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Cancer and Tumor Dream Interpretation — 1 Comment

  1. I feel weird posting this, but dreams about my youngest daughter dying are something me, my oldest daughter and now my youngest has had about herself. She dreamt last night that she had a “brain stem tumor” that was going to kill her. She told it to me in a nonchalant way not thinking there was such a thing as a brain stem tumor and was shocked when I told her there is such a thing. I told her to look online about symptoms of it and she closed the computer and said “ok that freaky” because she had some of the symptoms in her dream, she is only 18. My oldest daughter and I have had dreams about her getting kidnapped and killed. It is such a weird morbid thing to dream about but it is surrounding her so not sure what to think now that she is having dreams about dying as well. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Just feels weird.

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