Ostrich Dream Interpretation

To dream about ostrich suggests that it is time to take a good look at your life and make any necessary changes. Once you make a decision, you will be able to move fast. However, if you are fearful, you will be sitting duck waiting to be hunted or taken advantage of. Below are more related ostrich dream interpretations.

Dream About Ostrich Egg
Dreaming about ostrich egg symbolizes some form of stagnation and failure to move forward. It will take a long time before you could show any results from your projects.

Dream About Cracked Ostrich Egg
To see a cracked ostrich egg, suggests that you are breaking out of your stagnation and try to move forward. There will be new experiences and adventure in the near future.

Dream About Hatching Ostrich Egg
If you dream about an ostrich egg hatching, it foretells that someone you know will finally become pregnant after a long period of trying and waiting.

Dream About Riding Ostrich
Dreaming about riding an ostrich, symbolizes freedom and independence. It suggests that you are no longer afraid of what had been holding you back. However, be aware of this new found ability to do whatever you want, if you do not hold on tight, you may fall to failure.

Dream About Ostrich Head in the Sand
To dream about ostrich hiding its head in the sand, indicates that you have been avoiding certain problems or obstacles. You pretend that the problems are not there and you hope they will go away. Perhaps it is time to step out of your comfort zone and tackling the issues finally.

Dream About Ostrich Chasing You
To see ostrich chasing you, reflects that you have been aggravating certain issues or people. You have poked at situations where you should have stepped back. Now you will be forced to take the time and run from your consequences.

Dream About Ostrich Feather
Dreaming about ostrich feather, means that you can get what you want, just by putting in a little effort.

Dream About Baby Ostrich
To see baby ostrich in the dream, indicates that you are living in fantasy instead of facing reality. This attitude of yours may be frustrating to others, as you are aspiring to achieve what you imagine to be true.

Dream About Dead Ostrich
In some cases, such dream indicates person’s weakness, or something that may happen that will negatively affect your morale state (problems at work, quarrels, and misunderstandings with family).

Dream About Giant Ostrich
To see a big giant ostrich, represents speedy conclusions without thinking or consideration. You will face certain issues at hand and you will jump straight to conclusions. Be aware of this assumption as you will miss out on the secrets and mysteries behind those situations.

Dream About Black Ostrich
Black ostrich in dreams is a sign that in the near future you will receive unexpected and pleasant surprises.

Dream About White Ostrich
To dream about pure white ostrich, foretells that you will be quick to judge others based on your own perceived justice and truth. However, it suggests that you will be particularly biased in your views, and your judgement of others may eventually come back against you.

Dream About a Group or Flock of Ostrich
To dream about a flock of ostrich running, indicates that you will be quick to follow the latest trend or crowded fad. You have the potential to make great profit if you are early. But if you are late to the party, you will also stand to lose most of your investments, effort, and time.

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