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Tsunami / Tidal Wave Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. I had a dream where I was standing on a beach with no one around. A couple was enjoying the sun and I was facing the ocean. Then I turned around and saw a massive huge wave of water. The Tsunami was coming from the land behind me rather than from ocean. The view was like the scene from Interstellar. I tried to run but there was no place to run. Both sides water. Then I was pulled out of water by someone and I woke up. Boy I had my heart pounding when I woke up. Didnt quite get the meaning though.

  2. I often dream of a tidal wave, I use to run in places I couldn’t escape from & would drown but lately I go to run into old buildings I use to run to but turn around & go else where, now I’m fighting the waves as it comes&goes,but I get through it &the wave settles &starts to go bk to a normal as a sea should be,,it’s a very scary experience I must say &hate the sea for my dreams now gives me nightmares 😕

  3. I had a dream where I was staying at an apartment complex and then moved to a 5th floor hotel room. The apartment complex was in plain view of the hotel. It seemed to be in a city with the ocean not too far away. After I had moved I was looking out the window and saw water rushing in on the street below and a person on a jet ski racing away from something behind him. I turn and look and it is a tidal wave that is flowing in behind him. There was no panic on my part; I was just looking at this water rushing in. I remember my mother being there and one other person. I do not remember who that was. But I commented how we were lucky to have moved from the apartment to the hotel and pointed to where we had previously been staying. I woke up and went to use the restroom after that.

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