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An elevator or a mechanical lift inside the dream typically represents a level of status and wealth. It can also depict a state of your consciousness, especially if you are a riding a glass elevator where you can see the floors below you, you will be observing the world from an elevated view point.

Depends on the dream event with the elevator, it can represent and interpreted in several contexts. Like all dream interpretations, always consider where you are riding an elevator, the people who are on the elevator with you, and happens inside the elevator, and your emotions when riding an elevator in the dream.

It should be noted that a proper elevator dream with meanings, should depict elevators that you normally do not ride in. When the dream is about your daily lives, it can simply be your mind refreshing a day’s work, instead of having real hidden symbols. Below are the most common situations of an elevator dream and how they can relate to your subconscious and waking life.

Dream About Elevator Normal Movements
In general, the normal up and down action of the elevator represents the ups and downs of your life. When you are ascending in an elevator to an upper floor, it suggest your rise to power and wealth. The opposite is true when you are descending in an elevator, it suggests that you are being grounded and coming back to reality. The descending elevator event signifies setbacks and misfortunes.

The place where the elevator is located can suggest the particular area of your life. For example, an elevator in a shopping mall can reflect your perspective on the commercial spending habits. An elevator in an office building can represent your career, title, and work status. And finally an elevator within a residential skyscraper or hotel can represent the atmosphere of your family, and social status.

Note the cleanliness of the elevator and the people around you, it can offer you subtle clues on how you rise and fall in status, and who are the people that are riding with you. For example, if your elevator related dream depicts riding a bright and clean elevator up with coworkers in a brand new office building. It suggest that your entire team is going to have huge success with the project that you are working. Expect good profit, fortunes, and success for your entire team.

A crowded elevator with strangers in the dream can signify competition, perhaps you are searching or applying for a job position with many applicants. Or maybe you are trying to apply to attend a prestigious school.

The normal function of an elevator can also represent the different “levels” of your mind. Perhaps you have several layers of memories buried deep inside. You access those parts of your mind through riding of an elevator.

If you have a choice of going up in elevator instead of the stairs in the dream, it could suggest that you are picking an easier way out of your situation. Or that there might be outside help to get you where you want to in life. Perhaps you are getting in touch with mentors that can assist with your business decisions.

Dream About Elevator Falling or Crashing
When the dream elevator accident is dropping out of control with you inside it, it suggests that you are now in a crisis of your life. The crisis is indicating your fear of losing job security or romantic relationship. Your entire life’s perspective will be shattered and changed forever. The anxious and nerve wrecking experience reflects how you would feel when a major crisis occurs.

If the dream depicts the elevator crashing into the bottom floor, and you get serious injured or even death from the elevator crashing. It suggests that the crashing elevator lost of control can have potential to do real damage. Perhaps you are doing self-destructive behaviors in the waking life.

To walk through a broken elevator door without the elevator being inside, and you fall through the elevator shaft, suggests that you need to be more mindful of your surroundings. It is a warning that you are living your life in automation without your brain, look around you for apparent dangers lurking.

Dreaming about a broken elevator with a not working sign suggests you to follow different paths. Find a different elevator or even walk the stairs. The paths that you thought were good, were actually not doable.

Dream About Elevator Stuck or Malfunctioned
To dream that the elevator is out of order where the doors stay shut. You can either trapped outside or inside where you cannot exit or enter the elevator, the situation signifies that your emotions have gotten out of control. You have lost the ability to access the different layers of your mind.

Dreaming about a stuck elevator when you first got in, is a reflection of your life or your career being stuck. You are on the path but you cannot move up or down, this represents that you are currently in a dead end job or relationship status. It is time to rethink how you approach your life to get where you want to go.

If the elevator dream is moving upward and crashes through the roof, it indicates that you are being catapulted to a position of power. You are moving too fast in which you do not yet know how to deal with with newly found status. The new responsibilities is crashing you.

To dream that the elevator is moving between two fixed floors, means that your efforts are counterproductive. You do alot of work for little to no result. You are going nowhere in your work, relationship or other situation.

To dream about an elevator moving sideways, it suggests that your career or relationship is not moving the way you intended. For example, you may have gotten a job promotion, only to find the new position boring and unsatisfactory after the move. Or the side way elevator can suggest that your relationship with a loved one is growing more stale or boring.

When the elevator stops at a wrong floor suggests little slowdowns that you may experience. However, if you actually stepped out of the wrong elevator into the wrong floor in the dream, it suggests a misstep or decisions that you have taken. You will have to be patient to wait for the next opportunity.

Dreams About Different Elevators
Fast and Operational Elevator
Dreams with an fast elevator that functions faster than the normal ones, represent a fast path to reach your destinations and achievements.

Glass Elevator
Dreaming about riding in an elevator where you can observe an open space, depicts your perspective and state of mind during your transcend or descend in life’s courses.

