Peacock Dream Interpretation

Peacock in general is a good omen for the dream symbol. Peacock represents spring, longevity, and love. When you encounter a peacock in your dream, it usually means that prestige and success is well within your reach for both your relationship and career.

Below we will go over some of the most common themes when you dream about Peacocks.

Dream About Different Peacock Actions
Dream About Peacock Flying
A peacock flying in your dream suggests that your arrogance over your success is carrying you away. You might not feel grounded after a 1 hit success. However, it may lead to unwanted consequences. The dream is signaling that you might get carried away and take more than you can handle.

Dream About Peacock Dancing
A peacock that is dancing may also suggest that many eyes are watching your projects progress. You are taking careful steps to ensure that your project shines in the spotlight.

Dream About Peacock Attacking or Fighting
When the Peacock is attacking you in the dream, it suggests that you may be showing off too much or are overly arrogant with your success and achievements. You might now garnering unwanted attacks or attention from people who want to see you fail.

Dream About Peacock in a Cage
A peacock in a cage represents that you are keeping your pride and arrogance in check, more or less against your own will. Perhaps you are working under a overlooking boss whom might be hindering your growth and ability to shine.

Dream About Peacock’s Specific Appearances
Dream About White Peacock
White peacock suggest that you need to be aware of your pride and arrogance. It might be time to think about how you present yourself to others, especially when you are more knowledgeable about topics being discussed.

Dream About Black Peacock
Black peacock in dreams suggest that people might be spreading rumors about you, usually out of jealousy.

Dream About Purple Peacock
Purple peacocks in dreams suggest royalty and wealth, it is an extremely good omen where you will be rewarded with massive fortune.

Dream About Pink Peacock
Dreaming of pink peacock suggests that you are feeling confidence about the way things are going, everything is being accomplished according to plan.

Dream About Injured or Dead Peacock
The dream suggests that you will be dealing with people and may experience misunderstanding. Prides will be hurt and argument will be plenty.

Dream About Baby Peacock or Peacock Eggs
Dreams of peacock eggs or baby, suggest new growth is happening around the places of your strength. It could suggest new lessons and skills are being re-learned with your career, that have the potential to push your skills to a whole new level.

Dream About Multiple Peacocks
Seeing many peacocks together at the same time in the dream, suggest that a wave of good luck is coming your way in the waking world.

Dream About Related Peacock Symbols
Dream About Peacock Feather
A peacock feather itself in dreams, suggest immortality and spiritual renewal. Perhaps you are being reawakened with new thoughts and opinions about your life.

Dream About Peacock Eyes or Head
The symbols suggest that although you are prideful of your work, you still need to have nurturing and compassionate watchfulness kind-heartedness towards your subordinates. Be nice to your coworkers and people who may look up to you. This may help further your relationship goals both at home and at work.

Dream About Peacock Garden
A peacock garden in dream suggest that your social circle will be expanded. You will be associating yourself with likely minded individual who would like to achieve success.

Dream About Peacock Tattoo or Jewelry
Wearing a peacock tattoo or related jewelry in the dream, signaling career prestige, success, and contentment. You are happy with your career choices and progress, and you are not afraid to publicly display your achievements.

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