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Apocalypse Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. Last night I had a dream about the world leaders plotting and taking action to destroy the world through giant sticky goo bubbles. Me and two other people managed to stop the whole world from getting covered, and stabbed one of the leaders in the eye. I do not know how to interpret this dream, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

  2. I was trying to look for an answer to my dream so I did come here but I can’t seem to find it. I was also dreaming about the end of the world where the world is just simply disappearing part by part when a small white particle touch it no matter if it is animal human or building. Meanwhile, I remember I was a boy wearing a black trench coat at that time in a dream, I was walking with my friend but he is so short that I never knew for sure if he was really my friend and a girl about the same age as me that I have never met before. We were walking in the mall and then we heard an announcement of someone saying the world will end in 3 weeks “All human that touch the white particle will explode please live the rest of your remaining weeks” The scenery then changes to the village with the field it looks sunny and peaceful with blue sky. That girl once again telling me to get back fast and behind her was a spaceship or something similar to that, then I look forward and ran to investigate something but I had forgotten what it is as I ran deeper in the village it was getting more empty and empty then suddenly that white particle appeared again so I was obviously running away from it and found out that I can warp through a wall with 2 fingers touching it. I’ve reached the place where she was waiting I was about to tell her the word ” Let’s go ” but then a wall just popped up in front of my face the sky seems to change to a night time and I found out that the Wall Teleporting isn’t working anymore I felt like I was too late so I ended up jumping over a wall and reach her after that I see everything including the last city that was crowded with people disappearing and the world ending then I felt like I was on some sort of plane at that point I can only hear an Alarm Clock Ringing and woke me up into reality. To this day I never knew who is she or why the world is ending that way.

  3. I had a dream last night about a celestial object hitting the moon badly, so bad that you could see the top of it exploding from earth, after that all the fragments hit the planet and completely screwed the planet, messing up our orbit around sol. not to mention i could see different planets orbiting very close to out planet right before the moon exploded. i could see city’s and other things on these planets and objects. one more thing, the place i was at was my home and i was in my yard and it was sunset and i can almost perfectly visualize that dream out of the other dreams i had last night. does anyone know anything that might answer this dream?

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