Earthquake Dream Interpretation

The earthquake is a powerful dream symbol because the anxious emotions that it stirs in you while the earthquake is happening in the dream. It should be noted that these earthquake dreams have much lesser meanings if you live around areas that have frequent earthquakes, the dream of an earthquake can just be a recent one or a major one that you have experienced in the past. Try to look out for similarities to determine while the earthquake dream is only a flashback instead of hidden symbols.

Always consider your location, what you are doing, the people that you might be with, as well as your own personal emotions while the quake is shaking the earth. These minute details can help you decipher the dream better.

Earthquake usually symbolizes major shake up that is threatening your stability and foundation of life. You may be feeling insecure about your job positions, or fear that you might lose the loved ones important to you.

It should be stressed though, although earthquake does offer destructive forces, it also has the ability to create mountains and valleys. This means that although the earthquake shake up dream foreshadows change in your life, it could suggest creative forces leading to a brand new life style.

Earthquake Symbolizes Sudden and Unexpected Changes
Dreaming about Earthquake usually mean that an unexpected change to your life may happen soon. The shake up can occur at any point in your life. This is when it is important to take note of the context while the earthquake happens. The location where you experience the earthquake in the dream may be where the shake up is foretold. For example, if you dream about an earthquake occurring while at work, then most likely something major at your workplace is happening soon.

These changes can be sudden and unexpected such as a coworker or manager quitting, which changes the overall work load and dynamic of your work team. Or it could be somewhat expected, if you know that your company has not been doing well, dreaming about a disastrous earthquake can mean major layoffs may be in store soon.

If the earthquake destroys buildings, consider the purpose of the buildings in the dream. For example, collapsing bridge might point to loss of communications. And church could relate to unexpected and total change in faith.

Earthquake Dream Also Makes You Think About Your Reactions
During the dream of an earthquake, consider your immediate reactions and feelings to the event. If you are at home, did you try your best to protect your family, your possessions, or yourself first? This is your subconscious telling you what is it that you hold the most dear deep in your heart. Keep track of your own emotions too, were you scared about the earthquake or were you angry.

Also, if you are hurt or trapped from the earthquake, it can foreshadow that you are either ill-equipped for the disaster, or you do not pay attention to the actions that you do.

To safely find covers and survive a major earthquake in the dream, suggests that you will overcome waking life’s challenges.

Earthquake Combined with Other Disaster Events
Sometimes the dream of earthquake does not come by itself alone. Sometimes they go hand in hand with other natural phenomenons. Below is a quick pairing of what these dream pairs may mean:

Earthquake with Tsunami:
This dream combination suggests that you feel overpowered by negative emotions after an abrupt change in your life.

Earthquake with a Volcano Eruption:
Dreaming about earthquake caused by volcano eruption, suggests that you have been bottling up your emotions for too long. The anger and rage that you have hold in you will cause disastrous earthquake events that turn your life up side down.

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