Polar Bear Dream Meaning – Top 8 Dreams About Polar Bear

Did you dream about polar bears? To see a white polar bear that is peaceful and relaxed in your dream signifies a reawakening. You can survive through the dark times under any circumstances. Below we will note more dream interpretations about polar bears.

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Dream About Polar Bear Actions

If the polar bear is attacking you in the dream, it is a sign of deceit and misfortune that may be fast approaching you. The mishap will usually be from an authority figure that you have trusted.

To dream about a polar bear hunting and stalking you or even chasing you; foretells that your enemies might act as your friend to gain your trust and then betray you. Be aware of any new acquaintances that you may have recently met before you give them your trust.

Dreaming of a polar bear eating in a zoo suggests that you are absorbing new spiritual thoughts or ideas. These ideas can help you last through the harsh environments that you may now experience.

A polar bear running away or plunging into the snow in the dream; suggests that you overlook important details or opportunities for your own personal growth.

If you are fighting or killing a polar bear in the dream, you will do anything to survive. Perhaps you have done something recently that you thought is immoral or illegal. You are staying on top of others for your own profit.

Dream About Other Polar Bear Related Symbols

Polar Bear Cubs
Dream about baby polar bears or cubs represents the little white lies you or others have told recently. The white lies had good intentions to help someone through the bad times.

Dream About Polar Bear Skins
To see the skin of a polar bear denotes that you will successfully overcome any opposition.

Dream About Polar Bear Traps
Like a bear trap, a dream about polar bear traps suggests obstacles that might hinder your spiritual awakening. Perhaps you can barely survive in your current lifestyle that you have forgotten your purpose. The hidden obstacles in the harsh and icy environment will stop you from achieving your true potential.

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