Apartment Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about an apartment? An apartment refers to your financial or emotional state. In the dream, pay attention to your actions within the dream, your own emotions, as well as the condition and appearance of the apartment building.

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Conditions of Apartment

Large and luxurious apartment in the dream suggests that you are headed in the right direction in life.

Empty Apartment
An empty apartment without any furniture or people, suggests that your life is empty both financially and emotionally. Perhaps you are looking for people to fill in the gaps.

Dirty and Rundown
To dream of a old rundown or messy apartment that is dirty indicates financial or emotional turmoil in your life.

New Apartment
Living inside a brand new apartment, suggest that you are starting a new chapter or phase in life.

Past Apartment
When the dream features a past apartment that you have lived in before, your mind is referring to an earlier stage of your life.

Type of Apartment

Apartment Complex or Building
Dreams feature huge apartment complex of buildings, indicates the interdependence of your life along with others. Perhaps you have had to rely on people or people had to rely on you during their daily life.

Small Apartment or Studio
It suggests that you may be going through a difficult time in life. Perhaps you feel that the different areas of your life is forced into one small compartment.

Events Related to Apartment

Apartment Broken Into and Robbed
The dream suggests that your personal space has been invaded by others. This invasion has cost your both financial and emotional pain.

Apartment Hunting
To dream that you are hunting to rent a new apartment, suggest transitioning into a new phase in life. You are up for new emotional and financial adventures, perhaps a new job or relationship. If the dream features hunting for apartment with a significant other, it suggests that you are ready to move the relationship to the next level.

Apartment on Fire
Dreams with apartment being caught on fire, suggests an ongoing crisis in your life that affects both financially and emotionally.

Dream About Apartment

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