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Mud Dream Interpretation — 15 Comments

  1. Hello, I dreamed my 3yr old son was missing & I fell in mud & was covered by it.. especially my hair. i dont know how my son came to be missing but I was extremely panicked in the dream & looking for him.. I was in the woods or something like a forest when I fell & I was alone. Please help me understand this dream. Thanks..

    • Dream About Swimming in Mud
      To dream that you are swimming in mud suggests that you are feeling weighed down by problems with your friendship and relationship. You feel like you have to take these problems seriously by constantly keeping your head above the muddy water. Or else you would risk being blinded by the negativity and lose control

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have had a disconcerting dream. It was last night. It was… a car filled… with mud (interior only). Wondering what this means??? I’ve tried everything.

    If you, the recipient of this e-mail message, does not have an answer for me, please refer this e-mail message to your superior (but please refrain from sharing with any outside parties for I am quite concerned with its meaning).



  3. Hi, I wonder if you can help me interpret my dream. I can only remember that we are in group and I’m one of the leader. My people or friends are stucked in the mud and I was pulling each one of them out. There was one of them though that already died and so there’s nothing I can do to pull them out but I was able to save like 2 people out of the mud.

  4. I dreamed of my future grandaughter 2 yrs on… approx 2 yrs old, eating mud from a puddle. She looked thin & frail. I told her to stop it. I then told my daughter to stop her eating mud. My daughter replied that her husband believed in letting kids experiment for themselves & in non-interference. I protested saying it wasnt good for her. A young man approached & told me to shut up. My daughter thanked him for his support. I then woke up.

  5. Hi. I dreamt that I was walking when suddenly I lost my balance. I accidentally stepped into the mud and eventually one of my knee knelt on the mud floor. What does this means? Thank you.

  6. Hi I had a dream that I was trying to wash my granddaughter feet that were full of dirt and when I turned the faucet on mud was coming out … pls tell me what this means .. thank you

  7. My granddaughter had a dream of a mud monster attacking her. Her and her dad were in a cave with a dinosaur when the mud monster attack her. The dinosaur put her behind him and her dad attacked the monster, her dad defeated the mud monster and she then thanked her dad and the dinosaur.

  8. I dreamt that I was being interviewed or rated, like for a job. Every aspect of my life was being reviewed. At the end of the dream, the head of the panel said, “You are dirt!”

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