Kitchen Dream Interpretation

To see a kitchen in your dream signifies your need for warmth, spiritual nourishment and healing. When you are preparing a meal for your family inside the kitchen, it is symbolic of the nurturing mother and the way that you take care of your loved ones. Consider the type of items inside the kitchen in focus in your dream, the action you are taking, the kitchen environment, and finally how you feel to correctly interpret kitchen related dreams.

It should be noted that if you are an actual cook as a profession, these kitchen related dreams can reflect your actual work environment or business well being. They will have lesser interpretation ties to your family. Interpret kitchen related dreams as a work related dream instead.

Below are some of the common interpretations about your kitchen related dreams.

Dream About Kitchen Conditions
New Kitchen
Dreams involving brand new kitchen or cooking appliances suggest that you have gained new places to generate money and food for your household. Perhaps you have recently received a promotion or raise at work or will come into other sources of new found income.

Hot Kitchen:
To be in a kitchen so hot you cannot stand, it signifies that if “you can’t stand the heat, then you need to get out of the kitchen”. You need to abort your plans as you may not be able to handle the environment any furhter.

Paint Around the Kitchen
The paint of the kitchen in your dream can suggest the emotions that you have, while providing for your family. For example, a white paint around the kitchen can suggest a purely nourishment thought. While blackened kitchen walls can suggest a sense of exhaustion. Consider using the color interpretation for dreams to help you decipher.

Kitchen Window
The kitchen window in dreams provides you with a snapshot of the nourishing environment of your family. Consider what the people are doing when you look through the kitchen window. It can offer you with clue on the type of environment that you are trying to create.

Messy Kitchen
A messy kitchen can be in sanitary or even down right dangerous if you have things like knife hanging around. To dream about a messy kitchen, can suggest the chaotic lives that you are currently experiencing. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the things that life throw at you. You do not have time to properly plan and recoup from your previous events. The messy moldy kitchen dream can suggest that you need to to step back, and look at the conditions of your family.

Kitchen on Fire
Dreams that certain items such as stove or towels catch on fire, suggests that your business ventures will get into trouble. Prepare ahead of time to put out the fire and crisis so that the fire will not catch you off guard.

Dream About Actions In a Kitchen
Prepping Food
When the dream focuses on the preparation before cooking your meals in the kitchen. The actions represents transformation. Perhaps something new or life altering event is about to occur. You are transforming the cooking materials and ingredients into completely different final products. Consider the types of food that you are preparing, sushi, rice, noodle?

Consider the steps that you are taking to prep the food, the ingredients that you are actually handling in the dream. They can offer some deeper insights to the area of life that you may need to work on.

Boiling Water or Oven Preheat
Dreaming about boiling water or preheat, or actions that require idle waiting. Can suggest that you need to wait to take action. If you are idly waiting in the dream, it can suggest that you can start other preparations on other steps in your life. For example, you may be waiting on a job promotion to do great things, however in the mean time you can still do other preps or clean up other areas of the kitchen.

However, the the water is already boiled or the oven done preheating, the timing reflects that you should jump on whatever opportunity is presented to you. Do not let the fire burn without any actions and you can miss out on chances to succeed.

Stirring the Pot
When you dream about stirring a pot in a kitchen, it suggests that you should check on the things that you may have set on autopilot. Check the status of things to make sure everything is running according to your plans.

Dream About Parts of Kitchen
Kitchen Sink
The kitchen sink is a place where you can and wash dirty dishes. When the dream features a kitchen sink, it can reflects the negative emotions that you may have stored over the years while providing nourishment for your family. A kitchen full of dirty dishes, can suggest unhealthy bottlenecks that you are feeling. It can suggest that you may need to take care of your own negative emotions.

Kitchen Cabinets or Pantry
Empty kitchen cabinets or pantry can reflect the resources that you have stored over the years. Consider the type of spices or canned foods that you see in the dream. Completely empty kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves, can suggest that your life needs more spices, or that you need to save more money for rainy or hungry days.

Kitchen Counter or Table
Dreaming about kitchen counter or table, is a place for you to actually prepare the food items and finalize the dishes. Pay attention to the condition of these counter or tables in the dream. They reflect your ability to nourish your family.

Kitchen Appliances
When you dream about different appliances in the kitchen, always consider their purposes and how you are utilizing the appliances in the dream. For example, a stove that heats up items, can suggest the warmth, light, and fire that you bring to your family.

Kitchen Floor
Kitchen floors can reflect the base emotions and environment of your family in the dream. Pay special attention for the kitchen floor and tell whether or not its dirty, or littered with food materials. It can reflect a sense of mess or wasteful nature of your life style when you see a kitchen floor full of fallen food.

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