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  1. I dreamed that I saw a medium sized dead turtle. I went back to check on him to be sure that the
    the precious creature was really dead. I noticed that his shell had gone soft which confirmed that
    my assumption was true and correct. I went back a third time to investigate the findings of the dead
    turtle and much to my surprise he was being devoured by even a bigger stronger turtle. I stepped away and let nature take it’s course. Please interpret. I have two homes, One in Texas and one in New Mexico. I like the mountains and the cooler weather. I am thinking about moving back to the mountains. Could this be the reality of my dream.

  2. I had a dream of brown-shelled baby turtles but I do not see the interpretation of “brown turtles”. Would that be similar to black or red? If that can that be added, it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

  3. hi! i had a dream last night about owning a baby turtle. At first i was very happy but from moment to moment she kept growing bigger and i got so scared because i kept changing aquariums (bigger ones), some of them with no land. I didn’t want to kill the turtle by accident or irresponsibility but i was so stressed i didn’t know what to do. The turtle didn’t die because i woke up with my alarm clock but she was getting weak. I remember tho that she was never afraid, she never hid herself. What do you think that means?

    • hi, I was wondering at the time of this dream if you had started doing some self-therapy or self-healing techniques because my guess is the baby turtle represents your inner child or emotional self you decided to take care of but as you went on, you were digging deeper in your emotions and more and more negative emotions and trauma’s came to the surface which is overwhelming you (aquariums – scared), from which some of them you may not understand their origins/cause (no land).
      You are scared to start this healing journey, because you might dig up old sort of trauma’s you are not even aware of and may end up hurting you more and make you more vulnerable and unsafe, yet you feel the need to start some healing therapy because you do have stress and what not, but scared to make things worse. The turtle was never afraid, so perhaps your fears about this (healing your inner child and digging deeper) are unnecessary.

  4. I dreamed my father-in-law and we swim around the island, under a up side down diggie and a hudge turtle was underneath!I woke with the most inspired feeling!

  5. Dreamed i was in the garden, enjoying my day. i came upon a small turtle. i picked it up, and turned it over. the underneath shell was cracked.

  6. i had a dreamed early in the morning i see a big violet turtle not moving or walking,it seems just flash on my eyes and mind for a momment then it disappeared ,it seems in the sand or wall, background color is dirty white or grey where i see the purple turtle or rainbow,not so clear,but not other colors,just violet or rainbow.What does it sygnify to my life?May i know your mind pls..Thank you very much.

  7. i dreamed that i was a turtle and i was walking forward in a garden of big lettuce and then i was picked up and wrapped in lettuce and eaten like a spring roll

  8. The other night I had a dream that someone found a turtle egg and gave it to me and my sister, but she didn’t want it. I was holding the egg and it hatched and it was a black turtle. It kept growing throughout the dream and it followed me everywhere and slept on a dog bed in the corner of my room at night. I thought it was a cool dream, but idk if it had any meaning or not..

  9. Hi last night I was small black turtle on my ex girlfriend vagina when I was about to fuck he. I was scared after I saw that turtle but later on I fuck her. What does that mean. Help me out.

  10. I had a dream killing a turtle as food preparation, cutting it’s whole leg then it’s head. I found myself hard to chop it’s head because the head are hiding inside. Then I trash it’s back to force it’s head out and chop it. What does it mean?

  11. hi i dreamed about owning a turtle in a guinea pig cage then i took it out then i stood on it and killed it accidentally help

  12. I dreampt that my fiancee and my shop worker were driving and stepped on a tortoise only the leg was cut i did not see the other part of the tortoise coz i woke up

  13. I dreampt that my fiancee and my shop worker were driving and stepped on a tortoise only the leg was cut i did not see the other part of the tortoise coz i woke up

  14. I had a dream with SO much symbolism. I sent a letter via UPS to my lover and it was intercerped by hia best friend, a woman I know. The three of us had argument. We were at his apartment outside and endes up inside. He was angry with me and told me he was leaving ke for her. At aome point she became distressed and took off running. I ran afyer her. She fell into deep ravine full of water and I jumped in to save her. Qhen I landed, there was a GIANT snapping turtle swimming toward me from inside a culvert. I felt afraid and yelled out to her. She came over and fought the turtle. We got out unharmed. I went to leave and was attacked by human looking demons but I beat them and was able to escape to my vehicle that would not start. I went back to my lovers apartment and he was angry I was there. The woman friend told him I need help. Later in the dream, my son and I snuck into his apartment and I saw clearly a record player with a 45 on it and the date of June 1 or July 1 hand written on it with black ink and a white background.

  15. Hi I dreamed About me and my colleagues wanted buy a cooked tortoise but at the process of paying for it my colleagues didn’t had the complete amount so I decided to pay the complete money but on my way to the ATM to withdraw the money that was when I woke up. Please I to understand what its means..thanks

  16. I dreamed I was tending to some baby green sea turtles. It appears that they were out of the sea too long and was dying.I was throwing water on them and they were reviving and began to walk. There were others with broken shell and I was putting the shells together and turning them back over on their feet. There was a big one whose shell was broken in three places and I was trying to put it back together , it was not repaired but I never lost hope. Even though it should be dead, i never believed it was dead. There were others who stuck together like a ball and I was separating and putting them back on their feet. I remember rubbing the shells of the only two red ones that was there.

