Antelope Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Antelope

Did you dream about antelope? Antelopes in dreams represent noble deeds and beautiful ambitions. You require speed and desire to help others in family, however it suggests that you want complete control within your tribe. You must not be afraid nor shy away from exhibiting your thoughts and heart. By having the right thoughtfulness and attention, you will be able to lead people into greatness.

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Dream About Killing Antelope

Killing antelope in dreams, foretell that you need to get the opportunity for the kill as soon as you can. Do not wait for your chances and end up procrastinating before the big move. As the prize of the hunt can easily flee if you wait for the kill.

Dream About Eating an Antelope

To dream that you are eating an antelope, suggests that you will go through a tough but worthwhile hunt. You will be rewarded with success in waking life because your excellent skills.

Dream About Hunting or Catching Antelope

To hunt and catch antelope in the dream, is a symbol of beating something elusive. Perhaps the goal is further and tougher than you expected.

Dream About Antelope Fighting

Dreaming about antelope fighting and bumping heads, symbolizes certain type of power struggles in your family ahead. You might not see eye to eye with certain issues, and you will fight over to see whose ideas will prevailed and be followed.

Dream About Antelope Stampede

To dream about antelope herds stampede, suggests that the people in waking life might lead you down the path. Although you might feel safe running with the crowds in certain directions, you might fall prey to predators and hunters who will take advantage of the situation. You are likely to get hurt if you do not try to think outside of the herd mentality.

Dream About Dead Antelope

To dream about a dead antelope or decaying antelope corpse, foretells that you will encounter lost and confused love affair, you will feel frustrated and unable to move.

Dream About Blue Antelope

Blue antelope in dreams, suggests that you need to flee and retreat from your current situation. Perhaps you have entered into bad situations without too much thinking, and your emotions will fail you.

Dream About Black Antelope

Black antelopes in dreams are signs of disappointments. Your hopes and desires will not be realized and you will fall into depression.

Dream About White Antelope

Dreaming that you are a white antelope, indicates that you have made yourself too visible and clear of a target. Your ambitions are noticed and observed by many. This can be a good thing and bad, as your words and actions might be put under a microscope and analyzed closely.

Dream About Baby Antelope

Baby antelopes playing together in dream, symbolizes lucky marriage and good development of family life ahead.

Dream About Antelope Horns

Antelope horns in dreams point to good opportunity and good news waiting at your doorstep. Your high ambitions will be achieved through your pride, ego, and great expenditure of energy and process.

An antelope staring at you means that a good opportunity or some good news is waiting at your doorstep. To see an antelope in your dream suggests that your high ambitions will only be achieved through a great expenditure of energy.

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