Pregnancy Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Being Pregnant

Did you dream about pregnancy? If you plan to get pregnant or are actually pregnant in real life, your pregnancy dreams are usually about the anxieties and expectations of being pregnant. However, if you are not pregnant yourself, it usually symbolizes an aspect of your personal life. It can mean the birth of a new creative project, direction, idea, and goal. Find out all the deeper interpretations and analyses of pregnancy dreams here now.

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In this section, the dream analyst will go through a dictionary that includes the main ideas that revolve around being pregnant. You could find out what they may symbolize for your own personal life experience. Please note that the interpretations here assume that you are not actually pregnant. If you are, you should take a more literal interpretation of the pregnancy dreams.

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Depending on your current life situation, you can have recurring pregnancy dreams or even realistic pregnancy dreams. These relate to your anxiety about upcoming events.

Dream About Pregnancy Scans and Tests

To dream that you are taking a pregnancy test indicates that you are entering a new phase in your life. The new phase can be a new job, relationship, or lifestyle choice. The symbols involved rely heavily on whether the pregnancy is desired or unwanted.

If the pregnancy test is positive in your dreams, remember how you feel about actually getting pregnant. Was it fear or joy? It can reflect on how you feel about the new phase of your life. You feel that you are being put to the test to feel about this new phase of life.

If you dream of a negative pregnancy test result, the contextual feeling that went along within your dream is also important. If you felt good about it, it means that you have avoided worrisome life changes.

However, if you are sad about the pregnancy test’s negative result, it means that you have not fully achieved your goals yet. Dream about the negative pregnancy test points to missed potentials and disappointments.

Dream About Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan
Being able to see your growing baby inside a pregnancy dream symbolizes that the result of your projects is within grasp. You can see and visualize your achievement.

Dream About Pregnancy Labor and Birth

Dream About Pregnancy Labor and Birth
Dreaming about labor and giving birth to a new baby can mean different things, depending on the context. It typically means that you are anxious about the new phase in life. For more dream interpretations surrounding labor and birth, please continue to Labor and Birth Dream Interpretation.

Dream About Pregnancy Troubles

Dream About Pregnancy Miscarriage and Abortion
Pregnancy miscarriage dreams are symbolic of losses. You are experiencing the loss of opportunity, an important person (in a relationship), trust, precious projects, or achievements.

If you dream about miscarriage because of abortion by choice, it symbolizes that you are not ready for the life changes yet. You are giving up a new direction in life.

For more dream meanings surrounding Miscarriage and Abortion, please continue to Miscarriage dream interpretation.

To dream about having a period or menstruation blood on your clothing while pregnant can represent or signify the fear of miscarrying.

Dream About False Pregnancy
To dream that you have a false pregnancy (you think you are pregnant but find out there is no baby), you may be having trouble achieving a new personal goal or project. And you worry that your newfound venture may fail.

Dream About Pregnancy and Water Breaking
Do you see your water breaking in your dream? Who is with you? How are you feeling? The context is important if you remember your dream and how far along with your dream pregnancy. Dream interpretation pregnancy water breaking can either mean the onset of labor or mean potential failure due to miscarriage.

Dream About Morning Sickness
To dream that you suffer through morning sickness and have an upset stomach, the dream indicates that you are not used to waking life’s various changes. Perhaps you are overworking yourself in some way.

Dream About Teeth Falling While Pregnant
To dream that you have teeth problems while pregnant; foretells that you will have troubles with your project or goal. You are biting off more than you could chew.

Dream About Pregnancy News and Events

Dream About Pregnancy of Another Person
To dream of someone announcing pregnancy can symbolize that a change is happening. Or it can symbolize jealousy if you feel jealous within your dream. Or if you want to become pregnant yourself if you have been unable to.

If you are dreaming about a friend being pregnant and feeling jealous, you may be feeling inner jealousy of your friend’s achievements.

Dream About Announcing Pregnancy News
Announcing the big news about being pregnant means that you are ready to tell everyone about your ambitions and dreams. Your bottom line is set. And you are confident about your chances of success. If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, the announcing dreams can foretell that you will become pregnant really soon.

If you are hiding the news about being pregnant inside the dream and keeping it a secret, you are not ready to let the world know about your ambitions yet. If it’s an unwanted pregnancy, such as teenage pregnancy, it can mean that you are taking more than you can handle and hiding from your current situation.

Pregnancy and People

Why do I dream about my ex having a baby?
Having a dream about pregnancy with an EX boyfriend or ex-husband can mean that you may still have emotions or feelings for your EX.

What does it mean when you dream about having a baby with your ex-boyfriend?
If the dream involves infidelity where you have a relationship with the Ex, aka cheating or affairs, the dream signifies that the old relationship may come back if you still contact the EX.

I had a dream I was pregnant with my ex-boyfriend.
The dream indicates that you are not happy with your current life surrounding. You want to relive your past.

Why do I dream about my ex having a baby with someone else?
Your mind is processing the information that your ex is moving on with his or her life. Consider your emotions within the dream. Do you feel you missed out? Or are you happy about your ex? It can mirror your personal emotions about your own circumstances. Perhaps you need to move on with your life as well.

Dream About Pregnancy Baby Girl or Boy
If your dream involves the newborn baby and their genders when you are pregnant, it can simply mean that you really either want a boy or girl. If you are not pregnant in waking life, below is a quick meaning of baby boy and baby girl dreams.

If you can tell the gender of your newborn baby; it means that you know exactly what you want.

Twins, Triplets, or More: When the pregnancy dream involves more than one baby. This indicates that the new thing coming will be of greater magnitude: double, triple, or even quadruple.

Dream About Unique Pregnancy

Dream About Virgin Pregnancy
Dreaming about Virgin Pregnancies can be biblical in nature if you are a Christian. However, dreaming about pregnant while married or unmarried does not mean much. Perhaps you may have new things coming into your life.

Dream About Male Pregnancy
If you dream about your own male pregnancy, it means that you should tone down your sexual exploits.

However, if you dream about another male pregnancy, it may mean disbelief for the accomplishments of another.

Dream About Surrogate Pregnancy
The surrogate pregnancy dream interpretation depends on whether you are the surrogate or need someone to be your newborn baby’s surrogate mom.

Dream about being a surrogate: if you are the surrogate, you agree to a decision that is not your destiny. Because, in this dream, that’s what a baby represents. This is a destiny handed to you by your family and your extended family. And you are expected to live it out.

If you request someone else to be the surrogate, you cannot handle the tasks given to achieve your goals. And you should request help from your family, extended family, and friends.

Weird Pregnancy

Having Sex with Satan or Devil
To dream that you are conceived with children or even twins; suggests that you will make an unethical choice in your personal life. Soon you may suffer unwanted consequences.

Crying Baby In the Womb
To dream that you hear your own baby crying in the womb; suggests that you are feeling sad about something in waking life. Your baby is sharing or feeling parts of your pain.

Babies on the Brain Only
To dream that you are overly focused on your baby’s brain development; indicate that you are spending too much time worrying about the planning stage of your project. Consider taking action and be patient about the results at the same time.

Other People's Dreams
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