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Pregnancy Dream Interpretation — 19 Comments

  1. I dreamt of a pregnant cat who wasn’t mine in a street and then a little later I saw the same cat who gave birth to two kittens one was purple and the other was normal greyish color with a tint of green what does this mean?

  2. I had a dream i was pregnant with twins, now with my fiancé and my stomach was growing and all was good and I was happy but then i lost them and woke up, and the night after that i dreamt of a toddler running after me to hold my hand

  3. I dreamed I had a boy that looked nothing like me and he was already was about 10 or 13 yrs. old. Everybody that I know, wanted to hold him, like he was a baby.

  4. I dreamed I had a son with blue eyes and curly hair. I am a dark skinned African American. Everyone that I know wanted to hold him but he was born about the age of 10-12.

    • He didn’t want to be held. It was strange because it was like they longed to be close to hI’m but he would not allow them to touch him.

  5. My eldest daughter told me to call my other daughter. She said her sister was getting sticky. She seemed worried and upset but she seemed like she was drunk. Then i was gonna call my other daughterand when i turned around, i saw she was already there all wet and sticky. Then i saw that she was wearing a “pampers-like” pad thru her shorts. I could see that the “pampers” seemed stained with blood thru the material. She opened the pampers and she started screaming and crying bec it was sticky blood. She then proceeded to wipe the sticky thing all over her and then did it to me too. I let her even if it didnt feel good. Then i rode a jeep that was open in the back. in my mind I was going to go to my poor daughter. Then some kind of man carrying some white boards was following the jeep and tried to grab me. Then i shouted “No Stop!” then woke up!

  6. I dreamt that I was pregnant with my exes baby although I am in a happy relationship with somebody else. In the dream I was pregnant with 3 girls and a boy and then my waters broke way too early and I had a miscarriage. I really don’t understand why I would dream this??

  7. I dreamt I was handed a baby then hugged her and put her in my belly. Afterwards I heard a voice say, “The time is now”. What does this mean?

  8. I dreamed i was holding a beautiful baby boy. He was mine and about 8-9lbs. Had a head full of curly black thick hair. Beautiful eyes that were glazed and big. Beautiful coco skin. And just was smiling as i was holding him in my arms. Then about 3 days later i dreamed of sky blue and white baby jordans falling out of the sky. Just falling. I already have a 5 year old daughter. I’m married. I’m kind of trying to have another but then I’m like i want it to be on God’s time. Any suggestions about the dreams?

  9. I dreamt I was at the Dr and I knew I was pregnant but not till the Dr told me did I know it was twins. .. I could see them both kick and stuff after that. Not surprised to be preggo but surprised it was twins. ??? I can’t find anything on this senario.. any help? Thanks.

  10. I had a dream of having some bleeding and looking at it was a baby one body with two heads but I’ve had a full historyme….

  11. I dreamt about a baby moving inside my stomach but my belly was not big it was flat and I can see and feel the bones trying to get out .

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