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Socks Dream Interpretation — 8 Comments

  1. I justsaw in my dreams a huge new white socks. They giving it to people . I was so amazed because the boxes is full of white socks with a little line of red as a design and I just sit waiting my turn to be called…..but I am happy while watching them

  2. Idreamt that my husy removed a pair of white socks with blue line on it on his feets and gave it tọ me tọ give tọ my son who is going tọ school

  3. I dreamed about someone I had feelings for gifting me a new pair of socks. But I’m in a happy relationship and haven’t thought about this person in over a year. It’s just strange

  4. I dreamed that I had on a pair of red socks and that I was walking down a long hallway but the sock on my left foot kept moving and the heal kept sticking out and I kept looking down at it thinking I am going to fix it but never did what does that mean

  5. I had a dream that I look down at my black socks and my right sock had a hole in it just yesterday. It wasn’t until I woke up this morning and I was walking around the house that I look down to see if my socks were okay and then I remembered the dream.

  6. I had dreams on consecutive nights about running around outside in socks, with no shoes. In the first dream, I was running in white socks on wet grass. The wet socks interpretation listed above is actually quite accurate in regards to my life situation.

    The second dream, I was running in my favorite black socks, with a pattern on them. This time, I was running in dirt. My brother was running beside me, and we were laughing at how I was wearing socks, just like in that dream I had. I have a lot of dreams that refer to past dreams, somehow.

    I am not sure of the significance of running around in socks outdoors.

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