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  1. I have a bear dream that it kind of startles me. I kept seeing a baby bear just sitting outside of my yard. For some reason, I had to get out of my house. I knew that since I saw the baby, the mother was very near by. So I quickly ran out of my house… when I looked backed, I saw the mother bear in the distance. I kept running forward. Then when I looked back I saw the mother bear sitting with the baby bear. It was endearing to look at.
    Then I went back to my house. Then I felt the need again to leave, and when I did, the same scenario happened again. This probably repeated itself one more time after that.

    Then… when I had to return to my house, I found myself kind of nervous and anxious. I left and ran past the baby bear the same way, this time I looked backed and the momma was not stopping at the baby, she was chasing me. I ran but my feet felt heavy. I looked around and two other bears came out of the woods. All three were roaring…. They all from different directions proceeded to pounce on me at the same time, I crouched down and all three bears hit each other and fell back.

    Then I woke up.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

  2. I a dream of a bear as a pet in a new house it was very freindly than a cub appard a and another bear and a pup collie

  3. I had a vision that a tiger approached me. It was standing on its hind legs and towered over me. It was frightening and I felt a great amount of anxiety seeing it and hearing it. Snakes were wrapped around its arms, but they appeared to have thorns all over them. On one of the thorns was a little rag doll of an old boss I knew. The snakes slithered off of the arms of the tiger, and the tiger pointed at me then yelled with a booming voice, “You are not God! You are NOT GOD!! Accept your death or you will die by the hands of another!” The snakes that slithered away turned into a giant black, angry bear. The tiger leaped over to the black bear and smashed it on the head, killing it. When the bear fell to the ground, it started to sink underneath, but before fully disappearing, the tiger pulled the bear’s heart out and showed it to me.

    It was a bizarre vision but has been extremely important to me, and there was another peak of importance to the vision just hours ago. I’d like to know what all of this may represent, but a ‘priestess’ did tell me that the tiger is me.

  4. I dreamt that I had a baby brown bear cub that had adopted me as its mother. It had grown bigger than me and was trying to fit under me as a baby bear would its mother. This dream totally relates to the fierce protective love my 11 year old has towards me. He is nearly my size and does try to snuggle like a little one. How funny.

  5. I dreamed that my husband and I were sleeping in a bedroom when a giant brown bear tried to get in through a window and attack us. The window was partly open because the glass pane didn’t completely fill up the frame. It could either be lifted up or pushed down easily to gain access to the room. I understood it to be a female and there was a small brown cub beside her. The cub was using its claws to lift up on the window and make a space to crawl through , while the big bear was trying to open it all the way for her access. I got up and ran to the window to try to close it down so that they couldn’t get in and hurt us. I grabbed the baby bear and pulled it through the window and began using it like a club towards the big bear claws that was trying to get in through the window.

  6. Had a dream last night with multiple black bears chasing and attacking me, a polar bear killed one and I stabbed one in the throught before it bit me. Pretty sure this is a good sign on soo many different levels

  7. I dreamt. Of a baby Brown bear was playfully walking in the moonlight..there were no people..just the bear on a hill..walking in the dark..

  8. I was driving down a road I use frequently and as I rounded a corner there was a dead polar bear lying on the road with its guts all out like it had been badly run over. I rarely dream but really feel this is symbolic but cant figure what it means.

  9. I had a dream about a big brown bear hiding under wheelbarrow waiting for my 15 years old son to come back from school. Then he cam home and they began playing. The bear was trying to kiss m,y son in the mouth. I was watching and was terrified. My son did not show any fear. He was trying to figure out what the bear wanted from him.
    Then I woke up.

  10. I have dreamt of a brown bear, being friendly, me feeding and cuddling it and then having it turn on me, chase me through my house and it nearly attacking me. From what I have found in my research, it can mean anger or aggression but also strength. I can see how both of these may be true in my day to day life!
    I’m waking up absolutely terrified. My heart beating faster than ever before and me not wanting to go back to sleep! It’s currently 2:53am! & I don’t want to go back to sleep because I’m scared.

  11. I had a dream of a bear running outside of our house. It wasn’t threatening us but for some reason I felt threatened by it and so did all my family. I know we were in a house that didn’t belong to us but the bear was running back and forth looking for something then I noticed it had a cub it was alive but all I remember is my husband with the mutilated cub in his arms. I remember feeling very scared and anxious. Then I woke up. Please what does that mean??!

  12. I had a dream that I was lying down in the grass with my face and hands hidden when a mother bear lay down behind me and two bear cubs lay down in front of me almost creating a full circle around my body. There was no aggression from the bears but I also did not touch them but the feeling was peaceful.

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