Lion Dream Meaning – Top 28 Dreams About Lions

Did you dream about lions? Seeing a lion in a dream symbolizes great strength, courage, aggression, and power. You are obtaining dignity, royalty, leadership, pride, and domination. Dreaming about lions represents the role of power in your daily life, such as love life, job, and social life. You may have been coming into new leadership roles, such as starting a family or getting job promotions. Learn how to interpret and get the meaning of your dreams in this comprehensive lion dream guide. We will list out all the most common interpretations.

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Generic Dream About Lion

What does it mean to dream that you are a lion?
By dreaming that you are a lion yourself, it may be a sign that you are putting too much personal power and dominance in your social circle. You need to control others and be in charge constantly.

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Dreaming about being a lion means overcoming your emotional difficulties, especially if you are experiencing hard times and defining your own personal issues.

It would help if you also exercised some restraint in your own personal and social life. Alternatively, a lion represents your need for control over others. You have to be in charge.

Lions are the king of the jungle. Dreaming that you are one overlooking a cliff; indicates that you are proud of your possessions or the work you have accomplished.

What is the dream meaning of a friendly lion?
This signifies that you are in peace or a good relationship with powerful people, especially if the lion is licking you.

Dream About Lion Locations

What does it mean to dream about caged lions?
The dreams about a domestic or caged lion, such as in a zoo or even in your own house. Having a lion pet symbolizes that you have a tamed sense of power in your daily life. Try to see if the lions or the pride are acting normally or “lazy” inside the dream. If they are active and about, it means that you have controlled your leadership well.

However, if dreaming of lions seems dead and boring, it may be time for you to assert more power in daily life. Take leadership and make things happen for everyone around you.

What does it mean to dream of lions outside?
Dreaming of lions outside your house or apartment indicates that you have powerful people overlooking you. However, you will have to prove that you are worthy of their protection. Otherwise, you might become one of the prey instead of family.

What does it mean to have housed lions in dream meaning?
Dream about lions in the house suggests that there is a strong order in your household. Everyone has his or her responsibilities. Be aware of testing or pushing those boundaries.

Dream About Your Actions Towards Lion

What does a dream about riding a lion mean?
If the dream is simply about riding a lion-like horse and enjoying it, it signifies that you are happy and content with your freedom.

What does it mean to feed lions in the dream?
If you are feeding the hungry lions, it signifies that you need to cherish and grow your pride. Your inner lions may be hungry and need more.

What does a dream about hunting a lion mean?
Hunting for a lion in your dream means that you are chasing leadership roles. Have you been trying hard to get that promotion at your job in your company? You are looking to replace your boss or manager somehow.

What does it mean to dream about eating a lion?
Eating a lion in general means that you will achieve more power or responsibility shortly. Dreaming about eating a lioness means that one may become wealthy.

How to interpret the lion fighting dream?
Dreams about lions wrestling or fighting mean that you are fighting internally with the leadership responsibilities. Were you fighting in an arena or stadium? You should gather your courage and prepare for the upcoming battles.

What does it mean to kill a lion in the dream?
Killing a lion yourself in a dream can be negative. Take note of your emotions when you are killing a lion. Were you in a middle of an adrenaline hunt? Did you have to kill the lion with a gun because the lion you were in danger? The killing of a lion signifies some types of loss.

What does it mean to dream about taming a lion?
To see or dream that you are a lion tamer; suggests that you can keep your aggression and strength in check.

Dreams About Lion Actions

What does dreaming about lions roaring mean?
For the lion roars within your dream, it means a display of power or territory. It would help if you were more clear about your boundaries and your responsibilities.

What does it mean to dream about a lion protecting you?
Being guarded by lions in the dream indicates that you have a powerful protective force watching over you. However, it could be a fatherly figure watching over your life if you feel afraid and fearful within the dream. It signifies that you are not happy with the dominance that the figure is exerting.

What is the dream meaning of a sleeping lion?
The urge to be in control is hidden within you.

What does dream about lion talking mean?
Pay close attention to the message being said to the lion. It is your inner pride talking to you.

What is the meaning of a dying lion in the dream?
If the lion is dying in the dream, your loss of power is gradual.
An injured and dying lion in the dream signifies a gradual loss of power. Dreaming of a dead lion corpse refers to losing the power status either at home or work.

Dream About Aggressive Lions

What does it mean when you dream of a lion attacking?
To dream that a lion attacks you suggests that a force may be driving you to self-destruction. It will help if you overcome these challenges and obstacles. It could also mean that your sense of power and leadership is hurting the people around you.

What is the dream meaning of being eaten whole by a lion?
When a giant lion eats you whole in your dream, it means that you will have a string of unlucky endeavors when you take unnecessary risks. Refrain from risky activities such as gambling or overplaying the lottery.

What does lion biting you mean in the dream?
Consider where the lion bites you to interpret the dream. Look and match with the general body dream interpretation and make your assessment. For example, if the lion is biting you in the leg, it may mean that you or someone close to you’s use of power is tipping your balance of life. It could be a boss asking you to work overtime frequently, which tips your general work/life balance.

How to interpret the dream of a lion hunting and chasing you?
The dreaming of lions chasing you situation may represent a single or few powerful figures in your life who are exploiting you. You feel helpless being surrounded by predators. It may be that your boss is abusing his or her power with their position. When the lion chasing is a lioness, it signifies that your spouse or girlfriend is placing unwanted attention and dominance, suffocating you.

What does a dream about escaping from a lion suggest?
When you escape from the lion attacks or chases in your dream, it means that you will avoid the danger in reality.

Dream About Different Colors of Lions

What does it mean when you dream about lions colors?

Black Lion
To see a black lion in your dream represents a negative force. You or someone else is using their position of power to harm.

White Lion
To see a white lion in your dream highlights your majestic power. A white lion may also indicate sudden awareness of the power you hold.

Golden Lion
A golden lion in a dream represents the royalty, the king of kings, expect great power to be bestowed upon you. You may be given ultimate leadership roles in your work where you manage other managers.

Red Lion
The multiplicity of human nature and the eternal aspiration to reach enlightenment.

Green Lion
The basic starting point of life transformation.

Dream About Types of Lion

Male Lion in dream meaning
You have a strong persona that can help you achieve your goals with a bit of aggressiveness.

Lioness dream meaning
To see a lioness in your dream represents your maternal instincts. You will go to great lengths to protect your interests. Alternatively, a female lion dream meaning symbolizes hope, victory, tenacity, and stamina.

Lion Cub or Young Baby Lion
To have a dream about lion cubs means that you may meet a new friend.

Dream About Other Lion Dream Symbols

What does it mean to dream about a flying lion?
A flying lion with wings is symbolic of gold and profitable alchemy. Expect good fortunes and achieve your material or spiritual goals.

What is the dream meaning of Lion King?
If your dream is about the lion king movie, and you have not watched the movie recently. Refer to some of the story’s themes that you may feel connected to. Perhaps you are going after your long-lost rights as a power symbol.

What is the meaning of lion head?
When the dream contains a decorative lion head, it may show that you have given up the power that you once had. Perhaps you are retiring or giving more responsibilities away, which you once had. Now what you have done is only a trophy or a glorious memory.

What is the meaning of lion with hyenas?
To see hyena and lions in the dream; foretells that you will soon step over your power and control boundary. You will soon challenge authority figures like the police or boss. You will have to pick your battles wisely for any chance of success.

Other People's Dreams
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