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  1. I had a dream where I was standing on a beach with no one around. A couple was enjoying the sun and I was facing the ocean. Then I turned around and saw a massive huge wave of water. The Tsunami was coming from the land behind me rather than from ocean. The view was like the scene from Interstellar. I tried to run but there was no place to run. Both sides water. Then I was pulled out of water by someone and I woke up. Boy I had my heart pounding when I woke up. Didnt quite get the meaning though.

    • I had the same dream it came up from behind me while looking at the ocean. I was with my guy friend and he was chatting with a stranger when it happened. My reaction was to jump into the air to get as high off the ground as posssible with hopes to swim to the surface. I washed up on a metal box. I had lost my friend.

    • I pretty much had the same dream, it was me and my partner walking across the road close to the beach, and a massive wave came from the left side of the land which was weird as it’s land? And me and my partner started to run the other direction, then another massive wave came from the direction we were running to, we ended up running again to jump into the water, the waves crashed up on top of me and the scariest part was, I was actually holding my breath out of the dream, luckily my partner was there to wake me up 😱 that really scared me

  2. I often dream of a tidal wave, I use to run in places I couldn’t escape from & would drown but lately I go to run into old buildings I use to run to but turn around & go else where, now I’m fighting the waves as it comes&goes,but I get through it &the wave settles &starts to go bk to a normal as a sea should be,,it’s a very scary experience I must say &hate the sea for my dreams now gives me nightmares 😕

  3. I had a dream where I was staying at an apartment complex and then moved to a 5th floor hotel room. The apartment complex was in plain view of the hotel. It seemed to be in a city with the ocean not too far away. After I had moved I was looking out the window and saw water rushing in on the street below and a person on a jet ski racing away from something behind him. I turn and look and it is a tidal wave that is flowing in behind him. There was no panic on my part; I was just looking at this water rushing in. I remember my mother being there and one other person. I do not remember who that was. But I commented how we were lucky to have moved from the apartment to the hotel and pointed to where we had previously been staying. I woke up and went to use the restroom after that.

  4. I had a dream that I was in an apartment facing the shore through my front windows and saw 3 tall slim tsunamis moving around together in one area of the ocean. At the same time small tsunamis were trying to reach the shore. As that was all happening I see in the far distance one massive giant man shaped tsunami running towards something but away from me. As I keep panning left to right I notice that the small tsunamis and the tall slim tsunamis begin to disappear by a huge swell of a wave that starts to burst over the beach and shore. At that moment I realize that it’s gonna hit my apartment so I must get behind my room door for support. This wave turns into one huge tsunami and I can just see it rolling towards my window. I then say to my windows to stand strong as much as you can and it does so for the first two or three attacks. The wave now becomes so gigantic that it makes the day turn to night and so I grip myself to the door to give all my strength to hold against it. On the last hit the tsunami explodes into my apartment. I slam the door and just hold for dear life. I think that if I continue to do this that I will be ok. As this is happening I think of my daughter and if she is alright wherever she is. I believe that she will find a way to survive. As I keep holding and pushing against the great pressure of the door I realize that I might just make it and then I awake. I sit up frown a bit and then say to myself “That dream was fucked up man!” and then I say “There were heaps of tsunamis!” After that I make my way to the toilet to do a piss and a big shit. LMAO TRUE STORY NO BULLSHIT

  5. Last night I dreamed of a tsunami, it hit, then reset as if on a loop. Different angles. I remember it feeling real, and I have a fear of them in general so I was terrified! This page interpretation is 100% accurate that it’s freaking me out.

  6. I hope you can help me about my dream.
    I just dream an earthquake then come by tsunami and heavy rain; I jump and run out the away, to ask everybody to run but no want listen, they can’t hear what I am saying. I try to help some family, but that sad news is one of the family don’t want to run away from their home then this family give their kids and others eat sleeping pills. After they ate, the rescue team comes by helicopter. I’m safe by sending home, but whole town have been flood. After awhile talk to my family members how is the feeling ( and we are standing behind the house to see the view of the town )suddenly the kitchen area have an earthquake and the flood flash away half of the kitchen and my family members feel so scare because we all flush away together. The wave bring us flood until there is a paths less of water and I ask them together jump out from the kitchen. Then we all run back home, to inform our family members that our place is not longer safe.
    Thank you.

