Coyote Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Coyote

Did you dream about coyotes? They denote deception, weakness, and the will to survive at any cost. It points to some type of struggle against nature and people over selfish needs. You will be able to find weaknesses in people in order to thrive. Think of them as a combination of wolf and dog. Consider how you are interacting with the coyote, its conditions and contexts to get better understanding of the dream. Below we will go over more coyote dream interpretations in depth.

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Dream About Interactive Coyote Actions

Coyote Attacking and Biting
To dream about coyote attacking and biting your body; foretells that you will be able with very aggressive sales calls. They will target your emotional weaknesses. Watch out if you let your guard down.

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Coyote Chasing You
To dream about coyote chasing after you; suggests that someone that you feel is selfish, cruel, uncaring, or heartless. Do not take it personal because it is only business. You will be faced with people who will take advantage of you.

Coyote Visiting
To see coyote visiting in the dream; indicates that someone might be using deception, hypocrisy, and meddling in things that are not his business. Be wary if you show your wealth or financial weakness. Particularly, look out for predatory lending such as mortgage, insurance, or credit card offers. The sales people will prey upon your fears.

Fighting Coyote
To see yourself fighting coyote in the dream; foretells that you will take legal and drastic actions against perpetrators. You will employ your own tricks to balance to greed and selfish of others. Employ the willingness to survive at all costs. You will win over your enemies.

Killing Coyote
Killing coyote in the dream indicates that you need to shut down jokers and tricksters. Do not listen to other people’s lies and deceits. Utilize critical thinking and comb over the details of other people’s proposals. Watch out for deals that appear too good to be true.

Dream About Coyote Actions

Coyote Attacking Dog
To dream about coyote attacking dogs; foretells that certain tricksters will try to alienate you from your friends. Heed your loyal friends warning instead of blindly trust new acquaintances.

Coyote Howling
To see coyote howling in the dream; reflects that somebody in your waking life is crying for help and support. You should help them because their requests are likely within your ability.

Talking Coyote
To see a talking coyote in the dream; it is a reminder to keep your sense of humor. Do not be overly serious and aim to achieve a balanced life. Learn when to be serious and when to have fun. Be more cooperate with others and even competitors. You will find it a lot easier to survive in a harsh world.

Dream About Coyote Conditions

Dead Coyote
A dead coyote in the dream suggests that you are being selfish in waking life. You will see strangers suffer without any desire to help them. Particularly, you will soon encounter people whom you look down upon such as the beggars and homeless. But you will look the other way without helping.

Injured Coyote
A hurt injured coyote bleeding symbolizes the lack of ambition. You have lost your motivation and the drive to succeed. Perhaps you have tried to achieve something or get something from someone. You have lost your will to go on after that rejection and you feel emotional drained.

Big Giant Coyote
To see a big giant coyote-like mother coyote in the dream; it suggests that you will deal with a hard to please individual or elders. Someone who is older or more powerful like a boss or teacher will be sneaky and pesky. Even though they do not mean trouble, they will still give you a hard time for the fun of it.

Friendly Coyote
A friendly coyote in the dream foretells that you will hear good news from people. A competitor will bring good news and congratulate you on your success.

Dream About Types of Coyote

Baby Coyote Pup
To see baby coyote pup in the dream; is a reflection of your own view of the world. You need to learn, adapt, and be flexible under all circumstances. Do not be afraid to try new things for your own survival and balance.

Coyote Flock
A coyote flock in the dream signifies fights and argument within family. There will be many voices and many people want to be the alpha who call the shots.

Pet Coyote
Pet coyote in the dream relate to your enthusiasm and resourcefulness. Follow your instincts and intellect to achieve your goals.

Dream About Coyote Colors

Black Coyote
Black coyote relates to aggressive and destructive tactics. You are striking fear in others to achieve your goals. However, you might be bluffing about your threats.

Blue Coyote
Blue coyote in the dream suggests that you should focus on your reputation of others. Work on businesses or co-operations that benefit every party.

Red Coyote
Red coyote in the dream points to unsatisfactory career. People see through your lies and you will be disappointed.

Grey Coyote
Grey coyote in the dream points to your strong desire. You will conquer illness, drawbacks, and obstacles.

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