Zoo Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Zoo

Did you dream about zoos? Zoo in dreams symbolizes the loss of freedom and the circumstances of being contained in a relatively smaller space. Others are viewing and scrutinizing your every move. Pay attention to the condition of the zoo, the purpose of your visit, and the type of animals in the zoo. This will help you get better contexts and interpretation of the zoo related dreams.

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Dream About Visiting a Zoo

Visiting a Zoo
Visiting a zoo in the dream; suggests that you will soon pay a visit to family members, relatives, or certain business organizations. You will act as the observer without making many changes to the chemistry of the people whom you encounter.

Being Trapped in a Zoo
Alternatively, a zoo suggests that your abilities and talents are going unnoticed. You or an aspect of your life feels caged in. The zoo may also represent chaos and confusion as implied by the common phrase “this place is a zoo!” You may need to tidy up some situation in your life.

Escaping from Zoo
To dream that you are escaping from the zoo; suggests that you will soon move away from your comfortable yet suffocating environment. You will soon let your primal urge and deep desires go and try out a completely new set of lifestyles. Perhaps you will soon travel abroad, or move out and get a new apartment. You will not continue to allow your talent and freedom to be locked up.

Lost inside a Zoo
Dreaming that you get lost inside a zoo, indicates that your relationship with your loved ones is not serious. You do not know how to interact with others nor how to communicate with them. You feel detached from the various needs and wants of other people.

Dream About Working in a Zoo

Having a Zoo
To own or have a zoo in the dream; is a sign that you should spend great effort on the relationship and solve family problems. Meditate and spend some time to focus on spiritual thinking and soul searching. It is a time where you should seek peace and relaxation amongst the chaos and responsibility.

Setting Animals Free From Zoo Cages
To set animals free against captivity from zoo cages, indicates that you will soon face challenges from waking life. You need to utilize your resources and knowledge to face them and succeed. Work hard to get those keys of life where you could break out of the current stale situation.

Being a zookeeper in the dream suggests that you are on the verge of losing control over some aspect of your life. It is definitely important for you to remain in the driver seat and manage the situation. Your paycheck and livelihood are depending on you being able to remain cool.

Dream About Condition of Zoo

Crowded Zoo
To dream about a crowded zoo is an unfavorable sign. It foretells anxiety, inconvenience, and annoyance. It indicates that the project or prize that you are going after in waking life is also sought after by many individuals and competitions. Expect to fight your way through the crowd to get to the clients or connections that you wish to meet. Perhaps it signals that you work in a crowded industry or school subjects such as insurance and engineering.

Abandoned Zoo
To see an abandoned zoo suggests that you have no good feelings for people around you. You think little of everyone and you are feeling unmotivated to progress. It could relate to the homelessness dream where the animals are left to fend for themselves. The dream indicates that you are feeling vulnerable and alone.

Small Zoo
A small zoo in the dream, suggests that you may feel stress and anxiety. You feel contained in a small or limited environment.

Zoo In House
To see a zoo inside your house; is a sign that you are trying hard to take control of a chaotic situation. However, the mess from your professional or academic life is now impacting your personal life. If you are not careful you will soon experience the loss of freedom.

Dream About General Zoo Animals

Zoo with Abused Animals
To see zoo animals abused or malnourished; warns of possible threats, and hazards, and bad news related to management, organization, and governments. The dream could reflect the real world news that you hear about protests, child abuse, and oppression.

Loose Zoo Animals
Dreaming that the zoo animals are loose and wandering freely in the dream; is a sign that you have let your primal urges run wild and unchecked. It could lead to disastrous results if you are not careful. You might easily run into issues like affair and addictions.

Zoo Animals Escaping
To dream that animals escape from the zoo, implies that you can no longer contain your animalistic desires. You will soon let your wild side roar.

Lion or Tiger in Zoo
To view lions or tigers caged in the zoo, foretell that you will experience public humiliation. Your failure of pride will become public knowledge and event. Your troubles may soon become the entertainment of other people’s gossip.

Petting Zoo
To visit or be in a petting zoo; suggests your ability to adapt to things in life for your own benefit. You will try to control and shield many people from harmful situations because of your protective nature. You will try to make the best out of some mutually beneficial relationship.

Snakes in a Zoo
To dream about snakes in a zoo; suggests that the greedy nature of you or someone may soon come into the public light. Be aware of your hidden agenda and secret interests. Soon everyone around you will notice. As a result people may never see you in the same light again.

Dream About Specific Zoo Animals

The specific animals that you dream about might have deeper dream meanings. Below is a quick list of common zoo animal dream meanings that we have written.

Polar Bear

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