  7. please let someone help me to explain the meaning of this dream i use to dream where tsunami want to carry me away and i will wake up from dream

  8. What if you are backed against the wall with lot of people and couple of your good friends.. you are just stuck there with your back against the wall and taking those tides after tides and surviving.. and once those tides are high enough and you can touch the top of the wall you climb it and then you see your cricket bat and you realize you survived it.

  9. Glad to know I’m not the only one dreaming about this. I’ve constantly been having these as well and at some point, in one dream, the scenario keeps repeating even after I know what’s already coming. Mine was definitely not just a tidal wave, but technically a really big tsunami. So big, that it could destroy skyscrapers.

    And in every dream I’ve had with this, I am always with my family. I end up trying to warn them and run with them. In some cases, I do get hit by the tsunami but I don’t get completely submerged in it. It’s so weird how specific these dreams are.

  10. I dream of 100 foot tidal waves. It’s always in Daytona Beach, Florida. The dreams seem to be progressing. The most recent (2 so far) started with my daddy, momma and middle sister are vacationing in Daytona when the tidal waves start coming in. They break way from shore at first, then get closer and closer until they’re encasing us in the motel. Then it starts to break down the walls and I can actually feel the pressure of the water pushing me along. The second one starts the same with different people this time. My older sister and her husband. An old lover and his ex wife. And my partner of 25 years who passed a little over a year ago. We’re all trying to get away from the waves but my partner keeps getting lost from me. The waves are more brutal this time and we’re engulfed more than once, but, I can breathe under the water.

  11. This page has helped me understand so much, I have been dreaming of tidal waves for years now but somehow my ending is different to everyone else’s, I always look out and see the wave building, last night in my dream it wasnt a very big wave, I was in a panic I am in the house and I ran around preparing for the wave to hit, I turn of the braker so the water wouldn’t mix with the electricity and electrocute us, then I waited and waited but it never hit. Tsunamis never hit in my dreams, I always see and prepare for them but they never hit. Can you help me understand why they never hit please?

  12. I have had tsunami in my dreams atleast 4 times now.. it feels so real that I tremble , fear and run for life( in the dream ).. but it has been mostly after I watch a video of the tsunamis… a couple of times for no reason I have dreamt of the tsunami..I speculate that in my lifetime I might have To encounter tsunami, moroever I live by the Indian ocean which has seen Tsunamis in the past.sriv

  13. So this lady was creating something and that’s when the dream cut off to me and my siblings. I heard my eldest sister scream and run to the bed. Then my second eldest sister said she was dragged by something. We continue to freak out when all of a sudden, we are on the floor in a circle. I tell my siblings to not look the demon in the eyes. Some normal looking woman enters the room and starts acting caring. When she sees that we weren’t answering, I guess she got angry and she transformed into a demon. She starts saying very scary things to us. And that’s when my dream ended :’(

  14. i had a dream that the water is incresing then i saw my clasmate out side in my bording houze.and then i ask them what shes doing her then she said that that the water is incresing…

  15. i had a dream that the water is incresing then i saw my clasmate out side in my bording houze.and then i ask them what shes doing her then she said that that the water is incresing…

  16. I dreamt that my mother and father told me and my sister to get them something from the wood so we did. We stop and sat down them the ground stared to shake and I thought it was a earthquake but I quickly look at the sky and saw something big moving,I told my sister that it wasn’t an earthquake it was a tsunami. coming and fast it got closer and closer I told my sister that there was no point in running away so I told her hug me and don’t let go. It dragged us to the bottom but then we swam up I was so happy that I got to see that we survived. but I remember my siblings and parents that were at our house then I was a boat that was wrecked and another boat that was moving we tried to get help but it was useless. So we swam to a sail pole and just waited. The aftermath of the tsunami was tarrible the two ni grew up in was gone. The water retrieved back to the ocean and we were looking for our family at last we found them I and my sister were so thankful that they survived the tsunami I got to see my whole family survived and that’s when I woke up.

  17. In my dream one of my friend is saying about tidal wave and after I reach near lake the tidal wave pursue me and I am running upward to save myself from tidal wave and I meet my mum and we crossing obstacle to safe ourself from tidal wave.

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