Pond Dream Meaning – Top 21 Dreams About Pond

Did you dream about a pond? Pond in your dream represents the tranquility and psyche of your mind. Consider the condition, type, and what you are doing with the pond in the dream. Perhaps it is time for you to reflect on your situation and emotions in your life. Below we will help you interpret more pond related dreams.

Table of Content

Dream About What You Are Doing with the Pond

Dream About Working with Pond

Dreaming About Draining Pond
To dream that you are draining a pond, indicates that you are searching and cleansing your own feelings to analyze what is hidden underneath the surface. You are ready to refresh your experience so that you could embrace new adventures and regrowth. Let go of the old and stale emotions so that you can move forward. 

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Dream About Digging a New Pond
To dream that you are digging a new pond, is a sign that you might have initial troubles keeping your emotions and problems contained. However, the dream foretells that you will be able to find a mentor or good listener who will keep on grounded.

Dream About Being Inside a Pond

Dream About Crossing Pond
Dreaming that you are crossing a pond by a boat or even walking through it, indicates that you will go through some uncertainty in life that you are comfortable with. You are going through emotional trials which you know what to expect. You have the confidence to handle your emotions through this next stage.

Dream About Swimming in a Pond
To dream that you are swimming in a pond is similar to a swimming pool dream, you will soon be lucky in love from unexpected places. Keep your mind and options open for new romantic adventures.

Dream About Drowning in a Pond
Drowning inside a pond in the dream, indicates that you are undergoing repressed emotions in waking life. You are having trouble understanding your emotions and you are drowning in sorrow in the process. You are keeping everything to yourself, although you think that your struggle is easily seen by others in plain sight. The conflicted emotions will cause misunderstanding and damage to your relationship with others.

Dream About Falling Into a Pond
Falling into a pond either on foot or car accident in the dream, suggests that you will not be able to face new challenges without embarrassing yourself. Be aware of fatal mistakes that will pull you back from your goals.

Dream About Type of Pond

Dream About Koi Fish Pond
Dreaming about a koi fish pond, points to wealth and material well being. You will soon enjoy and display your influence and wealth.

Dream About Goldfish Pond
Goldfish pond in the dream, indicates that you will have some pleasant feelings about your current life. You will be calm and easy going about what you have. Being content is the key to enjoy your life in full.

Dream About Piranha Fish Pond
To see a piranha fish pond in the dream, foretells financial trouble. Be aware of predatory sales or scams that will try to take advantage of your weakness.

Dream About Frozen Pond
A frozen pond full of ice in the dream implies that you are emotionally frigid. You are not expressing your feelings effectively. All of your emotions are hidden beneath the surface. Other people believe that you are cold and emotionless towards the outside world. However, it is simply an image that you try to display. Deep down under the surface, you are full of emotions.

Dream About Lotus Garden Pond
To dream about a lotus garden pond, is a symbol of hope. You need to be mindful and hopeful, so that you could reach a higher spiritual meaning.

Dream About Condition of Pond

Dream About Muddy Pond Water
To see muddy pond water in the dream, reflects a private exploration of dangerous or bad habits. You are doing something bad to someone without them knowing it. You are muddying the water so that it is harder to tell right from wrong. Perhaps you are blurring such lines so that you do not feel emotionally guilty.

Dream About Big Huge Pond
A big huge pond that is large in size, is a reflection of your inner self. You are taking the time to ponder the looking glass of your unconscious mind. Reconnect your intuition and inner guidance to move forward.

Dream About Clean Beautiful Pond
Clean beautiful pond in the dream, suggests that you tend to keep your feelings contained and in check. You are emotionally calm before you make any life-changing decisions.

Dream About Dead Dirty Pond
A dead dirty pond with stale water, portends to domestic quarrels. Be aware of messy emotional troubles or affairs that would hinder your relationship.

Dream About Dry Empty Pond
Dreaming about a dry empty pond, reflects that you are feeling no emotions and no outlook about certain events. You are dead both on the inside and outside. You have no more passion for relationships or issues at hand.

Dream About Old Pond
An old pond in the dream points to a previous engagement. You are finding a safe harbor where you could relax and enjoy yourself. Perhaps it relates to certain future events like retirement.

Dream About What is Inside the Pond

Dream About Pond Alligator
To dream about a pond full of alligator, is a warning sign that you need to pay attention to your negative thoughts and emotions.

Dream About Pond Ducks
To see a pond full of ducks in the dream, is a reminder that you need to be flexible and versatile in your emotional endeavors. Do not be afraid to face down changes.

Dream about Pond Full of Fish
To dream about a pond full of fish, points to the various options that you have in life. Do not simply focus on any single choices, as you might be disappointed.

Dream About Colors of the Pond

Consider the general colors meaning, below are some of the most common pond colors dreams.

Dream About Black Pond
A black pond in the dream points to a gloomy experience. Be aware of health or psychological issues that could lead to depress or disease.

Dream About Blue Pond
A blue water pond in the dream suggests that you will experience contemplative and deep reflection hours.

Dream About Green Pond
Green pond in the dream relates to fertility and life. You or your family might experience unexpected life into the world.

Dream About Clear Pond
Clear pond in the dream reflects a clear and generous consciousness.

Dream About Red Pond
Dreaming about a red pond or even blood, relates to some type of ruin and grief. Be aware of capital losses or severe emotional passionate losses that may come your way.

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