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  1. I didnt saw a wolf but the wolf was howling in my body .what is that please tell me im too worried .till now i havent seen like that of dream .thos is the 1st time in my life i saw like that .

  2. dreamed about a wolf that was attack me i was on a big rock kicking it in the face it ran away and came back with 6others i kicked 3 more in the face again and they all ran away

  3. I have had dreams about wolfs for a long time and I have dreams that actually happen later in life. This one dream keeps coming back to me where i get really angry and my eyes turn gold/yellow and a lot of males come to my house while i’m alone and take me with them unto the woods to a pack of wolves they don’t hurt me but a black wolf talks it says 3 words “It’s your destiny.” then I will wake up Iv’e had this dream since I turned 13 so a year i’m 14 now and i’m still having this dream. Help?

  4. I had a dream about a huge orange werewolfe on the edge of the wood, walking around but not coming towards me. And then had another one that was trying to talk to me but no sound came out. I was kinda scared, but they didn’t try to hurt me.

  5. There were two wolves (Possibly large dogs like husky are germ shepherd) one male and one female. I was trying to earn their trust. The male kept viciously attacking me while the female shied away and acted afraid of me. Since he was the primary threat, I figured I’d try to earn his trust first, but no matter how friendly I was, no matter what I did he would continue to make vicious attacks towards me as the female continue to look frightened and shy. Then suddenly something dawned on me, why the male would not calm down or stop attacking me. With my left arm, I held back the males attacks, and with my right arm, I put my hand out to the female, for her to smell me and get comfortable with me and accept me. She cautiously approached me as I held my hand out, meanwhile the male was still relentlessly trying to attack me and biting at me and attacking my left arm as I held him back. She smelled my hand and I began to pet her, and she grew comfortable with me. As soon and she felt safe she walked up and let me put my arm around her. The minute the male noticed that she had accepted me and that she had let me put my arm around her, he immediately stopped attacking me and rolled over into my lap acting as if he was relieved and the fight was over. I had earned her trust and with it came his without question. Something I would have never otherwise gotten.

  6. I’d really like to understand the recurring dream that I have about me being alone in a cottage in the woods. There is a female wolf there protecting me from the other wolves that are trying to get to me.

  7. There wad at least 3 or 4 white wolf’s that seemed to be out the back of my house which is in a field.i always let my wee dog out and he goes in2 the field and always comes in when he’s done his thing.in my dream my dog and another dog were out,it was snowing v heavy the wolf’s bit my dog,he got away but they chaced him 2 the door.i got him in door shut just in time.i can’t recall the other dog.he was bleeding but ok.what does this mean?

  8. I have dreamt of my son being attacked and carried away by a pack of wolves since he was a baby…he is now 23 and i still have the dream…he was taken from me at 6 yrs old…what does this mean?

    • The number of possible meanings for wolf dreams boggles the mind. Specifically for this dream:
      1. In this particular dream, it may be that something happened in his life at about the age of six that will later impact his life. Here are some possibilities:
      o Was he abused?
      o Did he start public school?
      o Or move into a new neighborhood?
      o Were his parents separated or his mom widowed when he was about six years old?
      2. There could be some event at this young age, which you do not know about, that is causing a downward spiral.
      3. Whenever possible, I try to look at the dream with a literal (or almost) literal interpretation. Thus, it may be that he has come (or will come) under the influence of undesirable people or, possibly, ideas. It may be that he will join a cult or be involved in some sort of gang or a similar group. Or it may be that he will (one day) be physically attacked by vicious people.
      4. However, many of our dreams contain images that come from the depths of the dreamer’s unconscious and should not be taken literally. With this mind, there are a few additional possibilities:
      o The wolves may be representative of parts of the dreamer’s unconscious. Thus, she may, in some way, be attacking her son.
      o However, the son could also be a symbol from her unconscious. This would mean that there is a part of her that is attacking and trying to control another part of her.
      5. There is yet another possibility which has a shamanistic theme. In a shaman’s initiation or calling, he (or she) is often attacked by a wild animal. The animal will typically devour the person. This act gives the shaman control over the spirit of the animal. This might mean that the son will become a shaman. (And, yes – we still have shamans or shaman-like individuals.)

