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  1. Last night I had a dream about the world leaders plotting and taking action to destroy the world through giant sticky goo bubbles. Me and two other people managed to stop the whole world from getting covered, and stabbed one of the leaders in the eye. I do not know how to interpret this dream, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

  2. I was trying to look for an answer to my dream so I did come here but I can’t seem to find it. I was also dreaming about the end of the world where the world is just simply disappearing part by part when a small white particle touch it no matter if it is animal human or building. Meanwhile, I remember I was a boy wearing a black trench coat at that time in a dream, I was walking with my friend but he is so short that I never knew for sure if he was really my friend and a girl about the same age as me that I have never met before. We were walking in the mall and then we heard an announcement of someone saying the world will end in 3 weeks “All human that touch the white particle will explode please live the rest of your remaining weeks” The scenery then changes to the village with the field it looks sunny and peaceful with blue sky. That girl once again telling me to get back fast and behind her was a spaceship or something similar to that, then I look forward and ran to investigate something but I had forgotten what it is as I ran deeper in the village it was getting more empty and empty then suddenly that white particle appeared again so I was obviously running away from it and found out that I can warp through a wall with 2 fingers touching it. I’ve reached the place where she was waiting I was about to tell her the word ” Let’s go ” but then a wall just popped up in front of my face the sky seems to change to a night time and I found out that the Wall Teleporting isn’t working anymore I felt like I was too late so I ended up jumping over a wall and reach her after that I see everything including the last city that was crowded with people disappearing and the world ending then I felt like I was on some sort of plane at that point I can only hear an Alarm Clock Ringing and woke me up into reality. To this day I never knew who is she or why the world is ending that way.

  3. I had a dream last night about a celestial object hitting the moon badly, so bad that you could see the top of it exploding from earth, after that all the fragments hit the planet and completely screwed the planet, messing up our orbit around sol. not to mention i could see different planets orbiting very close to out planet right before the moon exploded. i could see city’s and other things on these planets and objects. one more thing, the place i was at was my home and i was in my yard and it was sunset and i can almost perfectly visualize that dream out of the other dreams i had last night. does anyone know anything that might answer this dream?

    • Ive disturbingly had a very similar dream and even saw how this object crashed whatever it was sortof meteroidic and turn the world slowly into a fireball …. with a twist

    • I had almost the same dream last night. A masive sort of red planet could be seen in the skies, the moon seemed to have been kicked form its usual place and rapidly swerved along the planet before loosing control and fragments hiting the Earth’s grounds hard causing chaos. Also saw a flying object that looked. Like a war craft, highly advanced falling from the skies headed to the grounds very fast.

  4. I’m calling it the apocalypse because I’m not too sure. In my nightmare my dog chased a rabbit then we somehow got into this weird “amusement park” ..or dungeon thing, there were big ‘giants’ laughing at giving weird looks. Then we left everything was fine but my dog was acting weird. It all drastically changed and he was growling, I opened a door and he.. tried to get in the way when I was closing it. Indicating he wanted to kill himself. I forgot how but something snapped his neck then he was fine. Some people came over and it happened again. This time he was violent and started um well.. eating people. I grabbed a baby and ran outside with a bunch of other people. It’s ironic how my mom turned into a secret agent in that moment. She told everyone to follow a trail to someone else’s house. I got there and police started questioning me. I asked if we could leave first and they were being slow. A girl walked over and was bit, they asked if she wanted to fix it, she said no with a smile. I caught on and followed her. Then she started acting every weird AND FOR SOME READON I GOT THE COURAGE TO PINCH HER STOMACH! She started chasing me and when I was screaming for help it seemed no one heard… even though they were right there. She then proceeded to walk to a desk and then out of fear I woke up. My nightmare was based around my home. I knew where I was the whole time which also scares me. Most of the people in the dream , I hace seen or met. I’ve had this dream before but I think I was too scared and it ended quicker. My covers were off and my extra pillows too, maybe from tossing around.. it really freaks me out. Sorry for my lack of storytelling skills. I honestly just woke up so. I’m still scared.

  5. Ok, so I had a weird dream that doesn’t really fit into all of this.
    It kind of alternated between two points of view. One of them was this girl waking up in a shack next to a boy who said he nursed her back to health after finding her surrounded by shrapnel from an explosion. She looks outside and sees a desolate wasteland, and he explains to her that the world was ended because somebody had disrupted the spirits (something like that). The other POV was a girl travelling to a place in a forest, to cause the apocalypse by stealing 5 gems and 2 world-openers, which were kind of oval-shaped things that were black and white (that being, one was black and one was white). The first girl decides to find whoever started the apocalypse, and get her revenge. She got to that forest, and right as I woke up, she realized she was both of them.
    Sounds like a book.
    Anyway, what does this mean?

  6. I always dreamed of meteors falling that causes shockwaves and then earthquake then great flood. And last night i dreamed of titan form like zeus and the other gods appearing in the cloud throwing thunderbolts . And i became so frightened but so amazed that i want to see the happenings. That i dont bother hidding for a safe place. Some dreams are about seeing a city up in the sky like in the movie “upside down” that it was so advance than ours..

