Eagle Dream Interpretation

To see an eagle in your dream symbolizes nobility and pride. Depending on the context and vision of the dream, the free movement of the eagle can suggest freedom and courage. If the dream focuses on the offensive quality of the eagle, the dream relates to fierceness, domination, and superiority. Below we will interpret the most common contexts in which eagles can appear in your dream.

Dream About Interactions with Eagles
Dream About Catching an Eagle
To catch or set a trap for an eagle in the dream, suggest that you need to have more perceptive to others. By doing so you will be able to make good judgement by anticipating the free will of others around you. However, in some senses you will also be manipulative as in hindering other people’s ability to think for themselves.

Dream About Feeding an Eagle
Feeding an eagle in the dream represents the need to hone your skills with your careers. You need the willpower and courage to continue to educate yourself so that you become the authority in your industry.

Dream About Turning Into an Eagle
When you dream that you are turning to an eagle, it represents self-renewal and your connection with your spirituality, you are awakening a part of your hidden strength and ego.

Dream About Eagle in House or Office
If the Eagle is bound inside a bedroom or office within in the dream, it indicates that you are unable to express yourself and be who you really want to. For example, if you see that a eagle is tied in the office, it can suggest that your work environment may be prohibiting you from achieving your full potential.

Dream About Killing an Eagle
Killing or shooting down an eagle with a gun in the dream signifies your ruthlessness. You will do whatever it takes to take down anything that stands in your way of ambitions. The dream foretells that you will use force to take down competitors or even those around you to achieve your goals.

Dream About Eating an Eagle
Eating an eagle in the dream implies that in order to achieve great wealth pride, and influence, you need to work on your strong and powerful character.

Dream About Eagle’s Actions
Dream About Eagle Attacking or Biting
When the eagle attacks or bites you in the dream, it is a warning that you may be sinking money into a risky investment bet, or time into risky endeavors. Perhaps you are planning a takeover or purchase of another company that can be deemed risky, or trying to control another individual who will strike back at you.

Dream About Eagle Flying
You will act fiercely and courageously to realize your highest ambitions and greatest desires. Consider the purpose of eagle flying, if the eagle is flying and circling potential prey in the dream, it suggests that you must be patient to wait for the perfect timing and strike your targets with precision.

Dream About Eagle Chasing You
To dream that the eagle chasing you in the dream, suggests that you are experiencing financial trouble and the anxiety that comes along with it. You do not know and fear for when the disaster will strike and debts be collected.

Dream About Eagle Dying
An injured eagle that is dying in the dream can suggest that your fame, fortune and power will be ruthlessly taken from you. A dead eagle can relate to someone who has lost control and power from their higher social standings.

Dream About Eagle Catching Prey
Dreams of an eagle catching prey or fighting off some other animal, suggests that you are torn between certain ideals and desires. The animals could be symbols of other individuals in your life or could be your own inner self.

Dream About Eagle Landing
When the eagle lands on your arm or shoulder in the dream, it is a sign that you need to embrace your dominant nature. It is time to keep those dominating desires in check so that you can have a better relationship with those around you either at work or at home.

Dream About Eagle Killing Snake
A eagle killing or eating snake in the dream, suggests that somebody around you is threatening the status quo. Perhaps there are hierarchy and work related issues where your coworkers are trying to overthrow the immediate boss or manager. However, the dream foretells that such attempt is likely to fail.

Dream About Caged or Chained Eagle
To see a chained or trapped eagle in your dream represents a desperate situation where you are feeling restricted and confined. There are situations in life that stops you from achieving your desires. Perhaps it could be financial or relationship burdens that confines you to a set location.

Dream About Different Parts of Eagle
Dream About Eagle Feathers
Seeing eagle feathers or wearing eagle feathers in the dream suggest that you will receive quick fame and obtain financial gains that come with the fame. However, this fame will be short lived. You will need to develop yourself and your image fully to have a longer lasting impact from your fame.

Dream About Eagle Claw or Talon
Eagle claws or talons in the dream signify your ruthless attitude toward the goals of your life. Once you focus your mind on certain objects in life, you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Although this is a good quality to achieve your purpose in life, it can also hurt others around you by being too pushy and harsh.

Dream About Eagle Wings
Observing eagles wing in the dream suggests that you will receive help from others. Luck and success will come to you if you work hard and strive for positive results. You have the ability and potential for great things.

Dream About Other Eagle Symbolism
Dream About Owl and Eagle
Seeing an owl and eagle together is a positive sign. It foretells that you will receive wise counsel from people of high standing. These rich advice will be able to benefit you and fulfill other people’s legacy.

Dream About Eagle Eggs or Eaglet
Seeing eagle eggs or baby eaglets, suggest that your new born business deals or projects will succeed. The new deals or business partnership however will still be fragile and weak. You need to to spend the time and effort to nurture the relationship.

Dream About Eagle Crest or Symbol
Seeing a eagle crest or items with an eagle symbol, suggest that you will receive an inherited property in the near future. Use this asset to continue your family’s legacy.

Dream About Eagle Nest
To see a nest of young eagles in your dream represents your achievements and your climb to the top of the social ladder. It signals a safe and stable home environment that supports your journey to the top.

Dream About Eagle Tattoo
The eagle tattoo in dreams is a reminder of your individuality. It is time to seek spiritual advancement.

Dream About Pet Eagle
A pet eagle in the dream refers to someone who performs under you and look up to you. How you interact with the pet eagle in the dream can give certain clues. For example, if the pet eagle is attacking you and trying to break away, it could suggest that your employees and younger sibling or children is looking for more freedom to live their lives.

Dream About Eagle’s Appearances
Dream About Golden Eagle
Golden eagles represents golden opportunities that you need to hold on to. You will be able to prevail over others and any obstacles that have been thrown your way. The golden eagle typically refer to opportunities that can boost your social standing and faith. You will be working on majestic projects that benefit many people out of justice and love.

Dream About White Eagle
White eagles in dreams represent the willpower to achieve your desires. However, it is a reminder that you must do so with justice and fairness. Even if you want certain outcome badly, you must remain right and pure without any kind of cheating or shortcut.

Dream About Black Eagle
Black eagle in dreams is a bad sign where people of higher power may be conspiring against you. Perhaps you might get laid off, switch to unwanted department, or demoted.

Dream About Brown Eagle
A brown eagle in dreams refers to worldly opportunities that will be presenting themselves to you in the near future. Perhaps business ventures where you have to be ruthless and precise to show off your strength.

Dream About Bald Eagle
Bald eagles in dreams denotes that you are not ready to compromise on your ideal on any condition. Particularly because of your own ideologies and believes related to freedom.

Dream About Giant Eagle
A giant eagle in the dream represents protection from harm. Someone in your life may be looking out for you and protecting you. It suggests that you have helpers in high places looking over you and think of the best for you.

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