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Horse Dream Interpretation — 6 Comments

  1. i had a dream recently that my best horse was eating meat. at a point in his life, he did have some connective tissue issues and required more protein in his diet ..but he’s been rehabbed to the eyeballs and is a big, strong guy, so i don’t know if this dream is about him or me.

  2. I was standing at my class at school on the patio when I saw horses about four or five in front was this beautiful white horse with wonderful white mane, I think I opened the gate and they walked towards and passed me, there was another white and brown horse catching my eye, I made way for them I hold out my hand and a baboon kiss or licked my hand. The horses wasn’t wild but just kind of tame but energetic.

  3. iI cam upon two very elegant tall shiny chestnut coat horses with beautifully braded manes – the most beautiful horses I had ever seen. They were facing each other and I walked up to and greeted each of them – I pet the one on my left and looked into the eyes of teh larger one on my right and sniffed and blew air with my nostrells and paid attention to the other one. while the one on my right the larger one nosed in and really began the sniff-snort introduction and when I turned his or her way we were nose to nowe and exchanging a lot of breath – more than I may have wanted but it’s an honor.

  4. I found a beautiful white box and above it , there was a small toy horse made with fabrics. Then, I told to myself I had brought it to give it as a gift for my crush. I brushed the horse, made it clean (but it looked already so white and clean). And I put the horse back where it was.

  5. Today dreamed that I am at a roadside public function than An road accident was happend, where a white car riding by some boys hitted a Horse cart, where the horse got wounded ,left side back leg has been cut away from his body, three people with over weight luggage continuously riding the cart, than I shouted to them to free the tied up horse because he is about to die, someone beside me (may be some relative of mine) support me on that cause. And I waked up from dream

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