

Pee Holders

Dream About Urine Splash
To dream about urine splashing out of the toilet or water service indicates that your poor attitudes will cause surprising consequences. So prepare once you let go of your thoughts and negative ideas.

Dream About Urinals
To see urinals in the dream signifies your personal relationships with people with who you are close. Consider keeping a safe distance so that you retain your personal space.

Dream About Urine in a Bucket or Pot
To see urine in a full bucket or pot suggests that you noticed certain negativity bottling up in your environment. However, you are not finding ways to address the issues; you are holding back for as long as possible.

Dream About Urine Bag
To see or use urine bags in the dream symbolizes that you need an outlet to address your concerns and negative comments freely. Consider voicing out your ideas anonymously to see if you can address the issues.

Dream About Other Pee Related Symbols

Dream About Long Pee or Lot of Urine
To dream about a long neverending pee indicates that you will count on a constant stream of income. Consider building up your wealth so that you generate a passive stream of income that is long and never-ending.

Dream About Pee and Poop or Urine and Feces
Seeing pee and poop mixed in the dream indicates a financial mess and perhaps cooked books. Be aware of people who try to feed you investment ideas or strategies. They might be loads of shit trying to get your hard-earned money.

Dream About Urine Test or Urine Sample
To take a urine test in the dream; suggests that your bosses or managers will examine and grade you based on your lifestyle, habits, and attitude. It is time to be more self-aware and understand your strengths and weakness. You may display certain traits or sicknesses that you are not yet aware of.

Dream About Urine and Water
To dream about urine mixed with water indicates that you are ready to express your negative emotions or opinions with others. However, you will dilute and tone down whatever you like to say. You will make your negative comments much more acceptable.

Dream About Problems Peeing

Dream About Peed Blood or Bloody Urine
To pee blood or to see bloody urine in the dream indicates disorder in your personal relationship. Something has gone horribly wrong in your interpersonal dealings that might have gone for some time. You will start to sign signs of crumbled friendship and relationship shortly.

Dream About Urine Infection
Dreaming about urine infection is a sign that you will lose a certain balance in your life. Perhaps you will have trouble letting go and deal with your stress. You may find yourself unable to release your stressful thoughts due to certain changes shortly.

Dream About Urine Related Appearances and Colors

Dream About Old Urine or Urine Stain
Having old urine or urine stain indicates that your negative emotions will leave everlasting marks if you do not handle them well. Others will constantly remind you of poor behaviors and outbursts.

Dream About White or Clear Urine
Having white or clear urine in the dream indicates that you have little to no desire towards your goals. You are willing to let things pass by easily.

Dream About Dark Yellow Pee
Dark yellow-green pee in the dream indicates that you stress too much about certain events in your life. You are not taking the time to distress and take things easy.

Weird Colors

Dream About Red Pee or Red Urine
Red pee or red urine in the dream indicates that your impulsive behaviors will cause issues in your personal relationship.

Dream About Brown Pee
Brown pee in the dream symbolizes that others will take advantage of you soon. As a result, you might lose money that you cannot afford to lose.

Dream About Green Pee or Green Urine
Green pee in the dream suggests that you might spend too much time worrying about your health and well-being. Perhaps certain vitamins or supplements that you have been taking, maybe actually harming your well-being.

Dream About Blue Urine
Blue urine in the dream indicates that circumstances will challenge your faith shortly.

Dream About Orange Urine
Orange urine in the dream foretells that your outgoingness may cause you to be overly generous.

Dream About Pink Urine
Pink urine in the dream suggests that people may soon take advantage of your kindness.

Dream About Purple Urine
Purple urine in the dream indicates that you will miss out on important opportunities. These opportunities might have propelled you to the next social or career ladder.

Dream About Black Urine
Black urine in the dream is a sign that your thoughts or ideas may be corrupted or contaminated. What you want may be harmful, and you are working things out through your mind and body.

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