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  1. I’ve been having this dream a lot, and it’s scary. And work has been running me ragged.

    In my dreams (all week)–I’m alone on the elevator, and no matter what buttons I hit, I zoom to the top (at least floor 100). And I see the entire city below when I step out. And I have to lie down and hug the floor because I’m petrified of being up so high (that’s in my dream). I am totally petrified of being so high up.

    In other dream I have frequently–I am flying, and there are a bunch of frees. I am out of control so I grab a tree branch to slow down, but it shoots me up higher. I grab another branch, and it shoots me even higher, etc. etc.

    The elevator one really terrifies me. I can’t get off the elevator, and even if I can get it to go down, it zooms back up again. And I can’t control it.

    I know at work–like I said–has been hectic, and I’m pretty much the go-to guy there. Without me they’d be out of business. And I’m under stress with impossible deadlines, training others, fixing problems, and getting chewed out because apparently I’m not doing enough.

    These elevator dreams make me wake up in a cold sweat and they are dreams I always remember in vivid detail.

  2. My dream im riding on top of a tall, metallic black evelvator but its not just in a building, it is like a self driving car almost and it kept looping around it would go from this wooded area that a house was at and took me to a hotel and took my up to the top floor where it didnt make any stops i would be at the top with nothing to hold on to and i was a little scared but the veiw was beautiful, i just kept feeling like i was going to fall off, then it would decend and take me back to the place where the house was

  3. I dreamt that as soon as I stepped into the elevator it became non functional, it slowly went down, stopped at the bottom, the doors did not open, but that a maintenance worker opened it and said the elevator would never work again.
    It was in a building, I never saw another person, but walked the stairs up and out of the building.

  4. In my dream, I am trying to get back to my hotel room on the third floor. No matter what elevator I take, it either doesn’t stop at the third floor, or it is a service elevator that opens on a space filled with male hotel workers, or the elevator doesn’t work and has become a place for storage. I become increasingly frustrated and anxious, because I am supposed to meet my husband and I can’t reach our hotel room. I wake up sweating and feel awful.

  5. I lately had another (say) “the elevator dream” where it was on some 14+ th floor of an under-construction-linearly maze shaped-tower with a couple of my classmates wearing their bags and standing busy and scattered near the elevator door. Weirdly it was after-hours and though there was enough of tubelights lighting the vast space near the elevator door, the nearest one was flickering. The one nearest to the door was the one of my close friends in class/college – surabhi. I walked up to her, spotted a handsome handy diary with a pen bound in the edge in her hand and took it saying “I’ll take it. How much will I have to pay you?”. Ironically she said it’s just ten rupees and suggests me to keep it anyway. In the meantime lift’s there and I got in after the rest facing the door with my back to all of them. The bell ticked ground and the door opened. I got out of the elevator only to find it empty once I turned back to it while it was closing.

  6. I dream that i get into a plush hotel elevator which is large like a living room and im the first one in there, pushing a newborn in a pram and my mum follows close behind with suitcases. We push level 5 thenthe doors start to shut but strangers slowly start walking in and pushing other levels. Meanwhile a strangers baby tries to climb on top of my newborn in the pram and i put them back on the ground. The elevator is stopping at everyone elses levels and letting them off, when i say out loud ‘why is it that we were the first ones on and its not stopping at level 5?’ Everyone looks at me with a disgusted disapproving look, like I’m complaining. It goes on for the whole dream and i get more and more angry and frustrated but no one seems to care! Then i walk off at level 1 and speak to reception and they put the boss on the phone. He then tells me he can fix my broken engagement ring for a good price. But i comeback with ‘it’s okay i can take it back to where we got it made and the lady can do it for free’ then i wake up……

  7. I had this dream about elevator just after I had earthquake dream…I was inside an elevator with few strangers …there’s this lady frequently pressing the wrong button ..so elevator going up and up then suddenly it down…everybody were panic…including me…but she seems having fun…

  8. I dreamed that the elevator is going up and then suddenly my husband fall down in the middle of rising up.then i decided to go out and my kids to follow where my husband is.but where in a place that no one can help us to go back home because its late in the evening

  9. In my dream I’m on my way home to my apartment. I go into the elevator and press the button to my floor but when it’s about to go up it starts to malfunction and sometimes tilts a little bit to the side and then it decides to skip my floor. It feels like the elevator has a mind of its own and after it missed my floor it starts to go down and up, getting stuck between floors and so on.. And when the doors finally open I’m on the wrong floor. So i try to take the stairs but it’s really hard to get to my door because for every floor i take with the stairs, the floors seem to change. (For example, if i go down one floor i might end up one or two floors higher) and every floor can be different. One floor can be really luxurious with crystal lamps hanging from the ceiling with black and white tiles. Other ones can look completely trashed with graffiti and beer cans. Like a junkie hideout with dim lights. Some floors even look apocalyptic with sand, dirt, rock fragments everywhere and small fires in the corners.
    If i do reach my door, which i eventually do, i will reach for the handle. But when i get really close to it someone opens the door before i do, as if I were expected. The person opening the door has a blank face and when I look at the persons face I wake up terrified.

