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  1. I dreamed that I saw a medium sized dead turtle. I went back to check on him to be sure that the
    the precious creature was really dead. I noticed that his shell had gone soft which confirmed that
    my assumption was true and correct. I went back a third time to investigate the findings of the dead
    turtle and much to my surprise he was being devoured by even a bigger stronger turtle. I stepped away and let nature take it’s course. Please interpret. I have two homes, One in Texas and one in New Mexico. I like the mountains and the cooler weather. I am thinking about moving back to the mountains. Could this be the reality of my dream.

  2. I had a dream of brown-shelled baby turtles but I do not see the interpretation of “brown turtles”. Would that be similar to black or red? If that can that be added, it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

  3. hi! i had a dream last night about owning a baby turtle. At first i was very happy but from moment to moment she kept growing bigger and i got so scared because i kept changing aquariums (bigger ones), some of them with no land. I didn’t want to kill the turtle by accident or irresponsibility but i was so stressed i didn’t know what to do. The turtle didn’t die because i woke up with my alarm clock but she was getting weak. I remember tho that she was never afraid, she never hid herself. What do you think that means?

    • hi, I was wondering at the time of this dream if you had started doing some self-therapy or self-healing techniques because my guess is the baby turtle represents your inner child or emotional self you decided to take care of but as you went on, you were digging deeper in your emotions and more and more negative emotions and trauma’s came to the surface which is overwhelming you (aquariums – scared), from which some of them you may not understand their origins/cause (no land).
      You are scared to start this healing journey, because you might dig up old sort of trauma’s you are not even aware of and may end up hurting you more and make you more vulnerable and unsafe, yet you feel the need to start some healing therapy because you do have stress and what not, but scared to make things worse. The turtle was never afraid, so perhaps your fears about this (healing your inner child and digging deeper) are unnecessary.

  4. I dreamed my father-in-law and we swim around the island, under a up side down diggie and a hudge turtle was underneath!I woke with the most inspired feeling!

  5. Dreamed i was in the garden, enjoying my day. i came upon a small turtle. i picked it up, and turned it over. the underneath shell was cracked.

  6. i had a dreamed early in the morning i see a big violet turtle not moving or walking,it seems just flash on my eyes and mind for a momment then it disappeared ,it seems in the sand or wall, background color is dirty white or grey where i see the purple turtle or rainbow,not so clear,but not other colors,just violet or rainbow.What does it sygnify to my life?May i know your mind pls..Thank you very much.

  7. i dreamed that i was a turtle and i was walking forward in a garden of big lettuce and then i was picked up and wrapped in lettuce and eaten like a spring roll

  8. The other night I had a dream that someone found a turtle egg and gave it to me and my sister, but she didn’t want it. I was holding the egg and it hatched and it was a black turtle. It kept growing throughout the dream and it followed me everywhere and slept on a dog bed in the corner of my room at night. I thought it was a cool dream, but idk if it had any meaning or not..

  9. Hi last night I was small black turtle on my ex girlfriend vagina when I was about to fuck he. I was scared after I saw that turtle but later on I fuck her. What does that mean. Help me out.

  10. I had a dream killing a turtle as food preparation, cutting it’s whole leg then it’s head. I found myself hard to chop it’s head because the head are hiding inside. Then I trash it’s back to force it’s head out and chop it. What does it mean?

  11. hi i dreamed about owning a turtle in a guinea pig cage then i took it out then i stood on it and killed it accidentally help

  12. I dreampt that my fiancee and my shop worker were driving and stepped on a tortoise only the leg was cut i did not see the other part of the tortoise coz i woke up

  13. I dreampt that my fiancee and my shop worker were driving and stepped on a tortoise only the leg was cut i did not see the other part of the tortoise coz i woke up

  14. I had a dream with SO much symbolism. I sent a letter via UPS to my lover and it was intercerped by hia best friend, a woman I know. The three of us had argument. We were at his apartment outside and endes up inside. He was angry with me and told me he was leaving ke for her. At aome point she became distressed and took off running. I ran afyer her. She fell into deep ravine full of water and I jumped in to save her. Qhen I landed, there was a GIANT snapping turtle swimming toward me from inside a culvert. I felt afraid and yelled out to her. She came over and fought the turtle. We got out unharmed. I went to leave and was attacked by human looking demons but I beat them and was able to escape to my vehicle that would not start. I went back to my lovers apartment and he was angry I was there. The woman friend told him I need help. Later in the dream, my son and I snuck into his apartment and I saw clearly a record player with a 45 on it and the date of June 1 or July 1 hand written on it with black ink and a white background.

  15. Hi I dreamed About me and my colleagues wanted buy a cooked tortoise but at the process of paying for it my colleagues didn’t had the complete amount so I decided to pay the complete money but on my way to the ATM to withdraw the money that was when I woke up. Please I to understand what its means..thanks

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