Island Dream Interpretation

An island in dreams symbolize an area of your unconsciousness hidden away from the world. It is a part of yourself that is cut off from the outside. Generally, it refers to a safe place where you feel comfortable from … Continue reading →

Bridge Dream Interpretation

Bridge in dreams typically signify an important decision or critical junction in your life. During the dream, consider the condition of the bridge, the destination and origins of your travel paths, your actions, as well as result of your actions … Continue reading →

Parking Dream Interpretation

Dream about parking your car typically represent your desire to settle down. Depending on your emotions and context of the parking scenarios, you can interpret parking related dreams differently. Below we will list out the most common scenarios. Dream About … Continue reading →

Prison Jail Dream Interpretation

A prison camp or jail in dreams usually indicates that you are being censored or punished in some areas of your life. During a dream about a prison, consider the context and emotions where you experience a prison or jail … Continue reading →

Maze Labyrinth Dream Interpretation

Seeing or dreaming about being in a maze or labyrinth usually indicates some forms of confusion or being lost at the center of issues and problems. Pay attention to your emotions during the maze and consider your role or position … Continue reading →

Museum Dream Interpretation

Museum is a building with historical items and other valuables. When you dream about museums, they typically relate to some form of past achievements or accomplishments. During the dream, pay attention to the type of museum exhibits that you are … Continue reading →

Quicksand Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about quicksand typically suggests that you may feel trapped and that there are instability in your life. We will help you interpret the dream meaning of seeing quicksand in different situations. Pay close attention to your emotions with the … Continue reading →

Cliff Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about cliff suggest that you may be facing some form of life altering decision. The decision for which you may have to make is critical and will most likely have no turning back. Consider where you are located, your … Continue reading →

Cruise Ship Dream Interpretation

When you dream about cruise ships without actually planning on going on a cruise vacation, the dream can mean several things based on the context of your life. It generally suggests a relaxed approach to life without worries of the … Continue reading →