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  1. I saw so many peacock dancing in my house here n there but one big peacock was attacked by a crow n he started eating him while he was alive n I shoot that peacock in his head as I couldn’t seen him in pain. What does that mean

  2. I saw a White peacock with blue in the eyes of the feathers calmly fly around me and turn into a tattoo on my left calf.

  3. i was around 7 years old and i had this nightmare every night untill this very day i see PECOCK FEATHERS up close and it has made peacock feathers my biggest fear but i still have that dream and it haunts me i dont kno what this dream/nightmare resembles but it has benn bothern me scince that day

  4. I saw a white peahen in my dream last night. I saw that my mom is trying to feed her but she didn’t ate anything then my mom called me to feed her but she again didn’t ate anything and after sometimes a women says that white peahen is no more…… Please reply what does my dream means…?

  5. In a sphere on the right bottom portal opens but very dark I get in now inside black egg let’s out at bottom I’m on platform but then it drops wow I notice the wing on my back im a flying peacock blue head pretty green &blue feather a gold shining on 3rd toe right side. I look down as the platform drops and but no splash. I land on a island just standing wings spead and I notice the ring again shining. That’s it.

  6. I visited a relative’s home to write an exam.. After that i saw peacock in their home flying high.. And i colleted some peacock feathers from there..

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