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  1. I saw a dream of earthquake occuring at that point of time I was in a building with my parents and the earth was shaking ,the building which we were in had tilted at that point of time I was exactly not worried about my self the only think came in my mind was what would happen????but nothing happened to us and we were alright and I was in a surprise expression.

  2. I had dream last night that due toneathquake my house got destroyed .
    ( that house I had already sold 4 years back)
    What does it means ?

  3. I had a dream that the family I have in Florida came up to surprise visit me in Ohio. When I was putting on a shirt after they woke me up it was a Joe’s crab shack shirt I got when I went with my dad in Louisville. We all drove to Hocking Hills and Hiked up this hill to look at a Dinosaur fossil that was left in the rock face. (On the way up there was an image of Harambe in the rock face haha) When we were climbing up minor tremors were happening I thought it was weird but I made sure everyone got up the hill because it was falling down. Once everyone was at the top they stopped for a minute and when they started again I was having fun by jumping up and down while the earth was moving. Then we looked in this visitor observatory building and on the other side a basketball game was going on and then the earthquake got super bad and everyone ran out of the stadium and everyone ran into the building. I got inside and noticed my dad was falling behind so I went back and ran with him into the building. then. we got separated I didn’t have my phone on me and we all found eachother and my aunt showed me her phone and said look the second wave is coming. but there was nothing on her phone. She said that multiple times and kept motioning the zoom in action for phone screens but it was blank. I finally guess that a war was happening then woke up

  4. I had a dream about, my husband and I having an argument about something in a house I didn’t know but it felt like a home and a few seconds later a huge I mean massive earthquake was shaking everything in sight my husband in one side of the coffee table and I on the other side as I ran to him and hugged him and a few minutes later it stopped I remember telling him if he is ok and I’d everything fine he said of course the he was more concerned about me. That’s when I woke up it felt so real I thought there was a huge earthquake in real life scary.

  5. I had a earthquake dream of a huge thrusting earthquake,, but I wasn’t scared, everyone else around me was but I felt absolutely no fear, I’ve never had a dream like this, it was Extremely realistic

    • me too.i was sitting in a place where i was feeling real calm.there was a slight vibration ,i thought i was dizzy but i found myself still and fearlesss.the whole building was on shake.i came to the roof watching all the earth was shattering but i was standing and was actually feeling more alive!!!

  6. my husband and me we are going to divorce. we are arguing a lot. I am very hurt by his actions.
    my dream.- I was in bed with two more people watching something in a laptop and laughing and happy when it was the earthquake,it fell like my houses sinking from underneath.It feels so real that I check the news,but no earthquake had happened .

  7. I was on a small boat with my cousin cliff floating down a beautiful clear water creek i got outa the boat an made it to the top of this hill that went on to my right but ended on my left. As i sat down an looked to my left, i saw the bank fall in the water an displace Alot of water cliff an i was like wow that was wierd. Rite then we felt the ground shake i was still on the hill an i grabed the tree an rode it to the ground an landed with the tree softly on the other side of the creek. We took of running jumping over wat looked like the ground breaking open an ran to this big metal polebarn wer a couple older guys wer workn on trucks an they wer like it was no big deal it wasnt realy scary as much as a wow shock as i was riding the tree down to the ground.

  8. Ok. I have had an odd dream today during a nap. An earthquake occurred in the dream and while I was asleep an earthquake occurred in the real world about 240 km from me. 3.8. Now because I wasn’t aware of the time during the dream. I checked the earthquake info and sure enough it was during my dream. Could my brain have picked up on it even at such low intensity and extreme distance and created the event as a way of telling it had occurred?

  9. I have been having earthquake and tsunami dreams at intervals (thrice in last 3 years) and my life hasn’t been joyride for the said period. Last night I had a dream wherein me my wife and my 2 kids (we don’t have any children till now) are at our place wherein we are being asked to play a game involving animals as if I’m pushing dogs, cats, crows etc out of our house and I can sense that there is a duplicate of my wife who’s trying to kind of set us up… Then suddenly i realise that there is this secret door in our closet and we can leave from there, we all squeeze ourselves out of it and somehow know that there is a earthquake coming and I also know a safe place atop mountains and I guide my family there… And then there is this first round of earthquake I guide my family to safe place… After this one I could sense people are trapped inside the soil cause of the quake. I try to guide my family to safe place and then I sense there is another quake… I try to go back on same path but that road is swept away and then there is this huge tidal wave (tsunami) and we all are swept away…we all are under this enormous wave, I try to grab my wife but she’s kind of behind and I start to rise inside the water… Feeling like flying till I hit the roof of my home.

  10. I was at school and I was doing my hw I had math I was not that good at it so I asked my friends they said no then we had to leave to the gym I did not get to finish so I got mad and sad

    Dream: I was sleep and out of nowhere I felt something shacking then I told my parents and brother, sister, my uncle that something is shacking it was a earthquake then we grabbed our shoes and left then there was a wall with fire and we had to escape the house but my hands were to floppy so I couldn’t open the door so we were late after the I got the door open and a little fire got in the house and I accidentally touched the fire and then I woke up it was not real.

