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Alligator and Crocodile Dream Interpretation — 8 Comments

  1. I had a dream a baby croc wanderd in to my yard I fought the baby croc but had no where to contain it so it was in deep puddles in my back yard swimming my children Wen out side I did not want them getting bit so I took them inside at this time the crock climb up a tree on to my porch and get in house runs down stairs I catch it again I get bit but it don’t hurt. I finally put him in a bucket where he escapes n I have to catch him a 3 time which I do and,he stays cought this time I wake

  2. I had a dream I was riding a bike, out of the corner of my eye seen a baby alligator in the street my head turned to watch it. Noticed a car comeing towards the alligator as the car got close the alligator jumped on the hood ran on top of it and on trunk. Then the alligator jumped off. I then woke up.

  3. I had a dream about a big alligator going down the street I was in a my work truck me and a coworker.we drive by the alligator he was snapping at everyone who came by him we kept going and we pulled over by a church and we seen a dead small alligator with his head chewed halfway off it look like it head was halfway in the drainage ditch

  4. I had a dream a baby alligator was swimming in its back but my baby’s face was the face of the gator. He was laughing while swimming in the water. I have no clue what that could mean.

  5. I had a dream that I saw a huge (literally the length of a bus huge) alligator in the water below me, (I was on a verandah) I went to inform others but when I turned back, a child (around 3) climbed over the railings and I ran forward to pick him back but my hand only managed to touch a piece of his clothes before he fell straight onto the crocodile. The crocodile slowly moved and swallowed him whole. Then some military personal came with boats and killed the crocodile. I didn’t see the part where they took out the baby but everyone around me told me that he died.

  6. I dreamy I was riding a horse thechose started gasping for air and basically fainted then in a flash appeared to actually be a large white or pale alligator or crocodile and she was pregnant she was also friendly and could speak I helped her get to the water to get her eggs there a few had already born and were crawling on her face and teeth one even crawled on my face we both laughed as I brushed it away and I took her to the water then I kinda woke up

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