  17. I dreamt about a pond and I was to create a feeding sanctuary for turtles almost in the middle of the pond. I had to use bentonite clay for the underwater base and when I was done, many turtles came to it as if they were waiting for it.
    On the shore, there was a larger turtle observing the pond. He could lift his head high, more like a tortoise. His head and neck were a deep, vivid blue with smaller swirls of yellow. He was striking.

    It was a pleasant/contented feeling seeing that the turtles were cared for.

  18. I had a dream about turtles, they were hanging in the trees, they were small, medium, and large ones. I was walking past a pool and remember seeing all these turtles in the trees.

  19. Hi I dreamed that I was walking around a beach where the tide had gone out and I found masses of dead fish and dead aquatic animal life, one of which being a medium sized turtle he was originally half under the sand upside down I decided to see if he was still alive and flip him the right way up, he wasn’t still alive but very much dead what shoucked me most is that it was just the shell that was there all of his boy parts was there too his head was hanging out where from the eyes you could clearly see it was gone, this was a medium dead green turtle and while you do have one for green turtle it doesn’t really make me understand it well, I didn’t kill him on accident or on purpose I just found him dead so I was wondering what that could mean? My rabbit in the dream also went up to a rotting fish and ate a fuge chunk of meat of it and this rabbit was really small about the size of your hand and the meat was as big as an arm and the rabbit just ate it in one so if you know about that I’d like to know as well, thank you

  20. Good day sir just on Monday 8/7/2019 at abt 9-10 am I was sleeping in the sitting room Nd had a dream where I saw a big brown python snake coiled itself at the back of my auntys window Nd I was busy feeding two bigger tortoise in a cage I was playin with dem Nd I tried to raise one of the big tortoise which later walked up to the big python snake Nd put a fight with the snake the snake swallowed the tortoise but couldn’t swallow all of the tortoise as the tortoise was just too big for the snake to swallow the snake became restless I shouted at the snake to see If it’s gonna turn towards my direction the snake couldn’t move it became restless Nd immediately I picked up a big stick to hit the snake dat was wen the same aunty dat d snake crawled at the back of her window woke me up . So confuse as I don know what it means pls help a sister out

  21. Howdy, well I was a being of light floating in space talking or listing more or less to a gigantic galactic turtle head he was the color of outer space or more like stars and I guess nebulas? Lots of purple and light and I was right in front of his mouth, I guess we were cool w each other, we seemed to know one another, I woke up really calm and postive,but also kinda confused.then found a turtle in the front yard that morning then the next morning found another any thoughts?

  22. Last night I dreamt I was holding my grandsons hand and we were about to step off a wooden platform and noticed a turtle. My grandson ran to pet it and in that instance the child was not my grandson and the turtle’s head morphed into this sinister beady eyes & creepy large mouth with many tiny teeth. It turned over to the child who I grabbed to pull back. The turtle then shook its head and proceeded to turn trying away but kept turning to see if we would step down the platform to attack us/ other’s. The turtle was dark green on dirt ground with some grass patches. It was about 10-12 inches long.

  23. I dream about a baby turtle and he was fine then out of no where came a vulture and sat down beside the turtle and all of a sudden pounced on turtle and started to eat it

  24. In my dream, it was nice outside, warm and sunny. I was in the backyard of my childhood home. there was family and friends chatting and eating and swimming. I was staring at the fence by the alley, i had a strange feelings about what is behind the fence so i walked closer to the fence. the flashback came to me that there was a flood of waves coming into the yard, my mind snapped back so i looked over the fence, saw other fence. sort of looked corraled in, i looked down and saw sea turtles, i was horrified, because it was rotting, decomping.i counted, there was 30 sea turtles, looks like they were trapped, corraled in between the fence, starved to death with no water. I saw one of 30 still alive. i turned around to ask for help, there was snow everywhere, someone ran to me and i pointed at the turtle, that person went over the fence to get the turtle, brought it over, took it to the house. The snow was everywhere, i wasnt sure how it happen.

  25. in my dream my room become a small lake and there are many turtles living in it, then i was looking at it there is also two cats. then in my dream someone said to me that there is a gold under my bed if i dig it. but in my dream my room became the turtles home because my room there become a small lake but its still inside our house.

    (sorry for my english, im not so fluent in english. thank you.)

  26. I dreamt my significant other and I were on a sort of cruise shit. We were with their family, but it was really them. It was different people, and their “father” found a turtle and ripped of its head, then tossing it to me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just returned it to the sea.
    This dream was so vivid, and I remember most of it. I’ve been searching all over the internet, and I swear… Everything I read has been accurate and a little crazy, but with current events, maybe I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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