    Can someone tell me what could that means.

  7. I had a dream about a zombie apocalypse and I was surviving with this cute tall guy, but I don’t know who he is, this zombie apocalypse, I’ve had it once or twice before last night… I’m wondering what that means? asking for a friend.

  8. I dreamt that all of the places that are important to me and that I enjoy being were either burning to the ground or being flooded. My hometown was simultaneously burning and flooding, my favorite vacation spot was on the news completely on fire, and the place where most of my family live was submerged in a massive flood. As we kept watching the news the fires kept getting closer to my family’s home and we were preparing ourselves to hide in the basement one last time. I woke up just before that

  9. In my dream, I was preparing for an apocalypse. There was no clue on how this was going to happen but I was gathering things that I could use. I was preparing a basement with the help of family and friends with all the items we would need. I felt scared but continued to gather items.

  10. In my ‘apocalypse’ dreams (which I’ve been plagued with all my life), the cause varies, but the response is always imilar. I’m usually with a few people, friends or family, sometimes a girl, and I’m either moving, or holed up somewhere. Looking for supplies is a common theme, and quite often I’ll find myself shacking up only to have this safehouse breached and then suddenly I’m on the run again. Most of he time, the threat isn’t entirely apparent, or the threat is simply other humans, being opportunistic or savage. Many feelings pervade these dreams which is why I’m commenting, it is rooted in fight/flight but sometimes leads to more complex emotions, but never strays from the narrative that life as we know it has ended. Any insight into what this might mean?

    • You are a very prepared person( or want to be) and u feel when u cannot maintain the ideals that u want to live by( which we are human and can’t always be nor do what we want all the time) u feel a loss of control. The unidentified threat is ur fear that u can’t make everyone happy and u can’t protect everyone the way u might like.

  11. Ok, so two dreams with as much detail as possible but there are probably lots of typos and grammar errors so sorry. I didn’t know if they correlated or not so I put them together.

    Dream 1/25 December 2019/Terminator Apocalypse
    – In this dream I was faced against a terminator in a post-apocalyptic world, alone I might add. I had a shotgun, pistol, rifle and a bow. The bow was ineffective, which is weird because I knew it was ineffective without firing it at the terminator, which was obviously trying to kill me. I tried the pistol next (or maybe another weapon) and it was also ineffective as the bullets were deflected. Next, I used the rifle or the shotgun (this wasn’t too clear) and they made large dents in the terminator’s armor (as a side note, the terminator only had its exoskeleton showing and it wasn’t carrying a weapon). Anyway, throughout this time I was crawling backward and after running out of ammo, the terminator reached me and I struggled to find another weapon, but there weren’t any. I was being choked by the terminator before the dream ended.

    Dream 2/27 December 2019/Weird-Electronic-Collapse-Type-Apocalyptic-World-With-Unknown-Creatures (maybe zombies?)
    – In this forest, but also in a city. The city is covered in vegetation and wildlife (I Am Legend/The Last of Us/Horizon Zero Dawn styled stuff). I am with a few other people but I can’t remember how many others there were or who they were. There is talk of something I can’t remember and suddenly something happens and all electronics are suddenly traceable by something(s). The group splits not before warning me to destroy and completely wipe my phone and laptop which I have on me. The leaders (I suppose) give a demonstration on how to wipe our phones and laptops, which I try to replicate and fail to do. Now my phone and laptop have these weird red and black balls of energy floating around them. I look around and see everyone is gone. I panic and run to this weird structure that is glowing red, orange, yellow and black. I manage to wipe my laptop and phone, not before being chased by something (I think it was some kinda dinosaur/machine hybrid but I can’t remember exactly). I now remember that I don’t want to wipe my phone and laptop because of what they contain but I have to otherwise I will be found. Eventually, the apocalypse kinda stops and I am told that we are safe. Everyone else (I think) gets there phone and memory back except for me. In between the start and end of the apocalypse, I am constantly hiding from the beast(s) that are chasing me. I eventually see someone that I recognize and I think I try to free them but they are stuck in a small chamber that I can’t get into. The dream ends after the apocalypse.

  12. So I keep having this strange dream and I am surely stumped as to what it could even mean. It feels apocalyptic but not sure? So anyways it starts with me sleeping in bed with my wife it’s dark and I get woken up for some strange reason my parents are in my bathroom though I dont live with them anymore what follows is this strange trail off fast moving green dots that dart into the bedroom and linger around my wife’s closet then dissapeared my wife tells my dad to turn the lights on but the power will not turn on at all and none of the lights will work I see the green dots moving again I get this very bad scared feeling and I wake up. Not sure again what any of this could mean but i tried looking it up nothing i can find on the dots. Strange….

  13. I had a wierd dream about a Wich trying to hurt someone I loved,and they turned into a goose at my loved ones door ready to pounce on them,but then I desperately was kicking at the evil goose,and found myself waking up I was kicking so hard.

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