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Bathroom Dream Interpretation — 12 Comments

  1. What if I’m in a public unisex bathroom with no walls/stalls and it’s there are both boys and girls in it with me?

  2. Today I was taking a nap and I remembered that I dreamed I was in a public bathroom and I couldn’t find an empty stall.

  3. I dreamt I saw a butterfly and a tarantula fiercely fighting, they were biting each other and generally grappling. I was sitting on a toilet at the time, they were very large and bulbous.

  4. my roomate dreamt that she was somehow in the mens bathroom but there was only one sink really low (for kids) and a lot of stalls she tried to leave and go to the womens bathroom but somehow she was back to the mens bathroom

  5. Last night I dreamed about a public/unisex bathroom/locker room with very exposed half-shower stalls – like in OITNB. There are clogged/overflowing toilets on all sides, and old schoolmates are milling about in it. I’m trying to take a shower, but the overflowing water is getting into the stall and rising constantly until it’s at my hips. I run out to get away from it, only to find I keep re-entering the same room over and over.

  6. I mostly dream of seeing dead relatives and in the dreams I don’t recognize them as dead. I sometimes sit, eat and interact with them and some even send me on errands.

    Recently I dreamed of burrying a dead relatives skeletons with a bit of flesh on them, it was uncomfortable possesing until they were buried.

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