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  1. I dream that I have an apprtment in a 4 story building, I’m right at the top. But access to my apartment is dangerous. Half finished stairs covered in board. I try taking my family in to show them but I feel danger as they attempt to reach it.

    • Yes that’s similar to a recurring dream I have where I’m in the top floor in a large apartment in an abandoned building. Some floors are missing, there’s lots of open void space and it’s dangerous because it’s abandoned and falling down. There is the threat that someone will find out I’m staying there, but since it is hidden, it’s not likely.

  2. Hi

    I has a dream that a friend an d I were video chatting and she was showing me her new apartment which looked like in was in a complex, I was in my kitchen and my mom walked in and wanted to she. So my friend continued to show her apartment. It was a beautiful new apartment all modern and new appliances where everything was remote controlled open planned, lots of light coming in( i only saw the kitchen, living area and garden though). Her daughter was playing in the garden and she was very happy my friend was happy about the fact her daughter is enjoying living there. The rent was really cheap for a place like that she talk about her salary which was 3 times more. my mom and I were very happy for her and proud as well, we told her she deserved it she worked really hard, we were very excited for her.
    could you please tell me what this dream could mean.

  3. I had a dream I’ve been approved for a apartment but when the landlord is showing it to me he brought me upstairs to the wrong unit which was sunny an packed with stuff, but I kept telling him its downstairs, he was also holding my newborn baby in the car seat and I was so annoyed wanting him to just give me back my baby so I can downstairs and start moving in.

  4. hi, dreamt of going to an old apartment where my parents leave before and when I entered everywhere was messy we started cleaning and suddenly someone came and gave me coins and jewelries

  5. Lately I’ve been having a dream of moving out to a new apartment that was recently built but the second dream was about the same apartment but someone else was living there before me the difference was there is now some slightly broken floor tiles but it didn’t bother me. In both dreams I was very happy and in both I just noticed that I have a lot of things and both my parents were happy that I got a new place which is really close to theirs. I am currently living my parents house because in this small town it is pretty hard to get a home and there’s a lot of overcrowded houses so I was wondering what it means?

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