Cancer and Tumor Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about cancer? To dream about cancers and tumors denotes hopelessness, grief, self-pity, and unforgiveness, with a sense of wastefulness. However, if you or someone else that you know actually got cancer, a cancer-related dream might be about the actual event instead of having other symbols or meanings.

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Dream About Someone Having Cancer

Dream About Yourself Having Cancer
Cancer is a type of disease that appears out of nowhere and kill silently, thus it may suggest a feeling of wasting your life away without realizing that you are silently killing yourself. When the cancer dream is about certain parts of your body, then cancer can relate to different areas of your life.

Dream About Cancer Diagnosis
When you dream about cancer, try to see which area of the body parts that the cancer is found. That can offer you a valuable clue as to which area of your life that should be looked into.

Dream About Someone Else Having Cancer
Dreaming about someone else having cancer suggest that you need to work on your own negative way of thinking, it may be time to be more positive. To dream that you are being treated for cancer signifies a positive change in your life.

Family Members
When the cancer tumor dream features someone in your family like children, dad, or mother, it suggests that you worry about their negative or destructive behaviors. It can also reflect that they may be going through different periods trying to heal and recover. Try your best to be their support to get through.

Dream About Different Type of Cancer or Tumors

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer suggests negative issues revolving your nourishing side as well as how you look at your self as a woman. Perhaps you have low confidence and feed yourself self-defeating messages.

Mouth and Throat Cancer

Mouth and throat cancer suggests the loss of your ability to ingest and take in new things. In addition, it can reflect that you feel hopeless by not being to express your thoughts and opinions.

Blood Cancer / Leukemia Cancer

Blood cancer suggests that you have trouble with energy and vitality in life. If cancer diagnosed is Leukemia; it suggests your loss of ability to defend against outside forces, you become easily manipulated by others.

Bowel Cancer / Colon Cancer

When the cancer is dreamed about for your digestive and intestine area, it can suggest that you are not able to fully rid yourself of the negative emotions. You keep them with you while they build up and eventually change the way how you deal with issues.

Brain Cancer

When you dream about a brain tumor or cancer, it suggests that some form of unhealthy thought is growing out of control in your mind.

Cervical Cancer / Ovarian Cancer

To dream about cancer with the female reproductive organ, reflects that you may have been pressured in waking life to become pregnant. The dream can reflect worries about your own body if you have been trying. Or it can be represented as the unwillingness to have children of your own.

Skin Cancer

Dreaming about skin cancer suggests that you believe others look or treat you differently based on your looks. Perhaps you are not happy with your appearance and you feel hopeless about it.

Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer dreams relate to the unnatural growth of the stomach. Perhaps you have eaten unclean items often or strong spices that irritate the stomach. The dream foretells sorrow in your family life. Someone close to you in your family may be falling apart.

Liver Cancer

The liver is the cleaning organ of the body, to dream about liver cancer, perhaps you have lost your way to distress and get rid of the poison in your life. In short, toxic attitudes are building up without any kind of cleansing.

Lung Cancer

Dreams with lung cancer suggest that you may spend too much time in a hazardous environment with smoke and powder. Perhaps it is time to change your setting and surrounding.

Dream About Cancer and Death

Terminal Cancer Diagnosis
To dream about cancer and the focus is receiving a diagnosis from a doctor at a hospital,

Family or Friend Died from Cancer
Dreams that a close friend dying from cancer, can be a reflection of the worry that you will lose someone. It suggests that your mind is registering their destructive behaviors. You feel hopeless that there is nothing you can do.

Dream About Cancer

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