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Frog Dream Interpretation — 10 Comments

  1. hiya i had a dream that there was 2 frogs eyes in my arm and when i scratched them my arm opened up and loads of frogs fell out ,do you no what it means

  2. Today i had a dream of many fishes and one frog in a clear water. They are not moving anywhere. What does this tells about future?

  3. I saw many green frogs in my dreams that all were jumping on me. But they were so friendly like friends I mean not scarring me or hurting me just jumping on me but I was scared it was all green place around means I was standing there,, kindly tell me what’s that dream meaning ?

  4. I dreamnt about a black big frog coming out of my vigina , could I be in danger cz its not the first time to dream if such at first I dreamt about my back covered in a frog pond when my mom tried pulling it off a big frog and its babbies came out

  5. I dreamnt last night that i was looking in the mirror at my mouth and i noticed something green by my teeth and when i touched it to remove it, it was a small frog. Than I found two more frogs coming from my mouth. Freaked me out ..

  6. Og g-d I wouldn’t ever have believed anyone would be so insightful as the author of this post. Removed my doubts. Thank you so much.

  7. I had a dream of an irredescent blue frog, with a silver chain, And mother of pearl decorating it. I was gazing in the mirror, lifted my right arm and the frog was being born out of the bottom of my arm between the elbow and the shoulder. I set him down on the vanity, and it looked at me with one eye, and seemed to smile.

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