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  1. dream of following a man I did not know to a large huge ditch of sand that was made as a trail to go down. the man went down the trail of sands. I looked at it and knew that if I went down that trail of sand , I will be too tired to return back completely. so, I walked along the edge of the sand ditch trail and as my hand was touching a ledge of sand, I started to find keys that people had left behind. one after another. My thoughts was, wow these people never came back to get their keys, maybe they didn’t because they felt they could not find them or just forgot. Then I woke from the dream.

    • Losing keys means so much – it’s like being called to stop, slow down and assess whether you are headed in the right direction, or opening the right doors. Often times we get lost in busy and mindlessly head off on our path not aware of the other options or deeper intuitive callings that may lead us elsewhere.

  2. I had a dream about an old crush whom I had slept with the night before handing me a key and saying we’d meet again. What could it mean??

  3. The keys that were given to me in my dream were handed over from my Ex of 12 years. He handed them to me and we exchanged words but I can not remember what it was we sad. I remember feeling kinda on guard/upset when they were handed to me and also specifically remember seeing the Deathly Hallows symbol on a keychain. Thoughts?

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