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Polar Bear Dream Interpretation — 8 Comments

  1. I recently had a dream of a polar bear.He was the whitest of white.He followed me up to my old house we used to live in.I was amazed at how peaceful and calm he was.I kept thinking,is he going to attack me at any moment? But he didn’t, and all I wanted to do at that point,was sketch him to capture his beauty.what a strange dream.

  2. i dreamed of a polar bear just standing in front of me and i was a little scared but when i said to yself i won’t be and bring my chest up i remember and he stands up on his two back legs then i woke up

  3. I dreamed 2times of a polar bear that chase me and i ran into the sea trying to hide from it in the deep dark sea water cuz the polar wants to eat m

  4. I dreamed of a big white polar bear standing up following me I was unsure about him but then all he wanted was to be loved and he gave love back it was strong the felling as I was nerves around him and unsure .

  5. I had a dream of a white polar bear and a white crocodile. The crocodile was resting on the waters edges and the polar bear dived in to the water beside the crocodile biting the crocodile as the polor bear comes out of the water,

  6. I dreamt a polar bear was suspended I. Front of the. Ridge table, then he later sat down nd played a hand, there was no fear.

  7. I saw something running at high speed towards me I stepped back to get out of the way when it got closer I realized it was a polar bear, it stop dead in front of me I was so shocked that I wasn’t afraid but I didn’t make any sudden moves, I looked around for help people were just watching with terrified looks on their faces. It smelled me but did not attack like it was waiting for me to do something then I woke up.

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