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  1. So I’m just going to get right to the punch. I was being chased by a gun man in a hallway, he was holding a tec 9 and he was shooting at me as I was running.
    I open a door and it was my bedroom. The first thing my eye seen was a baby male cub lion chewing on a bone similar to my puppies bone I just bought him yesterday from metro. Now this cub had aqua blue eyes! He was so cute and calm just chewing on his bone I was so amazed!
    As I was getting closer to the lion to touch him I noticed it started to get foggy… I kept trying to touch the cub multiple time the cub was still calm but he was moving back just a little.. And then I woke up.
    This dream stood out to me. What does the Aqua eyes mean and why was the atmosphere so calm till I opened the door from running away from the gun man.

  2. I had a dream that a lion tried to attacked me but someone else had actually saved me instead. I had this dream twice and the same thing actually happened. Someone else died because of protecting me. What does it mean?

  3. So I had a dream me and a friend was chatting in my bathroom, and a golden lion just appeared to be sitting next to me. So my friend jokingly hit me, and the lion went craaaazyyy! It kind of frightened me, but I was like ” Stop, sit, NO!, stop”, until it finally walked out the bathroom. I hurried to shut the door. Then 2 min later I opened it, and the lion is aware that it made a mistake, comes back and starts rubbing all over me. I said ” Are u done”? Lol, then the lion roars and we go to my room… Dream over

  4. I had a dream that a lioness was wondering in the woods when it suddenly picked our scent up… everyone started running away and I stayed behind an ant hill… the lioness came running fast but everyone else left and I remained behind with my little nephew… i was then running around the anthill then i stopped and looked at the lion in its eyes and started making weird sounds, it stopped and turned around and started running away… i started chasing it still making the same sounds and it ran faster and disappeared into the woods… no one was hurt…

  5. I had a dream last night that I had a baby golden lion as a pet. We were in my home and a few family members were there( no one was involved with the dream, they were just present, and had no interaction with us. The cub was beautiful. It played with me and slept in my lap and on my chest. When it was playing with me I could actually feel the claws and teeth on my arm. It wasn’t at all aggressive or mean, it was just being playful. There was no sense of fear, just the conscious thought on my part that this is what it would feel like if I was playing with the wild animal. I’ve never had feeling in a dream before and it didn’t wake me. Any interpretation of this?

  6. My dream was that I was walking in a home and I was looking around. when I turned to look forward there was a black lion in front of me. I froze and noticed that he was dehydrated. So I gave the black lion water in a bowl. He did not harm me but was very kind. I was petting him.I turned to call my mom and when I turned back he was gone. Then I was two lioness walking past me from a distance.iv never had a dream of a black lion.

  7. I saw a baby lion in chains as a pet
    in my dream. Someone was standing with him before i joined. He(lion) was calm for some time. But later he started to roar at me. But he didn’t make any effort to bite me.

  8. I dreamt I was on a playground and was being hunted by a lion. Very quickly I ran to my car. Before I could open the door the lion had caught me. So I pulled out this wimpy.25 cal pistol and emptied the magazine into the lions chest (only 4 shots). However the lion was still standing so I pulled out my very first case knife my dad gave me as a child and stabbed the lion in the neck until it dropped to the parking lot at my feet. Then a little boy came up to me and wanted to talk and hang out because he thought it was….well idk what the little boy thought but I decided to spend some time at the park with the kid.

    Does this dream mean anything??

  9. i dreamnt i was in a holding cell for woman amd i was guarding and protecting a large ice white male lion….i was keeping him safe in the room and he was content to just sleep on my bed and let me guard him. people kept coming in to feed me or clean the holding pits but i always managed to keep him concealed…he kept looking at me with the most loving eyes and listening ti me and often i wud sink my hands into his maneless fur and jusy rest against him hearing his heart beat…he was gorgeous and i felt so safe with him

  10. I had a dream that we had a pet lion. But today it was being aggressive. My little brother went to go play with it outside and the lion attacked my brother from the neck and killed him. Then my other brother and little sister went to help him. They also got killed, when I told my mom that my little brothers and sister died she just said “it’s a salvage animal, it was expected I told them not to play with him.” Then I told my dad and he was shocked and ran to the backyard .

    I don’t understand what this dream means. And there is no explanation under this site either .

  11. I had a dream i was in some work place and where just working,its was like a boat we was on and i walk to go get a tool or sumn from another part of the boat and there i seen the Lion,I get startled a little i dont panic i just calmly walked away telling people thats theres a Lion on the boat while trying to hide now this the part i dont understand the Lion found me without a problem,when he found me i notice that the Lion had no nails to claw me with,im still a little frighten the Lion hovers over me and didnt try to bite or eat me the lion Tamer came out and was callin the Lions name (I forgot)and gets him off of me and than i woke up . What does this mean?

