Tsunami / Tidal Wave Dream Interpretations

Did you dream about Tsunami? To see and dream about a Tidal Wave or Tsunami is a powerful symbol. Remember to take note of the size of the tidal wave, the location of the tsunami. Take note of the people that you are with, as well as the aftermath if possible. They can all give clues and contexts as to why you are dreaming about the Tsunami tidal wave. Find all the hidden meaning and interpretation of common dreams about Tsunami.

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Dream About Incoming Tsunami

What does it mean to see a rising tsunami?
In general, a rising tsunami or a tidal wave within a dream represents repressed feelings and emotions. Seeing or observing a tidal wave without being in the situation; means that you are experiencing unhappiness and emotional instability in a waking life.

What is the meaning of sudden tidal wave?
Dreaming about an sudden incoming or rising tidal waves; means that some significant events have caused the tidal wave. It relates to an event unexpected like an earthquake. The earthquake event may not directly impact you, but the underlying emotions has affected you dearly. For example, you may have a death or cancer news among the friends that you know. But his or her passing does not impact you directly. However the incident still makes you feel and reflect strong emotions about your own life.

What does it mean to dream about tsunami washing over buildings?
Consider the buildings that tsunami land on and flood in the dream. It reflects an eventual overpowering and changing of attitudes towards the buildings. For example, banks might relate to your emotions over money, and church relates to your faith and spirituality. Lighthouse relates to losing beacon of hope during tough times.

What is the meaning to see tsunami destroying roads and bridges?
To see tsunami destroying and demolishing freeways and bridge in the dream; foretells that there will be no room for escape. You might be calling out for help from loved ones from your own powerful emotions or depression. Their assistance will be blocked and too late to be of any help.

Dream About Running From a Tidal Wave

Running from a tidal wave in your dream; represents that you are trying to get away from your strong overwhelming emotions. The repressed emotions may have been bottled or put away for too long. You can no longer control or hide from it.

If within the dream you are totally submerged inside the water after the tsunami and suffocating; it may mean that you need to learn how to deal with your emotions instead of running from it.

Animals that are trying to run away from the Tsunami can also offer good clues. Consider whom the animals might represent in waking life. They could relate to people who are trying to hide from your dangerous and overpowering emotional reactions. For example, dog, cat, horse, and cows might all symbolize different individuals in waking life.

Dream About Being Carried Inside a Tsunami Tidal Wave

For dreams with the tsunami wave that has swept you away; it foretells that major life changes are coming. You will need to hold on to some stable items or people in your life. If you are in a place of change in your life; it can be a positive note stating that you will start life anew in the aftermath.

You may have to give up your old lives and believes to have a stronger foundation in the new life.

However, if you are actually “surfing” the tidal wave, it is a sign of confidence that you have with the ups and downs of life in general. You are not afraid of any incoming changes.

To drown inside a tsunami suggest that the force of emotion is too strong for you to handle. You can no longer suppress your negative feelings.

Dream About Creating a Tidal Wave

Within the dream, if you have the ability to create or control tidal waves or tsunami; means that you have the ability to control your emotions. It also signifies that you have the power over other people’s emotions. Maybe you are about to make major changes in your business or life. These changes will significantly affect other people such as employees and close family.

Dream About Tsunami Meaning

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