Gossip Rumor Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about gossip? To dream that you are gossiping and repeating rumors or fake news, suggests that you are engaging in a counterproductive activity. It reflects in waking life that you have a certain bias that might be incorrect. And that you are passing on the inaccurate ideas to others around you. These knowledge and news are not necessarily appropriate.

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Dream About Telling Gossip

Dream About Creating Fake News or Rumors
Dreaming that you are telling fake lies or rumors about someone, reflect situations where you are experiencing strong jealousy about others. You are conducting certain ill-intentioned strategies. You are tricking people to maintain their focus and trust for you. However, these fake news are taking advantage of unsuspecting others.

Dream About Retelling Gossip You have Heard
To see yourself retelling stories and gossip that you have heard, reflect feelings about being socially included in your circle. You are aware of what all of your friends are doing and feeling. And you are partaking in actions to feel belong in the group. Particularly, you try to share information and knowledge, whether or not they are true.

Dream About Hearing Rumors

Dream About Hearing or Reading Gossip About You
To dream that people are passing rumors about you, reflect waking life concerns regarding your reputation. You are caring too much about what other people think about you. You are having trust issues.

Dream About Listening to Rumors and Gossip
To listen to rumors and gossip in the dream, signifies a hidden message from your subconscious. You need to do better research and understand things before making a judgment call. Ultimately you are responsible for what you believe. Question everything that you hear.

Dream About Being Center of Rumors
To see yourself being the center of rumors and gossip, indicates that you are having anxiety about how people view your relationship and sexual activity. Your reputation worries you. Others might expose your actions when they get to know your private life.

Dream About Other Types of Gossip

Dream About Gossip about Others
To spread gossips in your dream signifies your personal insecurities. You wish to feel better about your own decisions by putting other people down.

Dream About Celebrity Gossip
Celebrity gossip in dreams represents your enjoyment of acknowledging other people’s imperfections. You are finding a version of reality for someone that you admire and respect. Perhaps the dream reflects that you are losing respect for certain authority figures in your waking life.

Dream About Other People Gossip About Others
If the dream features a group of people gossiping about a third party; it reflects your hidden and subconscious judgment of people in a negative sense. Your sensible self is trying to fight against those biases that might not be true. You are not simply accepting lies without questioning their validity.

Dream About Gossipping

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