Affair Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about you or someone having affairs? They always reflect some type of relationship issues that you have in waking life. They reveal hidden worries about your sexuality, desire, and general interaction with your partner and loved one. They offer significant warnings on your subconscious’ suspicion about your spouse’s behaviors.

Depending on how the affair dream plays out in the dream, they could suggest different issues with your relationship that extend beyond the apparent fear of sexual infidelity. Below we will share the most common dream interpretations and how they relate to your circumstances.

Table of Content

  1. Committing Adultery Cheating
  2. Wife or Husband Showing Signs of Affair
  3. Approving and Green Lighting an Affair
  4. Spousal Affair and Being Cheated On
  5. Affair with Ex
  6. Caught From Having an Affair
  7. Affair at Work
  8. Affair with Celebrity
  9. Affair with Married Man
  10. Affair with Friend
  11. Emotional Affair
  12. Revenge Affair
  13. Affair with Prostitute
  14. 7 Year Itch Affair
  15. Foreign Affair

Dream About Committing Adultery Cheating

To see yourself in the dream committing and trying to have affairs and cheating on your spouse, is a reflection that you feel that you are being taken for granted by your partner. You are lacking attention in the relationship, and thus you are seeking that affectionate emotions elsewhere.

Dream About Wife or Husband Showing Signs of Affair

To dream that your spouse showing subtle signs of secrets and affair, reflects a hidden worry about they would succumb to temptations. The dream suggests that you might be picking up hidden secrets that they might be hiding. It suggests that you feel vulnerable and scared about potential changes that life may bring. Your spouse might be picking up new loves or hobbies that make you worry about how life would be later.

Dream About Approving and Green Lighting an Affair

Dreaming that you OK and approve your spouse having an affair in the dream, depicts your own feelings of sexual and emotional inadequacy. Perhaps you feel that you are responsible or guilty about the unhappiness of your partner, and you will take drastic sacrifices and risk to make relationship work.

Dream About Spousal Affair and Being Cheated On

To dream that your spouse is cheating on you and encountering infidelity, highlights your insecurities and your fears of being abandoned. Perhaps you have become more dependent on your spouse because your husband or wife is making more income. The dream indicates that you feel less in control of your life, and your fear is manifested in husband or wife finding someone else.

Dream About Having Affair with Ex

To dream about having an affair with an Ex spouse or ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, represents a dream of regret and what if. It is a sign that you are not fully satisfied with how your life is currently going, and you wish to relive your younger years.

Dream About Getting Caught From Having an Affair

Dreaming that you got caught by others from having an affair, suggests that you are not measuring up to the expectation of others. You have hidden desires that you want to pursue, or personal goals that might require the sacrifice of others. You worry and are afraid that what your husband or wife might think of your selfish goals.

Dream About Affair at Work with Coworker or Boss

To dream that someone is having an affair with coworkers or boss in the dream, indicates that the person in the dream has been “married” to his or her work. Perhaps family life and important events are being sacrificed in the name of work. The dream indicates perhaps that person really does enjoy working more than dealing with the issues at home.

Dream About Affair with Celebrity

To dream about having an affair with a celebrity, suggests that you have hidden an image from the public. You have certain secret desires that you wish to keep private. Perhaps you really enjoy singing or acting, but you have issues doing it in front of an audience.

Dream About Affair with Married Man

Dreaming that you are having an affair with a married man or woman, contrasts with your own insecurity to make the right choices in selecting a lover. The dream is a reflection and frustration of your own previous relationship failures. You have consistently picked the wrong person to fall in love with, and you wonder if other people make the better choices. Your subconscious is projecting that married man or woman must be better because at least someone has chosen him or her.

Dream About Affair with Friend

To have an affair with a friend in the dream, is a sign that you are placing too much trust and spending too much time with a friend or social circle. The dream reflects your own guilt that you are not investing as much effort to your significant other. Perhaps you are experiencing real emotional affair in waking life, and your subconscious is playing through very plausible scenarios that these encounters turning physical.

Dream About Emotional Affair

Having emotional affair in the dream, suggests that you and your partner disagrees significantly on certain issues. You are looking for supports and people who share your same ideals. You are likely to develop trust and deeper feelings with people who agree with your and sympathize with you. The dream foretells that you will soon make decisions behind your spouse’s back, after he or she has displayed open disapproval.

Dream About Revenge Affair

Revenge affairs in the dream, reflects that mutual trust and respect will be broken in your relationship. The dream foretells that you and your significant other will intentionally make hurtful choices to make another person feeling uncomfortable and hurt. Certain betrayals will likely to come in the near future.

Dream About Affair with Prostitute or Sex Worker

Dreaming about an affair with sex worker and prostitute, is a sign that temptation and addiction of drug use might present itself. You may find you or your partner entangled in a situation that is not in anyone’s best interest, perhaps even illegal.

Dream About 7 Year Itch Affair

To have 7 year itch affair or any type of suggestions of affair after a certain time, is a sign that you wish to break out of certain routine. Your relationship is vulnerable because you do not try and do something new with your partner. Perhaps you want try something new sexually with your partner, and your subconscious is hinting that at you.

Dream About Foreign Affair

To see news or learn about foreign affairs, is a sign that you will come between influential people or important decision makers inside your organization or department, or even other companies. Be aware of the power struggle between different individuals, understand their motivations and perspective will allow you to make more compelling negotiations.

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