Lock Dream Meaning – Top 26 Dreams About Locks

Did you dream about locks? Dreaming about a lock in your dream signifies a certain puzzle situation that hints at your inability to get to what you want right away. You may need to find the right method (key) or get to the right person to solve the puzzle. Pay attention to the context and situation to figure out how you are encountering the lock in the dream to get better ideas. Below we will go over some of the most common lock-related dreams meanings and their interpretations.

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Dream About Working with Locks

Dream About Changing a Lock
To change a lock in the dream indicates that you are making changes into a certain relationship and taking matters into your own hands. You are shutting out someone to who you were previously close. You are denying other people’s and revoking their previous access.

Dream About Breaking or Cutting a Lock
Breaking a lock via brute force in the dream indicates that you may be overstepping other people’s boundaries or privacy. You want to break open other people’s barriers to get your desire. It foretells that you will be able to win over your rivals.

Dream About Picking a Lock
To dream about picking a lock suggests that you need to find clever ways to get through to the core of your problems. So instead, try to find little clues and indicators along the way and combine them to figure out clever solutions.

Dream About Locking a Gate
To dream about locking down a gate; points to your desire to clamp down on the gossip that is your environment is passing. You are trying to keep the information contained in your social circle only.

Dream About Locking Doors
To see yourself locking doors in the dream points to the restrictions that you are making for others. Perhaps you are keeping someone either in or out of your boundaries. But, on the other hand, you define a clear set of rules for others to follow and respect.

Dream About Different Types of Locks

Dream About Windows Lock
To dream of windows lock is a sign that people might temporarily deny potential hopes and possibilities.

Dream About Padlock
To dream of padlocks indicates that you need to feel secure about uncertain parts of your life. Perhaps you are taking certain risks, and you are afraid that others may take advantage of you. Look for some guarantees so that you will feel better about entering contracts or relationships.

Dream About Bicycle Lock
Dreaming about bicycle lock foretells that you will aim to fulfill your childhood dreams. You will get enough support or safety so that you could take more risks to fulfill your callings.

Dream About Chain Lock
To dream of chain locks indicate that certain events tie to one another. It may seem not very clear at first. But you may only solve the trouble if you get to the part where it matters. So to solve the situation by finding the key part where it truly matters. You will then be able to untangle and look for solutions.

Dream About Lock and Key Combinations

Dream About Combination Lock
To see a combination lock in the dream indicates that there are certain steps that you need to take to complete your tasks. Take the time to understand the rules and exact steps. If you do not do things in the right order, you may end up screwing up your whole process.

Dream About Lock and Key
To dream about a set of locks and keys together foretells that you will be a good match for the opportunity or person that comes along. You have the potential to unlock everything that life has to offer.

Dream About Problems with Lock

Dream About Broken Lock
To dream about broken locks is a sign that you feel insecure or looking towards some insecurity. As a result, you may lose the ability to protect something you have once treasured or deemed safe.

Dream About Jammed Lock
Jammed locks in dreams, predict financial and physical difficulties. Something that used to work will suddenly stop working. You will hit snags and face serious troubles along the way. Prepare for the worst and come up with alternative plans as issues arise.

Dream About Locking Doors that Won’t Lock
Dreaming about locking a door that does not have a lock indicates that you have a false sense of security. Perhaps you are trusting others with your secrets and private information. Yet, subconsciously, you know that those secrets will not be kept confidential.

Dream About Lock That’s Won’t Close.
Dreaming about locks that won’t close indicates that you have set up unrealistic goals and will not be able to close to the deal. You may have certain contracts or promises that will not close, and you feel insecure until they do.

Dream About Unable to Lock Front Door or Back Door
The dream of being unable to lock doors connecting to the outside is a sign that you will be unable to get away from the previous or next chapters of your life. Outside factors will continuously influence you. For example, you are fearful of the influences that other people may have on you. So you try to get away and lock yourself into safety.

Locked In or Out

Dream About Someone or Something Locking You Out
To dream that you have been locked out points to ridicule and mockery in love or other kinds of personal endeavors. So you will attempt to do something to arrive at failure.

Dream About Someone Locking You Up In a Room
Dreaming that you are locked in a room against your will, represents that you cannot get away from something. You may feel stuck with a person or situation. Pay attention to the surroundings to get more clues on what may be holding you back.

Dream About Biometric Locks

Dream About Fingerprint Lock
To see a fingerprint lock in the dream indicates that the solutions may be at your fingertips. The dream foretells that you need to get hands-on. Actually, try to touch the issues to know for sure if you could handle the problem.

Dream About Facial Unlock
Seeing a facial unlock from a high-tech vault lock or mobile phone lock in the dream indicates that you need to pay more attention to other people’s physical and facial expressions. They will offer you helpful clues to progress through life. Perhaps you need to learn more about facial expressions so that you can understand other people’s issues better.

Dream About Size and Appearances of the Locks

Dream About Heart Lock
To see a heart-shaped lock signifies that someone will lock your heart with whom you desire. It signifies your inability to get what you want. Consider expressing your emotions and thoughts clearly, so that you have a shot at opening up your heart.

Dream About Small Lock
To see a tiny small lock in the dream is a sign that you value certain small things. Consider letting others know about your values and priorities, as others may easily overlook them as non-important.

Dream About Golden Lock
To see a golden lock in the dream indicates that you need to carefully think about how to proceed with your investments and assets. You will face complicated financial puzzles that you need to untangle. Consider spending the time and effort to sort through your finances; your solutions and endeavors will heavily reward you.

Dream About Other Terms with Locks

Dream About Ziplock
Ziplock in the dream indicates that you desire to renew a good relationship with an old friend. However, your relationship may not be as tight as before.

Dream About Lock Down
To dream about the lockdown in a school shooting dream is a sign that you might fear actual school shootings. Your mind is going through different scenarios on how you could protect yourself or your children.

Dream About Head Lock
Dreaming about someone head locking you; indicates that there are dangerous trips or actions on the horizon without any benefit. For example, you will enter into unwanted contracts or business with people. And you will find yourself having a hard time trying to get out.

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