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Earthquake Dream Interpretation — 8 Comments

  1. I saw a dream of earthquake occuring at that point of time I was in a building with my parents and the earth was shaking ,the building which we were in had tilted at that point of time I was exactly not worried about my self the only think came in my mind was what would happen????but nothing happened to us and we were alright and I was in a surprise expression.

  2. I had dream last night that due toneathquake my house got destroyed .
    ( that house I had already sold 4 years back)
    What does it means ?

  3. I had a dream that the family I have in Florida came up to surprise visit me in Ohio. When I was putting on a shirt after they woke me up it was a Joe’s crab shack shirt I got when I went with my dad in Louisville. We all drove to Hocking Hills and Hiked up this hill to look at a Dinosaur fossil that was left in the rock face. (On the way up there was an image of Harambe in the rock face haha) When we were climbing up minor tremors were happening I thought it was weird but I made sure everyone got up the hill because it was falling down. Once everyone was at the top they stopped for a minute and when they started again I was having fun by jumping up and down while the earth was moving. Then we looked in this visitor observatory building and on the other side a basketball game was going on and then the earthquake got super bad and everyone ran out of the stadium and everyone ran into the building. I got inside and noticed my dad was falling behind so I went back and ran with him into the building. then. we got separated I didn’t have my phone on me and we all found eachother and my aunt showed me her phone and said look the second wave is coming. but there was nothing on her phone. She said that multiple times and kept motioning the zoom in action for phone screens but it was blank. I finally guess that a war was happening then woke up

  4. I had a dream about, my husband and I having an argument about something in a house I didn’t know but it felt like a home and a few seconds later a huge I mean massive earthquake was shaking everything in sight my husband in one side of the coffee table and I on the other side as I ran to him and hugged him and a few minutes later it stopped I remember telling him if he is ok and I’d everything fine he said of course the he was more concerned about me. That’s when I woke up it felt so real I thought there was a huge earthquake in real life scary.

  5. I had a earthquake dream of a huge thrusting earthquake,, but I wasn’t scared, everyone else around me was but I felt absolutely no fear, I’ve never had a dream like this, it was Extremely realistic

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