Bomb Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Bombs

Did you dream about a bomb? Bombs in dreams refer to explosive energy. The explosions and destruction that come with an exploding bomb can cause quite a bit of damage. You can interpret the bomb explosions dreams themselves as an emotional outbursts. Or you can relate them to actual damage done to your surroundings or expected targets. The bomb explosions focus on the destructive aspect of fire. Always consider the purpose and context of the bombing. You can best interpret the dream with the type of damage, bomb used, and who the bomber is.

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Dream About Making a Bomb

If you are making a bomb in the dream, it suggests that you are brewing some explosive plans. These plans can either destroy or serve your purpose suddenly and abruptly. Your anger and rage are brewing inside you, and that you want to destroy everything in your path. If another person prepares the bomb to detonate, it suggests that you are making that particular person tick and angry. Consider dial back the amount of pressure that you are giving him or her.

Dream About Disarming Bombs

When the dream is about disarming or removing a bomb, it suggests that you are trying to control your own anger. It could also hint that someone’s anger is out of control, and you are trying to make him feel better at peace.

Dream About Different Bombs

Nuclear and Atomic Bombs:
Dreams of nuclear atomic bombs or other mass destruction bombs suggest great conflicts between the powers in your life. If you are the one unleashing the nuclear bomb blast, you are in great confrontation with the authority figure around you. If you encounter an apocalypse event from a nuclear bomb in the dream, it can be your mind suggesting what would happen if you let the conflicts continue.

Car Bomb or Bombing a Car:
To observe a car being wired into a bomb or if the bomb is placed in a car. Consider the type of car used as a car bomb to cause a car accident. For example, if someone is bombing or wiring a school bus as a bomb, it may suggest that your educational goals may come to an abrupt stop.

Time Bomb:
To see a time bomb clock ticking countdown in your dream suggests that you are going through an explosive phase or situation in your life. You feel that every second matter and disaster can happen if you do not finish your tasks on time. The timer could also suggest that your emotions are on the verge of exploding if not dealt with soon.

Dream About How Bombs Are Set-Off

Bomber Airplane:
Dreaming about airplanes or even alien UFOs flying overhead and dropping bombs on top of you suggests that you have little to no control over your waking life’s situations. You feel that your only option is to hide in your own little bomb shelter of inner peace to survive. However, if you are piloting the plane and dropping the bombs, it suggests that you have the power to destroy people’s lives.

Suicide Bomber:
A suicide bomber suggests someone willing to sacrifice their own life and hurt others to prove a point. It can suggest destructive behavior that you or someone you know may exhibit. For example, a person or coworker may unintentionally sabotage the entire project. He will do so to prove that he is better than someone else. Watch out and observe people’s behaviors, including your own, because the suicide bomb may come at unexpected times and jeopardize your entire plan.

Dream About a Bomb Threat

When you dream about a “real” bomb threat in the dream, it suggests imminent danger is coming. Your mind is warning you against potential catastrophes. You should look around you to see if you need to address any explosive situations.

A “fake” bomb threat in the dream refers to the bluffs you may have recently experienced. For example, your boss might “bluff.” He or she will threaten to make a big deal out of project failure to fire you. Dream about a fake bomb threat may suggest that your superior is only bluffing. However, the bomb scare is real because this fake bomb threat will cause you to react and panic.

However, if you are the one with a bomb and making a bomb threat, it is a message from your subconscious that your anger is about to burst.

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