  10. Every elevator dream I have is scary. The less frequent dream I have is I will push a certain floor number and the elevator always passes it and I’m trapped forever because it never goes back to the first floor ever.
    The elevator dream I almost always have is I try to go to a certain floor but instead it just goes down and down and down. Sometimes it gets darker the further it goes. The elevator even starts to changes from an average elevator to a rusty, decaying one. Sometimes there will be a small window or wholes to peak through. The scariest dream I had was, I tried to go from floor 1 to 2 but I went down so many levels at a faster than usual speed and the elevator turned rusty and dark. There was a small round window on the door. It had a smal window just like the ones on submarines. When the elevator stopped, I saw a long dark hallway and a creepy person like Pyramid Head walked by. I prayed the door wouldn’t open and I woke up after a while. I hate those dreams. Sometimes a dead lady will be in the elevator with me but I can only see her only from my peripheral vision.

  11. I had one of me inside and it crashed and in school i been take the stars when i read the one of crased it supprised me of death now i am never go one even one single. I have no idea this fear will last i have this like last week.

  12. I had this dream where I was in an elevator with 17 people,(filled to the brim.) In that dream I exited to a public space and got a heart attack. what is the meaning of that dream?

  13. I had the same dream 3 times. I walk inside the elevator with nor roof and each time after the doors close the elevator starts dropping fast and it leaves me behind and I start falling mid air. As I am falling I try to hold the walls anything around me to not die when I hit the endless depths. One of the 3 dreams was different. In the second dream there was a woman dressed in black who let me inside the elevator because I couldnt make it work. In the other 2 dreams I was alone.

  14. So uh. I keep having a dream about some hotel and there’s always only two people there. Also I had a drama that my family was on our way back to that hotel and on the the train tracks I saw a girl…she killed herself by letting that train hit her..it felt so real that when I woke up I thought it was real and after a one of searching what happened it finally came to me that was a dream. Still scares me

  15. I had a dream where i walkes back home from school and when i reached my house lift at the lobby i got in the lift and the lift malfunctioned and went up to the 13th floor but the doors didn’t open then suddenly it freefall and crash into the basement floor and after the crash i remembered in my dream i broke my right hand and left leg then i woke up ever since then i was terrified to take the lift alone as i was scared that it would happen in real life so each time i would call my maid down and accompany me up the lift to my house

  16. I used to dream about going up in an elevator, then suddenly the floor would drop out and I’d be left clinging to the rail which was terrifing. Last night I dreamed about one in a hospital. It was as big as a room and had a receptionists desk and plants and stuff. This one started acting like a monorail, circling around the hospital grounds at great speed before taking me to up to my destination. Not particularly scary but still weird.

  17. I dream about riding in a cozy clean and elegant smooth ascending flow of the glass lift.its a place like a residential but it is a place where its own by a royal family.i am amazed with all the things.it was really nice ride up seeing beautiful green plants designed.

  18. I’ve been having a reaccurring dream about going up and down in this elevator but I’ve been holding on tight to a bag that has some clothes in it but this elevator is in a hotel that is like a mini city in Dubai or somewhere like that my partner is in the dream along with a friend of mine that my partner has never met but I’ve been in this hotel mini city for nearly 3 weeks in my dream but it’s like this it’s coming to an end but I’ve not really explored this mini city until today when I found what I could only describe as mini ponds but they were shaped to get a human in and they were like in a spooning position but all the people were naked and being covered with water and there was a stand with purple cases on it which I could exchange my bag for but my partner never touches me and hardly talks to me but my friend seems to be always hanging around my partner but when I get in this lift there’s always a lot of Muslims like bombers keep getting on the lift but make me feel very uncomfortable but not actually blowing the elevator up I also keep lying on the carpet in front of the elevator please I need help trying to determine the dream and what it means

  19. In my dream I was trying to find where my room number was and people kept telling me different things and so I kept going in the elevator to get to different floors to find it. Then a woman told me it should probably be room 21 or 22, something like that and the last time I got into the elevator, it didn’t close the door all the way on one side. Then it kept moving up and down Andy I was feeling nervous and anxious when suddenly it just went straight up and flew through the top of the building. I remember thinking if I was supposed to see my life flash before my eyes or pray or something while plummeting to my death. Then I woke up.

  20. I dreamt that I was on the third floor, getting into an elevator. I was with a female who I knew, in the dream. I was supposed to stay on the same level, which I was thankful for. The elevator was going up and down and couldn’t understand why when I realized that I hadn’t pushed the button.

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