Bridge Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about bridges? Bridges in dreams typically signify important decisions or critical junctions in your life. During the dream, consider the condition of the bridge, the destination, and the origins of your travel paths. Your actions, as well as the result of your actions, can offer important clues to help you decipher bridge-related dreams.

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Dream About Bridge Related Conditions

Dream About Bridge Under Construction
A bridge under construction being built in the dream denotes a transitional period in your life. You are getting ready to move on to a new stage soon. Perhaps you are close to finishing up an important milestone such as school or job training. Perhaps your mind is asking you to be ready to take that next step when the time is right. If an unfinished bridge is incomplete and only constructed halfway; it suggests that you need to finish your training before embarking on your journey.

Dream About Ill-Maintained or Broken Bridge
To dream of a run-down bridge indicates that you are going through dangerous yet major changes in your life at this time. Your subconscious is telling you that it might not be a safe path to go. If you want to follow through with your plans, you may have to take a significant amount of risk.

Dream About Big & Tall Bridge
Dreams of a big & tall bridge reflect a major obstacle is in front of you. Expect long and hard travels before you can reach your goals. At times the situation will seem daunting and impossible. The dream is telling you to be steadfast on your path and never give up. You will eventually reach your destination. However, if the bridge is so large or high out of your view, it relates to unattainable goals.

Dream About the Location of the Bridge

Dream About Bridge Extending Out Into Water
Generally, if the bridge is flooded over or extending into water or river, it suggests that the transition or upcoming journey will be an emotional one. If the water under the bridge is rising onto and flooding the road surface; it suggests that you are letting your emotions holding your back. You are preventing yourself from moving forward.

Dream About Missing or Collapsing Bridge

Dream About Bridge Collapsing
Dreams of the bridge collapsing or breaking while you are crossing or before you cross the bridge, it suggests that you are letting an important opportunity pass you by. These opportunities noted in the dream might be life-changing. The crumbling bridge represents the viable chances crumbling away in front of you.

Dream About Missing Bridge
If the dream features a bridge that you know exists, but have gone missing when you are at the location. It suggests a missed connection between you and someone in your life. You thought that you connected with someone. But the truth is that it might not be real and it is taking you by surprise.

Dream About Destroying or Burning a Bridge
Destroying with a bomb or burning a bridge with fire in your dream denotes not looking back or removing your past connections. Perhaps you have achieved your goals and you never want to look back at your past. This could include stopping all connections and communications with people in your past. The dream signals that there is no way back but to move forward.

Dream About Actions with the Bridge

Dream About Going Under a Bridge
If you are standing under a bridge arch in the dream, it suggests that you are letting life pass you by. However, the dream reflects that you have little clue about what is actually going on. You do not know nor understand what you are missing out. Perhaps you need a different perspective to get the most experience out of life.

Dream About Driving Crossing and Over a Bridge
To dream that you are crossing a bridge signifies an important decision or a critical junction. You know the tasks that you have to do in order to succeed. This decision will be proved to be a positive change.

Dream About Car Accident on a Bridge
When you have a car accident on the bridge, it represents that your goal may not go as well as expected. The realization is usually sudden when you are the least expecting it. If your car is driving to falling off the bridge into the river after the car accident; it may suggest that you will go into depression once you do fail.

Dream About Falling or Jumping off a Bridge
Falling off a bridge within a dream can relate to your fear of failure. You are unsure whether or not you can make it to succeed. However, if you are intentionally jumping off the bridge, it denotes giving up or sabotaging your own success.

Dream About Building a Bridge
Building a bridge in the dream indicates that you are trying to “bridge” or connect two things together. You are trying to connect with someone. Perhaps you are trying to reach out to a mentor who may guide you to success and prosperity.

Dream About Different Bridge Construction Material or Type

Dream About Rope Hanging Bridge
Traveling over a steep rope bridge suggests that your project will be a precarious one. You will have to fight hard and hold on to any strength that you have. Overcoming obstacles will be especially tough before you run out of your stamina.

Dream About Bamboo Bridge
Dreams of Bamboo made bridge suggest that you need to grow to be able to tackle the gap. You are not yet ready to handle the problem yet. However, you have the opportunity and skills to grow into a person who can bridge the gap.

Dream About Stone Bridge
A stone or brick bridge suggests that you will need stability and step on authority to reach out to your goals. Try to get in a good relationship with your superiors before pushing any agenda. You need to sort out differences before treading forward.

Dream About Ice Bridge
Dreaming about ice bridge in dreams suggests that you need to keep your emotions cool to finish your goals. Perhaps the times are tough and you have to freeze your heart to see through the end. The path can also be slippery causing you to fall and fail. The dream is reminding you to tread very carefully with your undertakings.

Dream About Glass Bridge
Glass bridge in dreams relates to some form of relationship gap between you and your family. The glass is fragile and you will have to tread carefully to maintain the connection. And sometimes there will be misunderstandings due to “generation gaps”.

Dream About Types of Bridge

Dream About Draw Bridge
To see a draw bridge open or close in the dream relate to the timing of success that you have. Perhaps your opportunity time window is brief. Your mind is telling you to seize the chance to advance while the draw bridge is down. Perhaps you might not get the chance again once you miss it. You might be forced to take shot if you are running out of time.

Dream About Pedestrian Only Foot Bridge
If the bridge in the dream is narrow and rickety that is only meant for pedestrians, it relates to your narrow chances of success. Your subconscious is telling you to move slowly step by step. You are on your own and no one can really help you.

Dream About Golden Gate Bridge
Dreams of the Golden Gate Bridge can relate to the actual landmark and how you associate with it. Do you wish for a city lifestyle? Dreams of such a grand suspension bridge landmark could relate to your deep wishes to move into the city.

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