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  1. hiya i had a dream that there was 2 frogs eyes in my arm and when i scratched them my arm opened up and loads of frogs fell out ,do you no what it means

  2. Today i had a dream of many fishes and one frog in a clear water. They are not moving anywhere. What does this tells about future?

  3. I saw many green frogs in my dreams that all were jumping on me. But they were so friendly like friends I mean not scarring me or hurting me just jumping on me but I was scared it was all green place around means I was standing there,, kindly tell me what’s that dream meaning ?

  4. I dreamnt about a black big frog coming out of my vigina , could I be in danger cz its not the first time to dream if such at first I dreamt about my back covered in a frog pond when my mom tried pulling it off a big frog and its babbies came out

  5. I dreamnt last night that i was looking in the mirror at my mouth and i noticed something green by my teeth and when i touched it to remove it, it was a small frog. Than I found two more frogs coming from my mouth. Freaked me out ..

  6. Og g-d I wouldn’t ever have believed anyone would be so insightful as the author of this post. Removed my doubts. Thank you so much.

  7. I had a dream of an irredescent blue frog, with a silver chain, And mother of pearl decorating it. I was gazing in the mirror, lifted my right arm and the frog was being born out of the bottom of my arm between the elbow and the shoulder. I set him down on the vanity, and it looked at me with one eye, and seemed to smile.

  8. What does it mean if the frogs were angry in my dream? My frog dream wasn’t a bad or unpleasant one but I worry why the frogs were so unhappy.

  9. I had a dream that raining frog on me. Instead water. But on the ground is floods of water. The water is a little bit clear. I’m so scared and I wanted to run but its flooded

  10. I had the oddest dream about frogs being all around, like after a hurracane, some alive dome not, some stuck in trees. And one was stuck in the palm of my hand, but instead of pulling it out I cut the other side of my palm and it just crawled through and left. A lot of puss ran out of my hand and it felt good, like cleaning a wound. Then I woke up 1. 11 AM. I don’t usually remember my dreams, what the hell is this?

  11. I had a dream of me were I was in a field at my house and at one of the trees there had a brown toad and a frog I found touched the frog the woke up is this weird

  12. I had a dream that 3 little brown frogs were jumping around and suddenly started to corner me and when they all jumped on me i got so scared that i woke up

  13. I had a dream about a baby white frog coming out of my nose and then it evolve into a small green frog with big eyes and it just kept jumping around my room

  14. I had a dream of my dog throwing up 7 to 8 living green frogs. Dog was fine, frogs were fine just sitting there not moving much. What does this mean?

  15. I jst had a dream of a small frog jumping then i kill it with a stone then my son was the he took it when i shout at him to put it down he did i ask him to go wash his hand when he was walking to th zimbabwe tap he put his hand on his mouth n lough while he was walking hes hand was having the small blood n somethng green after touching the dead frog then i wake up

  16. What does it mean when u dream about a frog jumping then i kill it with a stone then o show my son that is dead he took it when i was shouting at him to put it down he did i told him to go wash his hands while he was walking to the tap he put his hand in the mouth while the fingers got small blood and something green after touching the frog i shouted at him when i wake up the was too much suliver in my mouth then i split it out sametime

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