Apocalypse Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about apocalypse? It signifies an emotional and dramatic change taken place. Consider the type of apocalyptic end of the world events that associated with the dream to get some better clues. Look into your feelings, and actions to survive, as they can be your attitude to face difficult times. Apocalyptic dreams typically tie to the theme behind the apocalypse.

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If the apocalypse is happening in the dream, it reflects the starting transitional period. If the dream features post apocalyptic wasteland dream, it is a reflection of your waking life’s attitude to a bad life situation. A situation so bad that you would consider it as the end of the world.

Below are some of the more common end of the world themes that you can experience in your dream.

Dream About Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse reflects the feeling of hopeless with your waking world. You feel that everyone around you has lost their humanity, they are all dead and trying to feed on one another.

Dream About Fire Apocalypse

Fire or apocalypse brought by volcano and lava, can suggest a total destruction of the world as you know it. However, it also indicates that life can be rebuilt after all the rage and anger.

Dream About Flood or Tsunami Apocalypse

Dreaming about the end of world flooded with water and tsunami, reflects deep emotional sorrow and sadness. You feel the the world as you know is complete gone, covered by the deep blue sea. This dream typically reflects a lost of a loved one. You are getting used to being alone by yourself.

Dream About Ice Age or Snow Apocalypse

When the dream apocalypse is brought with the world freezing over covered with ice and snow, it reflects your inner stage of mind. You feel cold towards everyone around you. The old passionate you has not died with the apocalypse. It may be worthwhile to seek that ray of hope within your dream, to see the remaining warmth in your waking life.

Dream About Alien Apocalypse

To dream of an alien apocalypse, it could suggest that foreign forces are taking away your world and livelihood. It can suggest that you are being replaced by other people at work, or that a “consult” is coming to your corporate world in preparation for a mass layoff. The dream about massive number of deaths and disappearances can relate to aliens killing off or abducting the population.

You may also dream about alien apocalypse when you work for a business that has been taken over, the “alien” or the new business is now your new boss. The unfamiliar forces will control the world that you have known in the past.

Dream About Robot Apocalypse

Robot Apocalypse dreams can be a sign that you are afraid of new technology, or that the new technology or actual robots have put you out of work. The good old working life as you know is now destroyed by the introduction of mindless robots. If humans are being converted or used by robot forces in the apocalypse dream, it suggests that you are being asked to mindlessly obey and follow instructions. You are in a transition to lose your voice and individually to become whole with the mastermind brain that control the robots.

Dream About Nuclear War Apocalypse

The dream suggests that you are colliding with several authority powers in your life. The confrontations have led to nasty fights that have put an end to all communications and relationship.

Dream About Mutant Apocalypse

Abnormal Mutants in dreams that bring an end to your world, reflects how people around you have changed. You feel that you no longer fit in with the times. The “new” people or generations is replacing you and no longer needs you.

Dream About Apocalypse

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