Lightning Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Thunder and Lightning

Did you dream about thunder and lightning? Thunder and lightning strikes in dreams signify sudden awareness, insight, and spiritual revelation. It often comes with a sense of surprise and strong emotions. Pay attention to the context and your emotions within the thunder or lightning-related dreams. They will offer you strong clues for your waking life and the near future.

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Dream About Seeing Thunder and Lightning

Dream About Seeing Lightning First and Thunder After
To dream about observing lightning light first and hearing thunder after indicates that you will receive certain warnings about upcoming surprises or dangers. Be on the lookout for any warning signs in your waking life. They might be a prelude to a sudden, shocking change shortly.

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Dream About Thunder Cloud
Dreaming about dark thunder cloud forming is an omen that a day of reckoning may be near. Perhaps the people around you are clueless about upcoming shock and changes on the horizon. Yet, there are clearly signs of trouble. Prepare for potential dangers, and you may come out ahead.

Dream About Lightning Bolt or Lightning Strike
To see a single thunderbolt or lightning bolt points to forces that are beyond your control. These forces can be destructive, and you do not know if they will land on you. However, you could still take the proper precautions to lower your risk of such forces striking you down. Protect yourself when the times are bad, and you will have a much pleasant time weathering the storm.

Dream About Thunderbird
A thunderbird in dreams suggests spiritual stability, power, and happiness. You will be able to absorb any shock that comes your way. In addition, you will be able to absorb any shocks that might come in your path.

Dream About Thunder and Lightning Related Events

Dream About Thunderstorm or Lightning Storm
To dream about thunder or lightning storms points to a cluster of bad news in front of you. You will be in for series of big surprises one after another.

Dream About Hearing Big Thunder No Lightning
To hear about thunder sound only without seeing the lightning bolt; indicates that something will warn you about certain events shortly. However, when the event does occur, it is unlikely to impact you significantly. Try not to stress and worry yourself over the first sound of warning shots.

Dream About Lightning Fire
Dreaming about a fire caused by lightning symbolizes a sudden change or rebirth after a shocking event. You may have to completely change how you think and act to complete the transformation. Aim for a complete do-over in your projects or endeavors.

Dream About Lightning in the Sky
To see a lightning bolt in the sky from a distance; foretells that bad news may be circling within your organization or social circle. However, the events will not impact you personally. But you will be able to observe the events and perhaps discuss them with others.

Dream About Thunder or Lighting with Heavy Rain
A dream focusing on the heavy rain with either thunder or lightning; indicates that you will hear or observe some awful news that leads to anger and grief.

Dream About Rainbow With Lightning
To dream about a rainbow with lightning signals an odd event that is unlikely to occur together. The condition is right for you to get good fortune and success. However, you have not finished your task yet. Watch out for other potential pitfalls that might come your way.

Dream About Colors of Lightning

Dream About White Lightning
White lightning in dreams points to a sudden realization that will bring about friendship and relationship. Perhaps you will meet and spark a friendly encounter with others.

Dream About Blue Lightning
Blue lightning in dreams points to wisdom and knowledge after a sudden realization. You will learn the truth after getting through a shocking event.

Dream About Purple Lightning
Purple lightning in dreams points to royalty and the sudden presence of celebrity figures in your life. You may encounter well-known people soon that might appear as a shock to you.

Dream About Green Lightning
Dreaming about green lightning; indicates that there is a lot of power and vitality hidden beneath the seemingly violent moves. There will be additional shocks, and more moves are brewing in the background within the clouds.

Dream About Shape of Lightning

Dream About Ball Lightning
Ball lightning in the dream foretells that certain unlikely events will occur after a certain news event. Watch out for people around you to react and act surprisingly. The dream signals that there will be fascinating chain reactions.

Dream About Fork Lightning
Fork lightning in the dream indicates that you will encounter instantaneous situations like speed dating or interviews. You will have to make quick and snappy decisions on the spot. Perhaps you will meet someone, and you will have to decide quickly if they will fit you nicely.

Dream About Lightning Strikes

Dream About Struck or Hit by Lightning
To dream that lighting is striking or hitting you; symbolizes irreversible changes or scars in your life. You may undergo a permanent transformation. You will never be the same again after such an event, but usually for the worse.

Dream About Lightning Striking Tree Or Other Structures
To dream that lightning strikes other items, structures, or even trees; is a sign that you need to channel and direct your anger and aggression somehow elsewhere. Be aware of getting too close to someone aggressive at the moment. Their out-of-control actions will likely hurt you.

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