Parking Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about parking? Dream about parking your car typically represents your desire to settle down. Pay attention to when and why you are parking in the dream. Depending on your emotions and the context of the parking scenarios, you can interpret parking-related dreams differently. Below we will list out the most common scenarios.

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Dream About Different Parking Locations

Dream About Parking Lot
Looking for a parking space in a big parking lot, suggest that you are looking for your place in life. Perhaps you are at a point where you have to make a decision such as job change or a place to live. If the parking lot is empty and you have plenty of parking spots to choose from; it represents that you have many opportunities or choices to make a decision best fit for your needs.

Dream About Parking Garage
If the dream is about parking at an underground parking garage or basement, consider the direction that you are going on the parking ramps. They could relate to your wishes if you had a different path in your life.

Parking Yellow Loading Zones
Dreams of parking that is a yellow loading zone, suggest that your current career path or lifestyle is only temporary. The dream tells you to finish up your business and move on to the next stop of life. You are not going to stay where you are for long. The time to make a decision to move around and change your life around might be soon. If you do not make the changes yourself, someone might make you do so by force.

Dream About Parking Fire Lane or No-Parking Zone
If the dream is about parking at places you should not such as a fire lane or no-parking zone; suggests that you are poking your head in places where you do not belong. You may eventually get into trouble and affect other people’s business.

Dream About Different Parking Contexts

Dream About Parking Meters
Seeing a parking meter clock, in the dream reflects your busy life and the lack of time that you have. Because of such, you are always in the rush to go from places to places. This has the potential to offend or hurt people around you. You may need to decide on a goal and leave ample time for you to accomplish those wanted tasks.

Dream About Parking Ticket
Having a parking violation and getting a parking ticket in the dream; suggest that you are being punished somehow in the waking life. Depends on the reason and how you got the parking ticket within the dream, can reflect the context in waking life as well. For example, if you got a parking ticket in the dream out of carelessness; it could mean that you might get dinged for a careless act in waking life. Perhaps a forgotten or late utility bill.

Dream About Parking Permit or Pass
Getting a parking permit or pass suggests that you are now getting an idea of what you to do with your life. However, you do not know exactly how to get to where you want yet. You are in the process of judging and evaluating the path that you want to take. The parking permit suggests that you have already invested time and money into your paths. But you might be having second thoughts.

Dream About Events with Parking

Dream About Job as a Parking Attendant
Dreams of performing tasks as a parking attendant or parking valet; suggest that someone in your life needs directions on how to rest their lives. Try to figure out the type of cars that you encounter in the dream. Your goal is to relate to whom that person might be. It could also suggest that you are spending too much effort helping others instead of your own goals.

Dream About Crashing during Parking
To crash while parking or having difficulty fitting into space; represents that you are in some sort of a rut and feeling restless. Perhaps you are in a delicate situation where things can go awry if you are not careful. Your mind is relating your situation to a tight spot. You have to look at all sides to avoid conflict.

Dream About Parking at Your House
To dream about parking at the house or apartment of your garage; it means that you feel accomplished in your goals and you are satisfied with your life. It is time to take a breather and rest for a while.

Dream About Forgetting Where You Parked
Dreaming about losing your car in a big parking lot maze and you can’t find your car, indicates that you have lost your direction in life. You feel that you are the same as the mass amount of people in your life. Perhaps you feel that you are easily replaceable and you have lost your views about who you are.

Dream About Parking

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