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Bridge Dream Interpretation — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve had this dream where I’m in a car driving or someone else is driving a vehicle that I never recognize since I’m too scared to look at them in the eye. I’m sitting in this speeding car that is driving on this bridge trying to keep up with traffic. But the person always looks at me and tells me it’s gunna be okay. NEXT thing I know I’m looking at this bridge that has this huge unfinished gap other cars are making it over to the other side some how and underneath this this bridge is just ocean son cars make it some cars don’t. Sometimes there’s not even another side to a bridge and I’m just speeding off a cliff. For some reason my goal is to get to an airport. Same dream I had last night except I fell into the ocean and before I suppose I drowned the person held my hand and told me this is normal and someone is going to be at the bottom to rescue us when. We hit the ocean. Then I woke up. Any thoughts??

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