Cage Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about a cage? Cages in dreams typically refer to some form of inhibitions or powerlessness in areas of your life. Pay attention to the contexts as to where, when, and what appears inside and outside the cage. Dig into the contexts to get a better understanding of how cages may reflect your waking life. Below are more common dream scenarios related to cages.

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Dream About Your Interaction with the Cage

Dream About Trapped in a Cage
Dreaming about being trapped inside a cage, indicates that you lack the freedom to act independently. All of your actions and thoughts will be kept on a short leash and observed. Try to act accordingly and avoid going out of line, or you might be further punished in the near future.

Dream About Putting Something or Someone Inside a Cage
To put animals inside a cage in the dream, is symbolic of your ability to control your animalistic desires, rage, and anger.

Dream About Condition of the Cage

Dream About Empty Cage
To see an empty cage in the dream is a reminder that you need to cherish your freedom and autonomy to do what you wish. Perhaps you have the free use of your time and effort at work or school. But if you are not careful, you may lose that privilege and be micromanaged in the near future.

Dream About Rusty Cage
Rusty cages in dreams refer to certain rules, obligations, or traditions that may be outdated. Perhaps there are routines or habits in your daily life that have been prohibiting you from achieving your true potential. Consider going over your life to find which rules or people that are holding you back.

Dream About Broken Cage
Broken cages in dreams represent both opportunities and challenges to break the status quo. The dream foretells that a turbulent time is ahead and there will be a reshuffling of power and priorities. You do not know what the future may hold, and you may have little control over the final outcome.

Dream About Location of the Cage

Dream About Cage Underwater
To dream about an underwater cage, is a sign that you feel confined and restrained in a relationship or business deal. You have been stuck and overflow with blue or negative emotions. You may not last too long in such a negative environment for a longer period of time.

Dream About What Is Inside the Cage

Dream About Caged Animal
To see a caged animal in the dreams, indicates that you or someone has full control of the situation. In addition, the caged animals may refer to employees, students, or customers that may be taken advantage of.

Dream About Caged Birds
The dream about caged birds like a peacock simply that you are feeling like a jailbird. Perhaps you have suffered a sudden loss of freedom and you are experiencing frustrations.

Dream About Caged Tiger or Caged Lions
Dreaming about caged predators like a caged tiger or lion, indicates that something or someone is holding you back. You need to control your pride and aggression towards the matter at hand. No matter how strongly you feel about a certain situation.

Dream About Owl in Cage
To see an owl inside a cage in the dream, signifies that you are not trusting your instincts and certain wisdom. Be aware of near term decisions that you make by going against your wisdom. As you may make bad calls that bring disastrous results.

Dream About Caged Eagle
To see a caged eagle in your dream represents a desperate situation where you are feeling restricted and confined. Perhaps it could be financial or relationship burdens that confines you to a set location.

Dream About Pet Cages

Dream About Hamster Cage
Dreaming about a hamster cage, is a sign that you feel obligated to keep your trivial and small desires in check. You are unable to eat or enjoy yourself freely without feeling confined or restrained.

Dream About Cats in Cage
A cat in a cage, indicates that you may be in an unhappy relationship with a bad power dynamic. Perhaps the girlfriend or boyfriend may be over-controlling and obsessive.

Dream About Snake in Cage
To dream about snakes being inside a cage, is a sign that you have successfully kept out the toxic people or influence in your life. However, be aware that you need to continuously keep them out of your life. As they could ruin your life again if you let them out of the cage.

Dream About Rat in a Cage
Seeing rats inside a cage, is an omen that you will experience or experiment with certain vices or bad habits in the near future.

Dream About Bird Cage
Birdcages by themselves in a dream, points to certain limitations or boundaries that you have placed for yourself and others. You have set up a subconscious comfort zone for yourself, but it will instead limit your full potential.

Dream About Dog Cage
To dream about dog cages, suggests that you will question the loyalty of your friend or subordinates in the near future. However, to avoid being betrayed by your closest friends, you may instead limit their options, thoughts, or actions.

Dream About Other Cage Related Themes

Dream About Rib Cage
To see rib cages, is a sign that you will become vulnerable to certain issues shortly. You will desperately need some form of security or defense to protect yourself.

Dream About Cage Fighting
Dreaming about cage fighting of people or animals, represents conflicting ideas or beliefs. There will be violent or dramatic showdowns for you. You have to determine how to proceed or whom to listen to in making your decisions.

Dream About Batting Cage
To be at a batting cage for baseball practice, indicates that you will have opportunities to test out your theories and crafts. However, it could also suggest that you are not ready for the big time yet. Spend the time and effort to perfect your skills and craft before going public. You may be able to increase your odds of success significantly.

Dream About Cages

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