Basement Dream Meaning – Top 23 Dreams About Basement

Did you dream about the basement? Basement in dreams symbolizes the deepest and darkest thoughts in the unconscious mind and intuition. You are keeping some memories and thoughts hidden away from view. Below we will go over some more common basement related dreams. Always consider the context of the basement and your emotions within the dream to get a better explanation.

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Dream About Actions with Basement

Dream About Cleaning Basement
To clean the basement in the dream, is a sign that you are cleansing certain spiritual depression and frustrations that you have stored deep inside. You are going through your unconscious, and taking care of issues that you have put aside for some time.

Dream About Finding a Basement
Finding a basement in the dream, foretells that you will fall into unexplained situations that will make you think twice about deciding on something. You are not sure if you should bury certain memories, or explore deeper.

Dream About Going Into Basement
To dream that you are entering into a basement, means that you need to fall to the bottom first before you could get your footing. Learn to live with the past that you have put away, is the first step for you to understand yourself.

Dream About Living in the Basement Apartment
Living in someone’s basement in the dream, indicates that you will be desperate to be living in an unpleasant situation. You will have to swallow your pride and deal with whatever circumstances that you are handed to. However, with enough patience and hard work, you will rise again.

Dream About Building Basement Construction
To dream that you are building a basement, refers to changing values and priorities. Perhaps you are working towards more wealth building and nurturing of your desires and intuition. You no longer need other people’s approvals to fulfill your own personal wishes.

Dream About Basement Related Events

Dream About Trapped in Basement
To be trapped in basement, suggests that you are trapped with your own animalistic desires and primal urges. You cannot get out of your darkest desires or fears, and those hidden emotions are seriously affecting your judgment.

Dream About House Basement Party
To throw or participate in a house party in the basement, indicates that you are sharing your deepest desires with people closest to you. You are celebrating something that is both personal and generally hidden from others.

Dream About Basement as a Workshop
To dream about a workshop in a basement, represent some type of turning point in your career and hobby life. You are working something out of your spare time, and you are keeping it as a secret for now. However, if you succeed, the work being done can change your life.

Dream About Condition of Basement

Dream About Basement Leaking
To dream about basement leaking water or having plumbing issues, foretells that you may have a health problem that may take a turn for the worse. It might relate to an issue that you have not been paying too much attention too.

Dream About Basement Flooding with Water
To have a basement completely flooded in the dream with burst pipes, is a sign that you have serious unresolved issues. Your blocked ego and subconscious will not allow you to move on and explore until you sort your emotions out.

Dream About Basement on Fire
Basement burning on fire in the dream, reflect the worsening of a problem and trouble that you are overwhelmed with. It starts from the bottom up out of sight. But will soon be affecting and endangering every part of your life. Serious signs will soon appear that others can easily notice about the issues that you are going through.

Dream About Basement Structure

Dream About Hidden Basement
To see a hidden basement in the dreams, foretells that you will come into good fortune and wealth. However, you will need to keep a low profile and keeping your wealth hidden away.

Dream About Basement Door and Stairs
Using a basement door, stairs, or elevator, involve some type of travel and communication between your subconsciousness and consciousness. You are exploring the line to align what you desire deep within and on the surface. You will seek out obvious ways to tap into your inner resources.

Dream About Basement Appearances

Dream About Big Large Basement
To dream about a big large basement, is a sign that you are encountering a very good time to sort things out emotionally and psychologically. You are ready to prepare and organize your past experiences and childhood memories.

Dream About Cold Basement
To dream about a cold basement or even frozen in ice, is a sign that you are feeling humbled or even unworthy. You are feeling alone in your endeavors and stuck with your darkest hour.

Dream About Dark Scary Basement
To be in a dark scary basement in the dream, foretells that you will have some very hard days. You feel many anxieties about life, the hidden dangers or negative pasts that may creep up to hurt you.

Dream About Messy and Dirty Basement
A messy and dirty basement in the dream, signifies confusion and a lack of planning in your mind. You do not know what to do nor have the time to deal with issues. You have chosen to bottle them in the back of your mind, and disregard any perceived faults and shortcomings.

Dream About Old Basement
The old basement in the dream refers to long-forgotten memories. You have locked away a part of yourself so that you do not normally think about.

Dream About Different Basement Locations

Dream About Church Basement
To be at a church basement, indicates that you are having some second thoughts or doubts about the religion that you are taking apart in.

Dream About Castle Basement
To dream about a castle basement or dungeon, refers to some type of secrets that you want to keep hidden from your display of success and honor. Perhaps you have some secrets desires and affairs that you do not want others to recognize.

Dream About What is Inside the Basement

Dream About Monster and Ghost in Haunted Basement
To dream that witches, monsters, and ghosts appear to haunt the basement, is a sign that negative people in your past are going to resurface and cause harm to you. You may have tried to start a new life without these negative influences. Your past may come back and catch up to you.

Dream About Snakes in Basement
To see snakes in your basement in the dream, is a sign that you need to be aware of lies within your subconscious, you or others might be feeding yourself fake and untrue ideas.

Dream About Dogs in Basement
Having dogs in the basement, point to a sign that you might be taking your close friends for granted. Perhaps you are downplaying the importance of certain close friends, you wish to keep your relationship in secret.

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