Bedroom Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about the bedroom? To dream that you are in the bedroom signifies aspects of yourself that you keep private and hidden. It is also indicative of your sexual nature, intimate relations. To wake up and find yourself in a different or completely new bedroom, can represent a form of sexual awakening. To interpret the dreams featuring your bedroom, consider your emotions, the surroundings and things inside the bedroom, and lastly your own actions while being in the bedroom dream.

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Dream About Bedroom Appearances

Big Bedroom
Dreams featuring big and fancy bedrooms foretells a prosperous lifestyle.

Childhood Bedroom
To dream of your childhood bedroom indicates that a current situation or feeling has triggered a memory from your childhood that you have kept secret.

Messy Bedroom
Dreams with a messy bedroom suggest a chaotic state of private mind. You may have a messy sense of relationship when it comes to intimacy.

Empty Bedroom
Dreaming about a completely empty bedroom with no furniture, indicate the emptiness of your romantic life.

Bright with Open Windows in Bedroom
Dreaming about a bright and lighted bedroom suggests that the upcoming holidays will be full of light and joy.

Haunted Bedroom
To live in a bedroom that appears to be haunted, suggests that your personal decisions are coming back to haunt you. Perhaps you feel hopeless about the bad decision that you have done recently.

Dream About Objects Inside a Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture
The bedroom furniture represents the building blocks of your private lives. Pay attention to the condition or emotions attached to each of the bedroom furniture. Also, note the focus of your dream on certain pieces of furniture. For example, if your dream focuses on the mattress, it can suggest a focus on the physical intimacy part of the relationship. If the dream focuses on a light stand, it can suggest the relationship relies on light and inner hope.

Intruder or Stranger in Bedroom
An intruder or strangers can suggest that your inner peace and private life is being jeopardized. Perhaps you feel that someone is prying into your private lives. And you feel very annoyed or worried about the effect.

Flooding Bedroom with Water
A flooded bedroom with water, suggest either overflow from the bathroom or a broken pipe. A recent catastrophe may have flooded your private life with unwanted emotions. The dream is suggesting you figure out those broken pipes or leaks. Fix them fast before these events do long term damage to your well being.

Dream About Bedroom Structures

Bedroom Window
The bedroom window allows you to either look out from the bedroom or looking from the outside. It can indicate your desire to explore new options. You are going through self-reflection to look into your personal private life.

Bedroom Door
The bedroom door connects the rest of your house to your bedroom, it can indicate a connection of the rest of your life to your private romantic life. For example, dreaming of a shut bedroom door can suggest that you want to keep your love life closed away. You want to keep it separate from other factors such as life or family for the time being. If the dream features you opening the bedroom door, it reflects you are now ready to introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to the rest of your family.

Bedroom Paint
The wall paint color can suggest the mood of your inner and private thoughts. Consider referring to the color dream interpretations to figure out the atmosphere of your inner thoughts. For example, red bedroom paint can suggest that your romantic life is full of passion. A white bedroom can suggest inner peace or purity with your love life.

Dream About Actions Inside Bedroom

Cleaning Bedroom
To clean out the dust of your bedroom indicates that you are getting rid of unwanted issues from the past. Time to shake off the old burdens that have been bothering you.

Organizing a Bedroom
To reorganize your bedroom in the dream, suggests that you are organizing your love life in place. If you have just gotten out of a relationship. Reorganizing your bedroom to throw out old items may suggest your process of getting over an ex such as ex-husband or ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or ex-wife. This is more true if you are throwing items or furniture from your bedroom dream.

Changing the Color of Bedroom Paint
When you dream about painting the color of the bedroom paint, you are in the process to change your outlook of private life. Perhaps you have been feeling the same thing for a while. And you want time to reflect and change your personal believes.

Changing Cloth in Bedroom
To changing your cloth in the bedroom, suggest that you are ready to start a new relationship. You are getting ready to prepare yourself for dates perhaps.

Dream About Bedroom

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