Hippo Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Hippo

Did you dream about the hippopotamus? It reflects someone who is aggressive, unpredictable, and territorial in your waking life. You or someone has more power than you realize. Try to shy away from head-on conflicts, as you will likely be crushed for overstepping the boundaries. Consider how you are interacting with the hippo and the contexts. Below we will help you analyze different hippo dream meanings.

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Dream About Action Towards Hippos

Being a Hippo
Being a hippopotamus yourself in the dream; reflects that you are hard to deal with. However, you are oblivious to the fact. You tend to go about your day without the distractions of others. When other people overstep the boundaries and enter your bubble, you will attack them aggressively for trespassing.

Eating Hippo
Eating hippo meat in the dream; foretells that you will gain the favor of an important authority or client like the president. He or she will reward you for hitting their sweet spots. The dream could reflect that you are getting special treatments from people like sugar daddy / mommy or a boss.

Playing with Hippo
To dream that you are playing with a hippopotamus; indicates that you are playing a dangerous game. Perhaps you are serving or spending time with a moody and unpredictable individual. It is OK for the majority of the time. But you do not know when the person is going to lash out at you about something.

Hunting or Killing Hippopotamus
To hunt or even kill hippos with guns and arrows in the dream; indicates that you are tackling a significant, hard, yet hidden challenge. Soon you will be assigned the task that no one wants to do, but needs to be done. Use your creative ability to handle this project. Tread carefully or else your reputation and spirit will be crushed.

Dream About Hippo Actions

Chased by a Hippo
A hippo chasing you in the dream foretells obstacles. You will have a hard time breaking the wall or mental armor of people. Someone will have strong opinions about what you have to say or sell. And he or she will attack you relentlessly for expressing your thoughts. Every little thing that you say or do can anger them to lead to arguments.

Hippo Attack or Hippo Bite
To see a hippo attacking and biting with the mouth in the dream; reflects the crushing of the spirit. You will request or ask someone in power about something. The dream forewarns that you will be put down and rejected. Watch out for emotional and soul-crushing turmoil.

Talking Hippo
A talking hippopotamus in the dream points to the hidden strengths that you are not aware of. Consider the message of the talking hippo. It reflects your desire and gifts that must be used for good. You have the power and sphere of influence to make potential changes.

Hippo Giving Birth
To dream about a pregnant hippo giving birth; relates to the spread of stubborn or disinterested ideas. Your managers or bosses will try to convert your caring attitudes into self-centeredness.

Dream About Hippopotamus Appearances

Baby Hippo
Encountering a baby hippo in the dream; suggests that someone whom you care and love is an immature person. It could relate to a child or significant other. He or she will not be able to give you a loving relationship or respect that you need.

Dead Hippo
The dead hippo in the dream points to a loss of power and motivation. You will lose your reputation for something. A position or work that you hold dear and great power might soon lose control. You will not manage to achieve your goals and see things to an end. Perish for fighting for something that you feel strongly about.

Friendly Hippo
A friendly hippo in the dream personifies your sexual partner in waking life. It suggests that someone might be hard to deal with. Be careful about the kindness that they might be showing. Because it is temporary. However, you should give him or her a chance.

Big Large Giant Hippo
A big giant hippo body that is heavy and large is a sign of worry in the dream. Watch out for your weight for obesity or overweight issues. Perhaps you are gaining pounds and becoming increasingly unhealthy.

Pet Hippo
To see a pet hippo in the dream, indicates that you are secretly feeling depressed about your image. You are indulging and feeding yourself while feeling bad at the same time.

Small Tiny Hippo
To see a small tiny hippo symbolizes that new things will arrive in your family environment. You might soon invite a new pet or even baby into your family.

Dream About Hippo Colors

Blue Hippo
The blue hippo in the dream points to emotional adaptation. Participate in emotional depth without losing your perspective. Be peaceful with work and personal matters without losing your cool.

Black Hippo
Black hippo symbolizes some type of fight or conflict. You will get on the nerve of someone without understanding why. It will be a mystery.

White Hippo
White hippo in the dream indicates issues related to your health. Even if you think that you are physically fit, try to get a complete body checkup at the doctors and labs to confirm your own self-diagnosis.

Pink Hippo
A pink hippo in the dream indicates that someone is not confident in his or her ability. They need urgent support to validate their capabilities and potentials.

Red Hippo
Red hippo in the dream points to some type of parental fury. Be careful of parents who are fighting for their children.

Dream About Other Hippopotamus Themes

Hippo and Crocodile
To dream about a hippo with a crocodile; suggests that fraudsters, scammers, or hackers will be punished in waking life.

Hippos in Water
The hippos submerged in water like the river, pond, or swamp mud in the dream; suggests that you need to immerse your thoughts in creativity. Delve deep into your emotions. Trust your intuition to make the best decisions.

Hippopotamus and Elephant
To see hippo and elephant together in the dream; forewarns that you will be dragged into a power struggle at your work or family. You will not have peace easily. Tread carefully not to anger any sides. Do not pick any side and try to find balance.

Hippo in Zoo
To see hippos in the zoo, indicate that you or someone is throwing temper tantrums in waking life. However, no one is taking it seriously. Others are calling the bluff.

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