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Did you dream about the fox? It represents cunningness, resourcefulness, insight, cleverness, and the ability to discover and exploit loopholes. The dream is suggesting that you are being concealed and discreet or about your life. It could relate to someone in your waking life who is sly and sneaky. Consider the contexts, looks, and your interactions with the fox in the dream to get the best interpretation reading.

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Dream About Interactions With Fox

Feeding Fox
To dream that you are feeding a fox; suggests that you will work hard to gain the trust of someone. However, do not rely on the loyalty of this person. As it is his or her nature to protect himself. You might be enabling spies who might take advantage of your sympathy.

Saving a Fox
Dreaming that you are saving an injured fox; suggests that you will help someone who had been judged. Particularly, someone who will be disgraced by the public and jury because of his or her dishonesty. You will do whatever you can to help this person.

Running Away from Fox
To dream that you are running away from the fox; is similar to a dream of running from coyotes or wolves. However, instead of using force to overpower you. Someone will try to use sweet lies or misdirections. You will look through the fakeness to escape to safety.

Killing Fox
Killing a fox by hunting it with a gun; foretells that you will take drastic actions to put away someone. You no longer trust someone who had been lying to take advantage of your kindness. You are actively seeking out the truth while taking appropriate actions at the same time.

Hunting Fox
Dreaming that you are hunting fox as a hunter; indicates that you are looking for a new challenge in your life. Particularly, you are exposing certain truths or bring awareness of something. It could also suggest that you are looking for a fling or temporary relationship.

Dream About General Fox Actions

Neutral Fox Movements

Fox Chasing and Following You
To dream about a fox chasing you or following you in the dream; forewarns that you will become some type of victim to a scammer, stalker, or social hacker. You should not let your guard down in terms of protecting yourself.

Talking Fox
To see a talking fox in the dream; suggests that someone in waking life is lying to you. Note the message being said by the fox. And analyze how it could relate to real-life communications that you have been receiving.

Fox Running Away
To see a fox running away from you in the dream; foretells that you will look through someone’s deception. This person will soon leave you alone because he or she will try to avoid you in the future.

Aggressive Fox

Fox Biting You
Dreaming that fox bite you; suggests that you will be hurt and betrayed by a lover. Your significant other will cheat on you to have an affair.

Fox Fighting
To dream about foxes fighting; suggests that you will soon witness a conflict of some sort between dishonest individuals. Perhaps you will see an argument between politicians, leading figures, or presidents in your organization. The dream implies that you need to take their words with the grain of salt. As their positions can be very self-motivated.

Fox Hunting
To dream about fox hunting; implies that you need to try hard to find loopholes. If you are shopping, make sure that you find the best promotions and sales. Look for ways so that you could prosper under a hard system like avoiding your taxes.

Fox Attacking Dog
To dream about a fox attacking a dog; suggests that your secrets will be revealed to your close friends. You will work your way so that your subordinates do not disclose them.

Fox Killing Rabbit Or Other Small Animals
To see fox killing rabbits, chicken, ducks, goose, or other small animals; suggests that someone close to you will be taken advantage of. Educate your children or employees so that they do not fall prey to potential scams. Fraudsters are looking for ways to hinder your organization.

Other Fox Actions

Fox Dying
To see a fox dying in the dream points to a period of isolation or loneliness. Some issues and troubles will catch up. People will distant the shady and nocturnal personalities that cannot be open to the sunshine.

Flying Fox
Flying fox with wings in the dream warns you of danger coming your way. Someone untrustworthy is going to land in your footsteps.

Fox Giving Birth
To dream about a pregnant fox giving birth; reflects that you will have a secret relationship or adorations for others. You secretly admire and think fondly of others.

Friendly Fox

Fox Playing
To see fox playing and curious with you; foretells pleasant times and that you are going to discover new personality traits within. You will soon understand that it is better to keep an open mind about someone. Someone who you think is sly and tricky might not be so bad. They are just misunderstood.

Friendly Fox Visiting
A friendly fox visiting you in the dream; foretells that you will soon be faced with a decision. You will likely talk about certain white lies or deception in order to protect yourself.

