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  1. I had a dream that there were to bears in my house so my mom somehow locked one in the garage, and the other one was roaming around. So the one that was roaming around somehow we got it chased off. Then my sister asked my mom where the other bear was because she didn’t know where the other bear was so my mom told her the door with the latch on it. My sister wanted to know where it was so she wouldn’t go in there. So she asked my mom what door has latches on it? And mom said I don’t remember where it was. So my sister went into the garage and at first I heard her screaming at the bear but then I heard the sound of gushing blood and her screaming. I walked in and she was just laying there with fear in her eyes just blood gushing out of what was left of her arm. Then I screamed to my mom and the last thing I remember is that she was ok but she only had one arm and could never play volleyball again.

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