      Sometimes there will be subtle little differences in a series of dreams that will help with their interpretation.
      Additional dreams can also shed light on the meaning of particular dreams.
      The more we know about the dreamer’s life, the more we can get a feel for the meaning of a dream. For examples:
      • Is she a single mom?
      • Does she or her some feel ostracized by society?
      • Is she, her son, or someone close them neurotic or have some sort of personality disorder?

      Hope this helps.

  9. I was in a forest with others. We were laying down to sleep under covers. The wolves laid up against us to keep us warm. We were safe. There were sheep too and by morning the wolves had killed one of the sheep (for food I think).

  10. In my dream I was in a public bathroom speaking with another lady. As I pulled my pants down to use the bathroom I realized there was no toilet. Before I could pull my pants back up a gaint grey wolf bust threw the door and began sniffing my croch. Apparently he really liked me. Then I woke up. It was really realistic, I could actually feel the fur on my legs and the size of his massive head. What does this mean?

  11. As a kid I had recurrent dreams of a black wolf’s head with red eyes.I’ve never mentioned it to anyone in my life. But a few days ago my 5 year old son verbalized having the same dream, also recurrent. I find that intriguing but disturbing.

  12. Please tell me more about my Dream.

    I dreamed that I’m playing with kids and knowingly the Dog wolfs will come out if I shout while running. The wolfs just running together with us. While me, I run very fast and every time run and shout calling the attentions of wolfs to go out suddenly I’m on the next road with another kid. At first I run with a kid and the wolves are running with us. Then I was very focused in running and suddenly I’m again with another kids playing running and I shout again the new wolves are following with us. Then Tim to time, its happening every time I’m focused in running, I’m seeing myself into the next ladder. The ladder seems going up because where reaching towards the top place. Then I reached the top place. And all the wolves are looking at me. Please give me a reply. However this dream happened before I and my youth members have our prayer jogging in the morning.

  13. In my dream I am being chased by a grizzly bear. I go into a log cabin and the bear chases me inside. A wolf is standing above me in a wooden beam and growls at the bear so it leaves. The wolf is white and silver. What does this mean? This dream is recurrent.

  14. Please help me understand a dream that I just had. Two hours ago I woke up after having this vivid dream. My husband and I were walking home and noticed a beautiful white wolf running towards us. We quickly decided to hurry and get into the mobile home we lived in. (We don’t live in a mobile home) The wolf went past us chasing what I think was a cat and went around the corner. We get inside and my husband goes upstairs (in a mobile home?) The wolf has now turned into a very handsome man with a white shirt and dark pants. He looked at me through the window in the door like he wanted to talk to me. He had a hesistant look in his eyes like he was unsure about doing something. I decided to slightly open the door with my foot holding it from completely opening. He started talking gently and then pushed the door open. He grabbed me and I struggled with him. I tried talking to him about stopping this and told him that I saw in his face that he really didn’t want to do this. I said it several times. I started screaming for my husband to come and protect me. I kept screaming and just knew that if he knew what was happening that he would beat him off of me. I even imagined him coming around the corner and rescuing me but Im not sure he did. During my screaming, I thought that maybe he just can’t hear me. Then I just woke up thinking about every detail of the dream.

  15. I was just going through a gas blowout that should have killed me but I imagined to some out with 2 blown ear drums the my wolf came I my dreams every 2 days. I will always e running of something and can’t see iso I run faster but I can’t get away fast e ought start running like a wolf and feel amaze I wake up and remember everything.. at this point I. My wife me and her we’re fighting a lot. On night I killed him woke up cry so hard but in the dream I kept his body.

  16. So… What about a wolf pack of 18 wolves protecting me and killing off 6 aggresive black labradors that were attacking me and other people that were around there.

  17. I dreamt about being surrounded by a pack of huge wolves that were friendly and almost protective of me. One of them was licking my hand and I remember freely giving him my hand without any fear what so ever. I understood the dream to represent my family being very protective over me, more than I actually realize.. Funnily enough, I’ve recently moved out and now live with my partner

  18. I dreamt about a solo wolf attacking my home door. The wolf kept hitting the door and i was behind it until the door was broken my mum and lil bro ran away and left me fighting with the wolf at the room the wolf was standing above the bed and looking at me with bad intentions and i looked at the ground and i fount a wooden stick shaped like a knife it looked strong enough to hurt the wolf so i took it and when the wolf jumped on me i kept hurting him then he was bleeding but still alive and moving he got his face closer to me i dont remember the words but he was like threatening me and he was actually talking! Then i woke up.

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