Monkey Dream Interpretation

Monkeys in dreams denotes playful attitude that could borderline deceit and immature attitude. Perhaps you or someone in your social circle do not take certain issues seriously, and act mischievously in many situations. Consider the contexts and your emotions within the monkey dream, to get the most accurate interpretation.

Dream About Feeding a Monkey
Feeding a monkey in the dream, points to certain betrayal by someone whom you thought cared about your interest. Perhaps he or she is only taking advantage of your generosity. They will not reciprocate on your sacrifices.

Dream About Hugging a Monkey
To hug a monkey in the dream, points to a spiritual realization that you need more fun and adventure in your lives. Perhaps you need to experience relationship and companionship with unlikely individuals.

Dream About Petting a Monkey
Petting a monkey in the dream, is an encouragement for you to trust your playful intuition. Be less serious and simply trust your gut feelings to make important decisions. Focus on the community aspect in your decision making process.

Dream About Buying or Selling a Monkey
To buy or sell monkeys in dreams, foretells that there will be upcoming employees and team members. The dream indicates that you do not really care about who is working under you, all you care about is that they can get the jobs done.

Dream About Monkeys Swinging or Climbing on Trees
To see monkeys swinging or climbings from trees to trees, is a reminder that you need to be aware of thieves and flakes. Be aware of sales promises as they can be easily broken.

Dream About Monkey Attacking and Scratching
Monkeys and attacking in the dream, suggests that you are feeling troubled by some issue. Your playful attitude is backfiring against you.

Dream About Monkey Chasing You
To dream about monkeys chasing you or one another, indicates that there are disobedience issues in waking life. You are not being taken seriously and attacked or pushed around easily.

Dream About Monkey Biting You
Being bitten by monkeys in the dream, foretells that you will be treated with hostility, doubts, and suspicious. Some people believe that you are taking advantage of them.

Dream About Monkeys Fighting
To see monkeys fighting with one another, foretells that you will have conflicts with others arising from careless remarks. Be more mindful about how and what you say or act in front of others.

Dream About Monkey Crying
To see monkeys crying, is a sign that you are not finding joy in what you do. You are acting against your believes and your wishes, and that will result in a severe emotional stress over your well being.

Dream About Monkeys Copying Actions
Monkeys doing daily actions like throwing darts or typing on keyboards, indicates that your work is not being taken seriously. People believe that a monkey can do a better job and your ability to deliver good results is looked down upon.

Dream About Monkey Jumping on Your Back
Having a monkey jumping on your back in the dream, indicates that you are bringing out a vast amount of immaturity in your character. You are being selfish to the point that you will show threatening behavior towards others.

Dream About Flying Monkey with Wings
Flying monkeys with wings in the dream lead to bad omens, you will get sick from unlikely yet incurable disease.

Dream About Monkey in House
Seeing monkeys in your house in the dream, foretells that you will have hateful enemies or third parties in your household, particularly your spouse may start an affair. Be aware of close friends that you introduce into your family.

Dream About Monkey Poop
Handling or encountering monkey poop in the dream, shows that you are likely to come into wealth unexpectedly. Perhaps your hobby work or side job will bring you a windfall.

Dream About Monkey Bars
Monkey bars in dreams indicates that you will travel to different places. However, the process may seem hard at the beginning, but as you get accustomed to traveling, you will become better with ease.

Dream About Monkey in a Cage
To see monkey being in a cage, is a sign of oppression and control. Perhaps you are being told what to do at work, without any ability to express your creativity and playfulness.

Dream About Baby Monkey
Baby monkeys in dream, is a minder to nurture bonds with family and friends. You may bring and grow partnership in life.

Dream About Dead Monkey
Killing or seeing a dead monkey, implies that you will get rid of the worst enemy or bully soon.

Dream About Big Monkey
Big monkeys in the dream, represent strong influence in your life. However, this influence pulls you away from your life’s goals and work.

Dream About Monkey God
To dream about being monkey god or Sungoku in the dream, foretells that you will openly rebel against your organization or department, because you believe that you are better than everyone else. Be aware of serious punishment for your endeavors, however at the end you will prevail if you stay true to who you are.

Dream About Three Mystic Monkeys
To see the Three Mystic Monkeys who cover their eyes, ears and mouth to mean that they see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Indicates that you need to change your approach to solve problems, you may need to change your perspective and stance, in order to figure out what is wrong in some situation.

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