  12. last night i dreamt a red lion . it suddenly appeared in a table while a person i didnt know is eating something. i woke up this morning a bad news came to me that my uncle died. creepy.

  13. My mom nd i are sleeping with the lions in bed, nd then i can feel that m not comfy with them i sneeked out nd closed the door that same morning my mom got the lights on nd i opened the door to get into bed, now the lions are very aggressive towards me they want scratch me don’t want me nextbto her.

  14. I was in an open field.
    In the far distance I saw a Lion running in my direction; at first I feared not.
    As he neared with his continued speed I realized he may be after me…
    I began to run checking over my left shoulder watching has a gap closed between us and listening to the strength of his approach.
    There was no out running him; my anxiety was extreme.
    Then he was there just feet behind me… I started to feel stronger and was running faster-
    Seemingly empowered at his presence
    The two of us were running side-by-side
    The king was at my left and I was on his right-
    Like partners in the wild

    What ever could this mean??
    Are dreams just dreams
    Do they signify something??… Have a greater meaning or message within??

    Who knows

  15. I was walking from an event we let a dog we supposebly own leave with someone and as were begin to enter the last block to our home, i turn back and see two lions walking away about a block back. And as i tell my daughter and wife to start running towards the apt. There is another lady that is coming from a jog and i advisor of the lions behind us. So we all run towards my apt. Except once we get to the corner of the block we run up the stairs, just wife and daughter, and close the door behind us and lock it. The lady had left somewhere else. And as i look outside the window one lion runs up the stairs towards our apt. And i tell my wife and daughter to run to the room. And so did i. We close the room door and then i hear a clear roar. Then i wake up… what is this

  16. My boyfriend and I were in a spaceship for school purposes. We had just finished class and everyone went back to their room (about 70 of us). We slept in narrow rooms with locker doors. Suddenly, I see a pack of lions and lionesses enter the room and start eating everyone. They pushed open the doors and ate everyone except me, my boyfriend, a teacher and another student.

  17. I dreamed about a lion biting me and scratching me. It was like this, I was at a school, not familiar, and so I am avoiding someone. Then we (my friend and i) went in a classroom and the teacher said that we are hoing to have a project or so. Then the lion appeared. It was a female, at first it was gentle and nice and I was playing with ut until I have kind of accidentaly stepped on her then that is when she attacked. She bit my arm and started scratching my stomach. And It was weird when I let her do it to me while the others are calm watching us. There are other dreams about me having scratches and avoiding someone. idk what it means thou.

  18. Hi, i dreamed of a black lion , apparently i was on my bed until this lion came to my closed window .. it was trying to get in but i keep the window closed and the struggle continued until the lion actually got inside and then i was surprised and started running away and then i woke up , this dream is something else cuz i dont seem to forget it at all like any other dreams , and ive been having these sudden anger moments where i start breathing heavily and my body becomes so hot and i feel like if punched a person at that moment my fist wold pierce through the person’s face , and after i calm down i start feeling dizzy, if possibly i would love an explanation for this thank you . Hasan

  19. I took a power nap and strange thing is I was in a field where there was this abandon house structure. There was a lot of doors, no one was home but then a cub appeared the another and another. I felt that they were friendly and playful then next thing I knew it was a room filled and then I realized mom can not be far behind. So I panicked a bit like where am I going to go and do. So I started putting the cubs out side and closing the screened doors cause all the doors were screened. All were out so I thought one lingered and now here’s mom outside walking around. Not growling, not panicking like me just walking forward slowly. She got close to me, seen her baby and started coming closer and before anything bad or good could happen I umped out of the dream and ended up with a headache.

  20. Hello,
    I had a dream of a golden lion sitting at the end of the road and only the head of the lion visible to me. The lion was huge and I was driving my car towards it. Suddenly I stopped as the lion was roaring and I was frightened in the dream. My car met with an accident but I was completely safe looking at the lion in front of me. What does this dream mean?

  21. Was with a group of people, a golden male lion was hunting me, it chased me and I was trying to fight it, I felt like I was going to kill it but I woke up before I could. What does this mean??? Im female by the way

  22. I had a dream that I was at home and I heard a roaring noise. I looked out the window and saw a tiger run by. When I went back to the window it was just a group of lions and tigers just sitting there. I panicked and told my siblings what does that mean

  23. I had one last night that I was driving around this vehicle in a tropical countryside kind of like africa. and it seemed like a lion preserve with injured lions recuperating. and one of them hopped in the vehicle next to me and kept trying to get me to not stop petting him. i had a little fear, understanding and respecting the power they have as animals but enjoyed experiencing the affection of the lion. woke up and have been feeling a sense of importance of the dream but not sure why or what for.

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