Medical Elevator
The medical elevator that located in a hospital, depicts your state of health. It could also be related to your digestive system.

Lift or Service Elevator
A service lift or elevator not commonly accessible to the public, suggest that you have inside information or personnel to your endeavors and projects. Perhaps you know people at the company that you are applying, and they can assist you to get that one job or contract without you having to compete with others.

Shaky and Unstable Elevator
An unstable elevator or ones that need maintenance, suggest a bumpy and dangerous ride. Your path to your destinations will not be smooth and you should expect sudden and frequent stops. You emotions or reactions at this point may be your intuitions showing you potential paths, you can either ride it out or seek other possibilities.

Spinning Elevator or Elevator with Different Doors
This type of elevator in the dream represents different or shifting perspectives. You will go in thinking one way, and coming out thinking another. Sometimes the shift in thoughts can make you feel confused and dizzy, especially if you do not know you were riding a spinning elevator.


Elevator Dream Interpretation — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve been having this dream a lot, and it’s scary. And work has been running me ragged.

    In my dreams (all week)–I’m alone on the elevator, and no matter what buttons I hit, I zoom to the top (at least floor 100). And I see the entire city below when I step out. And I have to lie down and hug the floor because I’m petrified of being up so high (that’s in my dream). I am totally petrified of being so high up.

    In other dream I have frequently–I am flying, and there are a bunch of frees. I am out of control so I grab a tree branch to slow down, but it shoots me up higher. I grab another branch, and it shoots me even higher, etc. etc.

    The elevator one really terrifies me. I can’t get off the elevator, and even if I can get it to go down, it zooms back up again. And I can’t control it.

    I know at work–like I said–has been hectic, and I’m pretty much the go-to guy there. Without me they’d be out of business. And I’m under stress with impossible deadlines, training others, fixing problems, and getting chewed out because apparently I’m not doing enough.

    These elevator dreams make me wake up in a cold sweat and they are dreams I always remember in vivid detail.

  2. My dream im riding on top of a tall, metallic black evelvator but its not just in a building, it is like a self driving car almost and it kept looping around it would go from this wooded area that a house was at and took me to a hotel and took my up to the top floor where it didnt make any stops i would be at the top with nothing to hold on to and i was a little scared but the veiw was beautiful, i just kept feeling like i was going to fall off, then it would decend and take me back to the place where the house was

  3. I dreamt that as soon as I stepped into the elevator it became non functional, it slowly went down, stopped at the bottom, the doors did not open, but that a maintenance worker opened it and said the elevator would never work again.
    It was in a building, I never saw another person, but walked the stairs up and out of the building.

  4. In my dream, I am trying to get back to my hotel room on the third floor. No matter what elevator I take, it either doesn’t stop at the third floor, or it is a service elevator that opens on a space filled with male hotel workers, or the elevator doesn’t work and has become a place for storage. I become increasingly frustrated and anxious, because I am supposed to meet my husband and I can’t reach our hotel room. I wake up sweating and feel awful.

  5. I lately had another (say) “the elevator dream” where it was on some 14+ th floor of an under-construction-linearly maze shaped-tower with a couple of my classmates wearing their bags and standing busy and scattered near the elevator door. Weirdly it was after-hours and though there was enough of tubelights lighting the vast space near the elevator door, the nearest one was flickering. The one nearest to the door was the one of my close friends in class/college – surabhi. I walked up to her, spotted a handsome handy diary with a pen bound in the edge in her hand and took it saying “I’ll take it. How much will I have to pay you?”. Ironically she said it’s just ten rupees and suggests me to keep it anyway. In the meantime lift’s there and I got in after the rest facing the door with my back to all of them. The bell ticked ground and the door opened. I got out of the elevator only to find it empty once I turned back to it while it was closing.

  6. I dream that i get into a plush hotel elevator which is large like a living room and im the first one in there, pushing a newborn in a pram and my mum follows close behind with suitcases. We push level 5 thenthe doors start to shut but strangers slowly start walking in and pushing other levels. Meanwhile a strangers baby tries to climb on top of my newborn in the pram and i put them back on the ground. The elevator is stopping at everyone elses levels and letting them off, when i say out loud ‘why is it that we were the first ones on and its not stopping at level 5?’ Everyone looks at me with a disgusted disapproving look, like I’m complaining. It goes on for the whole dream and i get more and more angry and frustrated but no one seems to care! Then i walk off at level 1 and speak to reception and they put the boss on the phone. He then tells me he can fix my broken engagement ring for a good price. But i comeback with ‘it’s okay i can take it back to where we got it made and the lady can do it for free’ then i wake up……

  7. I had this dream about elevator just after I had earthquake dream…I was inside an elevator with few strangers …there’s this lady frequently pressing the wrong button ..so elevator going up and up then suddenly it down…everybody were panic…including me…but she seems having fun…

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