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Kitchen Dream Interpretation — 12 Comments

  1. I dreamt that I was in a clean but empty kitchen. Standing next to me was my godmother whom I haven’t seen for years. There was cockroaches mating by the sink and I said in disgust “ewwww” and my godmom looked at me with a half smile. A look like “take care of it.” She disappeared then there was a red/blue snake on the floor coiled up and I threw a papertowel on it. It striked but I ran off before it could get me.

  2. My grandmother died about 6 months ago and I keep having dreams about her and her house. The dreams usually end this way: I’m standing in the doorway of my grandmother’a kitchen, chatting while she’s washing dishes. In her hands, I can see she’s carefully drying off a big shiny knife with a very clean, white dish towel. She turns to face me and calmly, almost gently but deliberately, reaches out and stabs me in the stomach. I always wake up just before the knife reaches me. It’s never a scary or unpleasant dream, just very unsettling. I miss her a lot. We had a good relationship and she was always very loving. Why is she stabbing me?

    • i always see my late grand mother in the dream, last time she gave a bottle of palm oil and marriage certificate,but am still single

      • This dream is very bad. Palm oil in the dream leads to miscarriage in real life while the marriage cert shows you are married spiritually.

  3. First I dreamt tht I was in my cousins real life flat, and me her my nephew(her son) an my sister were in the front room, then she and I were in her real life kitchen, then I started wandering round and found that she had three front doors all along one long wall in a new room, tht she doesn’t have in realife. I discovered the doors one by one, and asked her; how is it that u have three front doors instead of one. Then we both discovered that she had another kitchen even nicer and larger than her realife kitchen, this room had a built in utility partition as well where all th white goods like, dishwasher washing machine freezer tumble dryer was housed. Iwas really impressed with this dual purpose room an tht so far she had two kitchens plus utility rooms. I noticed there wassa back door leading offa the kitchen leading to a nicely stocked and laid out garden, the garden was smaller than her realife garden. I didn’t venture outside. Then I noticed she had at least three sets of staircases one set leading into the lower part of the property, because now her flat had turned into a house. The remaining set of staircases lead to the upper floor an the attic respectively. I was so excited about the stairs, I just kept going up, there was sumthing very odd, dissapointing and disturbing, there was like green jelly like substance in see-thru plastic. They were like that packaging u get with fragile items. I felt dissapointed seeing those, and was too shy to ask her, what on earth were they meant to be. One of the front doors was bright red, one was black and the other was white with a large glass panel at the top and bottom witha thin strip of wood halfway down the door.

  4. I had a dream where i saw my kitchen from a distance, there wasn’t much but i didn’t like the way it was decotated, i started redecorating it, everything was white but there was allmost nothing in the cupboards and the plastic containers had lids but the containers was missing i just put it all in one big container. Then i tried to sort the plastic seetrough table mats for the plates but the wind in the kitchen was so strong i couldn’t place them on the counter where i wanted them.

  5. As I come toward the kitchen sink, the cabinets below are open and in it are black and red snakes. I can only see the eye and the red ring collar of one. then another, much larger strikes out at me and its mouth is unhinged as if it were going to swallow me whole. Snakes=eniemies, The kitchen is clean and orderly, No lights on, just enough natural light to see. So, I’m thinking possible enemies threatening me and the wellbeing of my family. Or they want what I have and think they can keep me from it. I find it rather amusing that there is one with a large mouth and I’m dealing with loud, mouthy acquaintances.

    • This is a positive dream.

      The kitchen is usually a good sign in a dream. “The kitchen is clean and orderly” which supports its being a positive sign. In the real world, the kitchen is the place where food is prepared that will help us grow and give us strength. In the dream world, this food gives us strength and helps us grow psychologically and spiritually.

      The snakes are a good sign in this dream.
      • Snakes have a long tradition of representing wisdom – especially spiritual wisdom.
      • Snakes also have a long association with a spiritual awakening. Kundalini would be the ultimate spiritual awakening. The two snakes could, therefore, be some sort of reference to the Ida and Pingala nadis which are on either side of the Sushumna.
      • Jung identified snakes as symbols of transcendence. See https://monoskop.org/images/9/97/Von_Franz_Luise_Marie_Jung_Gustav_Carl_Man_and_His_Symbols_1988.pdf especially page 149 – 157. As noted in Man and His Symbols written by Jung (and others), symbols of transcendence “point to man’s need for liberation from any state of being that is too immature, too fixed or final. In other words, they concern man’s release from or transcendence of—any confining pattern of existence, as he moves toward a superior or more mature stage in his development.”

      As for the colors — whenever feasible, I will typically try to interpret the colors in the context of the colors that are usually associated with the seven (best known) chakras (from the base of the spine to the top of the skull). Using this interpretation, red is associated with the first chakra (at the base of the spine). And you ask, but what does the color black represent? I believe that black symbolizes the “place” below the first chakra which would be the lower realm of the unconscious. Any travel to the underworld in our dreams is almost always a good sign. As Jung wrote, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/18322-one-does-not-become-enlightened-by-imagining-figures-of-light

      Hope this helps.

  6. I dreamt that a cousin of mine visited with his family and the wife went to the kitchen to clean up the kitchen for me ,washing dirty dishes etc ,while I was removing all the stuffs on my bed and changed the bed sheet ,but I discover that the bed became two one is clean that I changed the bed sheet ,the other is in the bush dirty and I drag it in and placed the other bed on it and I work up . pls what is the meaning of this dream.

  7. I dreamed of a house on an old mountain road with lots if semi trucks traveling , I saw them through the trees, as I walked through the house it was oddly laid out with 3 separate kitchens all dingy and 1 weird bathroom, walked onto back porch and it was burnt, then in the backyard was a used furniture store, strangest dream, what could it mean

  8. I had a dream seing new kitchen set in white color. These were soup bowls big and small stacked on top of each other. They were bright and shining. Next to the counter table is my mom sitting beside it. Her face were full of enthusiasm and positivity. She’s staring at them most of the time. When I realized, that I was just got regularized from my job-and that’s something that conotes each detail of my dream and the objects present that time. This is something to look forward to and there is so much things ahead of me which I’m always anticipating.😊😱🤭🤭

  9. I had a dream that I was at my ex husband and his new wife home and I was washing their dishes. I could hear them talking in the next room. Then I ended up at the airport with one of my sons but had a hard time finding the documents that I needed to pass on for boarding. I found the documents but woke up before they were approved.

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