Giraffe Dream Interpretation

Seeing in giraffe in the dream suggests that you need to consider the overall picture and take a broader view on your life. We will go over more giraffe related dream interpretation to help you understand their meaning.

Dream About Single Giraffe Standing Out
To see a giraffe raising its head higher than the rest, represents your desire to stand up among the crowd. You want people’s attention and you are acting to get that attention.

Dream About a Giraffe Hiding
Encountering a giraffe in hiding, suggests that you are avoiding the truth. Perhaps you have seen certain truths in life and you are not trying to “unsee” it by pretending that the truth does not exist.

Dream About Baby Giraffe
Dreaming about a baby or small giraffe signifies that at this moment you are not able to make your dreams and plans come true. You have a hard time seeing and make sense of the whole picture.

Dream About Dead Giraffe
A dead giraffe in the dream is an unfavorable sign or omen. The dead giraffe points to some form of betrayal and ending after learning about the truth. Perhaps your relationship with close family members may be ruined, after you figure out certain truths or affairs.

Dream About Black Giraffe
Black giraffe in dreams suggests that you need to see things differently than others in your life. The dream suggests that you may see the same big picture as others, but you are approaching your views and circumstances beyond what other people may be able to.

Dream About Riding Giraffe
Dreaming about riding a giraffe in the dream suggests that you may be self-centered and that you are taking chances for your own benefit. However, the dream details that you are expanding beyond your comfort zone. Perhaps be more comfortable with your footing and speed first, before heading full own with your endeavors.

Dream About Giraffe Tongue
Dreams of a giraffe tongue sticking out of the long neck, suggests that you or someone is “stretching the truth” via language manipulation. Consider paying more attention to the actual data and hard facts before taking other’s people’s explanation for granted.

Dream About Giraffe Neck
To see and focus on the giraffe’s long neck in the dream, reflects that you should mind your own business. Avoid sticking your neck out for someone who may save yourself from disappointment in the near future.

Dream About Giraffe Eating By Itself
A giraffe eating peacefully by itself within the dream symbolizes welfare and happiness. You are being able to reach whatever you have your mind to.

Dream About Feeding Giraffe
To feed a giraffe in the dream reflects that more time and effort are needed to reach your goals. Spend the time to continue working and you are moving in the right direction towards success. It could also suggest that you will be in a position to offer valuable suggestions that help others to see the big picture.

Dream About Giraffe Running
Seeing running giraffes in the dream forebodes that a lot of interesting and merry events will occur shortly in the horizon.

Dream About Chained or Caged Giraffe
A chained or caged giraffe in dreams reflects that you are tired of your current life. You observe and understand the big picture and where you want to be. However, you are experiencing no progress nor change. Considering finding ways to break yourself out of the rut so that you can move forward towards your long term goals.

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