  11. I dreamed I saw two blasts and two buildings crumble and I saw three separate shockwaves coming towards me and a family friend and the third Shockwave was foam blocks hitting us crazy dream I don’t understand it

  12. i had a dream two nights ago that i was in my maternal home. that is where i was brought up from the age of two up to 22yrs old. even now i still see that it as my home.i was there in my dream with my maternal uncles, late grand mother and other relatives when an earthquake occurred and i suddenly the houses started collapsing on after the other. i was trying to rescue my grandma and others but i wake up before i could notice how the dream ended. the following night i had a dream that i lost my father but he had died more than ten years back. i have never been worried about dream but this one is scaring and i feel lie something is not right in my life

  13. two days ago i had a dream and at the end of it my best friend told me their would be an earthquake that would destroy the whole world. Last night i dreamed i was preparing for and earthquake, choosing where to go, finding my family, etc. But then again, before that dream was demons possessing people and the only was to tell was their red hands. And these demons would eat people alive so i have weird dreams anyway. I think im going to see the actual earthquake tonight…

    • woah, thats actually crazy because there was a 3.5 earthquake 2 miles from Piedmont, CA. on the day that you posted that comment. im spooked

  14. I just had a dream last night about an earthquake and i (I SWEAR) freaking felt my bed shaking but i couldn’t wake up, i also heard people screaming outside. i woke up and searched up if there was an earthquake but there wasn’t. I live in california, i got real spooked. WELP idk what it means.

  15. I was taken in a vision were there was a earth quake taken place all around me were I was standing but it didn’t come near me. I saw the ground give in

  16. It’s 3.03am…i woke up from a Earth Moving , House Breaking dream🤔🤔🤔

    House is slowly but totally collapsing under de Earth Movement😱😱😱

    I’m transferring bags n bags of personal effects from collapsing house to an area outside home ⏩🏘⛰⏩🏡🎒🎒🎒🎒🎒🎒

  17. Last night i had a dream of an earthquake and it happend at school than ran home. it 4,00pm when the earthquake happend. What does this mean? Could something happen at school..home?

  18. I had a dream about an earthquake right now at school it happend then I ran home dodging debris. Time earthquake happend in my dream 3:45 pm while it was actually 7.41 am. Does this mean something unexpected will happen at school.

  19. That’s a lot of dreams!
    But mine was terrifying…

    I dreamt I was packing up to flee from something but I wasn’t sure what.
    I knew it was something unimaginably bad that’s it .
    An earthquake first, I kept packing up.
    Then lights started to show at the horizon, as the earthquake intensifies.
    At last, sounds started coming out from the horizon too, weird catastrophic sounds getting louder and louder.
    Everything happened in less than a minutes. (Put 3 baggage’s on the car)
    But I knew I was too late. When I closed the doors I was petrified by that gigantic earthquake coming up with blinding colorful lights and sounds of pure despair.
    I just wished to wake up and I did. I had lost my self.

  20. I was in the 7.0 earthquake on Nov. 30th, 2018 I don’t know what to do at times …especially when I’m just sitting still I can fell like a small aftershock but I know it’s a loarder going by & or it’s a small faint one… and as I’m typing this,tears is just rolling down my eyes… I did talk to a counselor for almost two hours… it’s been ok I guess… I’m sure ppl are tired of listening to ppl talk about the quake… but who knows!!
    Anyways I work up early this morning cause my dream was that I was woken up from a quake that was the same as on Nov 30th, 2018 that I was so scared that I started to kinda go through the hallways at home & then next thing I was at a church that the ppl was from another village that was coordinating & also testifiing that it’s the last days… and then I woke up
    My dream seem so real

  21. I had a Earthquake dream about the earth have Bad earth quake when you found out earth was having allergic reaction to cardless which was causing the earthquakes they were getting worse what does that mean

  22. I had a dream that we was in the mall together some of my friends., I was playing with a kid then we decided to sit., Then a few seconds of sitting i felt that it’s shaking and i saw slowly moving the floor then the people’s panicking then I saw a table then i go there with the kid

  23. i had a dream where i was in a building within a room at high altitude. there was a terrible earth quake and i was terrified and tried to protect my self

  24. I also had a frightening dream about earthquake occurring when I was at home in my room. It was strong and quick, not sure if I was in fear but I was mentioning the name of Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! So far in terms of finances I’m not doing great and it has been in my prayer requests (for years) that I’ll have a financial breakthrough. I do hope that this change is for the better. I have so may prayers for change but let His will be done.

  25. I dreamed about an earthquake shaking my house. During the quake, I was in the house and didn’t see anything outside the house. When I felt the quake happening and looked out of the window, I knew that the room in which I stayed is shaken and moved very quick to different directions into the air. Immediately after that, it fell down onto the road. Luckily I am still alive and shout out loud to others for help. That’s the end of my dream. Can anyone interpret this kind of dream for me??

  26. I had a dream last night where a meteor hit the sea and automatically i was expecting something to happen after well right after an earthquake began to shake my house i was surprised and in fear at the time after the earthquake stop i said thank you there where no damages done.

  27. I had a dream about an earthquake and a volcano eruption although every where was flooded with lava except every building I was in my room when It happened and it was very violent I then went to my school and my friends house.

  28. I dreamed I was watching a live tv award show and an earthquake hit where the show was taking place. I could see the entire thing on live tv.

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