Dream About Fox Locations

Fox In Water
To see a fox swimming or even drowning in water like a river or swimming pool; is associated with the awareness and emotions of people around you. They suggest that it is getting harder and harder to tell lies. It is better to have a relationship with the truth.

Fox in House
A fox inside your house or apartment in the dream; suggests that there is a rival in love. Be careful about mistresses and homewreckers who could destroy your married or love life.

Fox Den
To see or be near a fox den in the dream; indicates that you will have to deal with dishonest people in the near future out of nature. Some people will be afraid of you. Do not be too direct with your requests. Be gentle with your negotiations.

Dream About Appearances of Fox

Fox Sizes

Small Baby Fox Cub Pup
To dream about baby fox or pup; points to a concern of dishonesty. They relate to white lies or small scale things.

Large Giant Fox
To dream about a large giant fox; points to a person in waking life who is very arrogant with you. This person or organization will lie to your face with different argument. His or her goal is to belittle you so that they will get their ways.

Fox Family
To see a fox family in the dream; suggests that you will do whatever it takes to keep your family together. May it be lying or stealing to survive and prosper.

Fox Physical Conditions

Beautiful Fox
A beautiful fox in the dream points to the beauty of an opposite sex. You will be attracted to the outward appearance of someone.

Dead Fox
A dead fox in the dream indicates certain lies, excuses, or loopholes will be exposed. You will realize the truth about someone.

Sick Injured Fox
To dream about a sick injured fox inside traps; is a sign that you are refusing to accept that you have been lied to. Even if all the evidence shows that you have been taken advantage of, you refuse to believe or change your mind.

Rabid Fox
Rabid fox in the dream suggests that you are involved in some kind of fraud and cheating. However, you will soon make certain fatal mistakes and get in trouble with authorities.


3 Eyed Fox
To see 3 eyed foxes in the dream foretells that you will soon gain special insights. These insights will help you cover your weaknesses.

Fennec Fox
To dream about fennec fox; forewarn you of false friends. Be true and hard against the inaccuracies.

Fox Pet
To dream that you have a fox as a pet; it suggests that your partner might not be the right choice for you.

2 or 3 Fox
To see multiple foxes in the dream; foretells that you will have the opportunity to meet some new people. You will spend good time with them that brings you fun and joy.

Dream About Fox Parts

Fox Eyes
A dream focused on the eyes of the fox; points to opportunities and sign of luck. You will note some needs of people. Pay close attention to the common things in waking life. You will be able to notice and observe people’s needs.

Fox Tail
A fox tail in the dream is not a good omen. It is a sign that you will soon believe you land on a huge amount of money. However, it will likely turn out to be a huge scam. Be aware of business deals or promises that turn out too good to be true.

Fox Head Face
To see a fox head or face in the dream as a trophy; foretells that you will soon get the love of someone that you longed for. But soon you will feel that love is not what you really need. The relationship will be short lasted because you simply got a trophy wife or a trophy husband. It is just another conquest.

Dream About Fox Colors

Blue Fox
Blue fox in the dreams signifies that you are looking for a soul mate.

Black Fox
Black fox in the dream suggests that you are looking for an escape from life’s mysteries and challenges.

Red Fox
Red fox in the dream points to merciless, cruelty, and meanness.

Grey Fox
Grey fox in the dream points to disorder, uncertainty, and confusion.

White Fox
White fox in dreams point to betrayal of friends and family.

Brown Fox
Brown fox in the dream relates to adaptability, flexibility to any kind of diverse situations.

Pink Fox
Pink fox in the dream forewarns that you will fall prey to heart breakers and false love.

Golden Fox
To see a golden fox in the dream; foretells that you will encounter an opportunity of a lifetime. This opportunity however is a little questionable on its ethics and legality. You will operate in gray areas of the law. Once you pull it off, you will be rewarded handsomely for years to come.

Silver Fox
Silver fox in the dream relate to great temptations that can overshadow the mind. You will be tempted to make certain business deals or career moves. Think twice before you make the decision.

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